OK, so hear me out on this one. People have been wondering what kind of warriors we have now 또는 then the ponies would be. This 기사 here is my take and why it would be so. Of course, I will be prone to error with my reasons to my opinions, but they should be able to make sense in a way.

Without further ado, here we go!

Twilight Sparkle: Samurai

Why?: Twilight Sparkle is one of the most knowledgeable ponies around in Ponyville, as well as a loyal subject under Princess Celestia, who used to have Twilight as her student. The Samurai were knowledgeable as well, serving the daimyo with honor and valor. They were trained in armed and unarmed combat, learned short poems, and showed fierce loyalty to their leader. Twilight Sparkle should make for a good Samurai warrior. Just give her a kabuto and a wakizashi and watch her intellect turn into strength.

무지개, 레인 보우 Dash: Greek Hoplite

Why?: As the athletic 조랑말 of the Mane 6, 무지개, 레인 보우 Dash also proves herself as a loyal contender in the safety of others. And so it is with the Greek Hoplites, be they Athenian, Phocian, Spartan, 또는 anyone else. They are proud, but determined, especially fighting the Persians led 의해 King Xerxes I during the Persian War. Hoplites were considered heavy infantry and had heavy training, and 무지개, 레인 보우 Dash going through Wonderbolt training seems like it would make her fit for such.

Applejack: Knight

Why?: Diligence, honesty, fortitude, kindness, humility. What do knights have that 사과 브랜디 doesn't have? Both are strong, loyal to their home, determined, and ready to rise up to action when the need calls for them to do so. 사과 브랜디 would make a very great knight, but far from Galahad, the greatest knight ever.

Fluttershy: Warrior Monk

Why?: As much as Fluttershy does not like to get rough often, she's always there when she needs to protect her loved ones. Warrior Monks, usually Shaolin Monks, are very good at combat, but, like Fluttershy, they don't usually get combative. Both are passive-aggressive, but if the call to duty comes, they will be a surprise nobody will expect.

Pinkie Pie: Ninja

Why?: Sure, her selection sounds ironic since she's loud and sometimes intrusive, unlike the Ninja, but both are able to pop out of nowhere and disappear into said nowhere in the blink of an eye. Ninja have surprising weaponry that give them tactical advantages, and Pinkie Pie has an unusual array of tools that can get her and her 프렌즈 out of trouble. Careful 당신 don't get on their bad side.

Rarity: French Musketeer

Why?: Elegance, poise, and bravery when needed. What the Musketeer has, so does Rarity. They both have the money they need to have to best of items for the best of uses. And as they should have similar qualities of a knight, such as helping out other people, they, too, are great influences and inspiration for others to look up to. Rarity may be prissy, and so may have been the Musketeers, but they make up for such a negative quality with a readiness to aid whoever is in need.

This is what I will leave it at. If 당신 have anything I should add, feel free to say so. If there's any need for correction, tell me. I'll see what can be done.