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Now, there are a lot of things I have reviewed, and, trust me, there are a lot of things I plan to review in the near future. However, when it comes to reviewing, I always need to review a fanfic, 팬 video, 팬 game, 또는 anything on the internet. But, there are also times when I want to review something, but lack the material to do so. Then I thought “Why not put them all together, so I can make all the things I 암캐, 암 캐 about be long enough to be a full fledged review”. So, here is a full 기사 of me reviewing small things that I either enjoy, 또는 just piss me off entirely. Lets start off with some good stuff.

Ben Drowned.
Now, the reason I didn’t have enough material to review this is because 당신 all know who Ben is and how creepy he is. People have called him one of the scariest 크리피파스타 characters of all time. So, what do I think of him. He’s okay…. ish. Yeah, he is pretty creepy, and his origins are actually pretty creepy. I mean, a little kid dying and cursing a Majora’s Mask cartridge. Okay, maybe cursing a game would knock some points off, but a child died. That’s messed up. But, why I don’t like him as much as other people do is because he paved the way for other god awful gaming creepypastas. Seriously, 당신 name it. Blood Whistle, BRVR, Sonic.EXE. Yeah, it’s obvious these shitty stories tried to take Ben’s success and failed…. miserably. Oh, and lets not forget the fanart… Oh the fanart. I mean, Ben was a little kid, and there's fanart making him look like a ripped sixteen-year-old. I mean, imagine if Damian from the Omen was a always taking his 셔츠 off all the time………………… I apologize for putting that image in your head. To make up for it, I’ll torture myself soon enough. So, Ben Drowned. It’s not the best 크리피파스타 I have read, hell, it doesn’t even make the 상단, 맨 위로 twenty, but compared to some of the shit I’ve read, it’s alright.

Rhythm is Magic.
Have 당신 ever played Rhythm Heaven. Because I can assure you, I sure have… n’t. I don’t know why I never got into this series, but I have heard it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t know, though, because, like I said, I haven’t played it. But, from what I have seen from the series Rhythm is Magic, it’s not too bad. The series is made 의해 MysteryBen27, and trust me, that’s not the last time you’re gonna see this guys name in this article. But, anyway, from what I have seen so far, he has made three Rhythm is Magic games. Remix 사과, 애플 사과, 애플 Apple, Peckish 조랑말 2 (Don’t know where the first one is), and 낳다, 새끼 in One. And, considering the fact that these 비디오 get views 의해 the millions, I am pretty sure there are a couple of 당신 읽기 this who has seen this series. Each video has the cast of MLP moving along to the beat of the music, making a song of sorts with each sound they make. It’s pretty well done. And the 애니메이션 is pretty amazing too. Sure, it’s not always good, but given the fact that this was made 의해 some 팬 with a computer 의해 himself, that’s pretty impressive. Now, I didn’t have much to say because, well, there really isn't much to say about a series based on music, and no voice work, but for what Rhythm is Magic offers, it’s not a bad series.

1KidsEntertainment’s Death Note: The Abridged Series
Now, 당신 all probably know 1KidsEntertainment for their Pokemon ‘Bridged series. But, there is probably one 당신 all don’t know about. And that is the Death Note: The Abridged Series, and if 당신 know me, I 사랑 Death Note, so this was must see for someone like me. The series basically follows Light, who is basically much 더 많이 stupid, and basically kills people whenever he wishes to, because…. he’s pretty stupid. Then again, there are a lot of idiots in the series, but that just makes it so much 더 많이 funny. Okay, now, I’m not gonna lie and say that this series is flawless. I mean, the first episode was an unfunny mess, with every voice actor breathing into their microphone as if they were having a contest for it 또는 something. Not to mention, it was so damn hard to hear what they were saying sometimes. Not to mention, the jokes really weren’t that good. I mean, Wii Remote straps. Are 당신 serious. But, as the series went on, it got better. And I mean MUCH better. But, we’re talking about the guys behind Pokemon ‘Bridged, so, it’s not that hard to see that it’s funny. What’s sad is that the creators have stopped working on it, as the series wasn’t as 인기 as Pokemon ‘Bridged. It’s a real shame, as I would 사랑 to see 더 많이 of this. This is the kind of abridged I want to see for Death Note. Oh well. At least we still got other funny abridged series… Which reminds me, I should try and review 더 많이 abridged series 더 많이 often.

LEGO Worlds.
I’m just gonna say it right now, I 사랑 LEGO’s and I still play with them today. Call me pathetic all 당신 want, but I don’t care. Their so much fun. So, when I was told that a game like LEGO Worlds was released, I got so excited. It reminds me so much of LEGO Island, which was a 1990’s sort of PC game that let 당신 explore an island of LEGOs. It’s not much today, but back then, it was awesome. And LEGO Worlds is pretty much that… kinda. The best way to describe LEGO Worlds is that it’s Minecraft, but with LEGOs. 당신 can build whatever 당신 want… like Minecraft. 당신 can explore a gigantic world… like Minecraft. 당신 can kill everything… like Minecraft. Seriously, 당신 could have just called this Minecraft, and no one would have questioned it. But, that doesn’t mean the game is bad. I certainly had a lot of fun with it, and I would gladly enjoy it a lot more. This is a game 당신 will probably enjoy if you’re a LEGO fan. Just note that 당신 will see many similarities to Minecraft. But, if 당신 overlook that, then you’ll still have a pretty fun game.

Mystery Skulls Animated - Ghost
Hey. Remember when I said that I was gonna talk about MysteryBen27 again on this list. Well, here is another one of his works. And I have to say, this is probably my 가장 좋아하는 of his work, and considering that this video has over nine million views, I’m not alone on that opinion. Now, this is a 애니메이션 of the song Ghost 의해 Mystery Skulls. The original 음악 video was some sort of Exorcist parody, I think. And it was… okay. But the animated one 의해 MysteryBen has some sort of Scooby-Doo feel to it. And I gotta say I prefer the animated one a whole lot more. I mean, JESUS! That animation. All 당신 아니메 팬 out there who say that flash 애니메이션 can’t make anything, watch this video, and tell me if your opinion still stands. I mean, wow. This guy really went all out with the animation. The 색깔 are amazing and beautiful, and the characters are always moving to the beat of the music. It’s so awesome. And not to mention, the video actually tells a story. Yeah, imagine that, a 음악 video that actually has a purpose, and not just trying to have pretty 색깔 또는 have a bunch of women who are 더 많이 sexualized than some perverted teen fantasy. Of course, I don’t want to spoil what the story is because 더 많이 people need to see this video. The reason I didn’t make a full review of this 음악 video is because TheMysteriousMrEnter already talked about it in his review of Internet Animations, and I didn’t want to sound like some plagiaristic asshole who saw his video and wanted to say everything he said and take credit for it. That’s not what I want to do at all. But still, the 음악 video is awesome, and if 당신 haven’t seen it, then what the hell are 당신 doing 읽기 this shitty review. Go watch it.

Well, that’s the positives out of the way….. And now…. We, unfortunately, get to the negatives. Lets go.

Slenderman Movie
Let me repeat that in case your brain didn’t process all that…. The Slenderman…. Movie…. Someone, 더 많이 specifically A.J. Meadows, made a movie about the Slenderman with the help of funds from 팬 of the Slenderman. The movie was titled The Slender Man… Wow, 당신 can tell they went all out with that title. I mean, Jesus, I would have never thought of that. Such creative geniuses. But seriously, that 제목 is fucking stupid. Also, this movie was beyond awful. For starters, they decided to make Slenderman be some creepy who kidnaps kids… That’s it. This isn’t the signs of some scary who I want to fear. This sounds 더 많이 like fucking Pedobear is on the loose. And the acting…… OH GOD, the acting. Have 당신 ever imagined seeing Tommy Wiseau's acting, but having all the comedy of how bad it is sucked out and making every line he says physically hurt you? Yeah, that’s this movie’s acting. It’s physically painful to watch each one struggle with their lines. And, speaking of the actors, they are the ones the movie focuses on the most. I thought this movie was called Slender Man? Where’s Slenderman? All i see are two annoying asshats who I, personally, would 사랑 to see them axed off immediately. What kind of shameless piece of has a movie named after someone, and barely shows the person. That’s like if there was a movie of Aliens, but 당신 only show three 초 clips of the Aliens each thirty minutes, and the lighting being so shit, that 당신 might not be able to get a clear view of them. What a piece of shit. OR, better yet, a piece of Slender Man. Because, trust me, it’s not that easy to tell the difference between shit and this movie.

Five Nights at Freddy’s.
Oh god………………………………………. Can I say this without pissing the whole world off? Well…. Lets hope for the best……………………….. I hate this game so much. I really do. I know 당신 are all going to come after me with complete anger, but I can’t help it. I mean, what is the purpose of the game? I get there is some kind of backstory that makes it interesting, but the problem is that the game never makes it obvious to the player. I actually had to look up online how the story goes. I know that you’re supposed to put them together, but, seriously, I could care less about hearing some story about animatronics. And that’s another thing. How in the holy mother of hell are these guys so popular. I mean, all they are are a bunch of machines that want to kill you. And It’s nothing like Terminator, let me tell you. All they do is scream in your face when they catch you, and I suppose it’s so loud, it kills you. Okay, I know that 당신 die from getting stuffed in a suit, but one, the jump scares aren’t scary. They’re fucking annoying. They always have been and always will be. And two, death 의해 being stuffed in a suit is stupid. I don’t care how much wires are in it, it’s still stupid. Also, these games are so easy to make. Like, so easy. The third game came out a few months after the second, and was released INSTANTLY after the games trailer was put up. And this game is not scary. Me and my brother both played this game, lights off and volume up as high as it can go, and neither of us were scared. We were just laughing at how stupid it is that an idea this stupid got so popular. But, it made us both laugh…. That’s something……………. But it still sucks. Now, I will await my lynching 의해 the internet. If 당신 need me, I will be here, waiting to be crucified.

Derpy - Nyan Nyan Dance
Um……… Honestly, I got nothing

Friendship is Magic Bitch
Am I the only one who looked at this and thought “Wow. I really want to stab myself in the eyes”? No seriously, I really thought it was that bad. I mean, where is the comedy? Is it because Celestia is a bitch? Well, that can’t be, because she has the most annoying voice ever, it is horribly out of character, and she makes Babs Seed look like a fucking saint. Is it the animation? Well, no, that isn’t right either, because the 애니메이션 is so pisspoor lazy that it makes Foodfight look like a fucking 디즈니 movie. Is it the constant use of the word banana… Seriously? Do any of 당신 think I am going to say something good about that? Do 당신 think that, 의해 this point in the series, I enjoy hearing the same fucking word repeated over and over and over again? Well, incase 당신 couldn’t tell, NO! I FUCKING HATE IT! IT’S FUCKING ANNOYING! IT WAS NEVER FUCKING FUNNY TO BEGIN WITH, SO WHY DO 당신 KEEP FUCKING DOING IT! STOP SAYING THE SAME WORD OVER AND OVER AGAIN! IT’S STUPID AS FUCK!.... So yeah, I hate this one. What can I say, I like some projects and I hate some… I hate them a lot.

The Slaughtering Grounds
Wow. Just wow. Now, I could go on all 일 about how awful this game is, and how terrible it plays. But, many others have done that before. Besides, I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about the developer, who is one of the biggest fucking spoiled brats in the gaming industry. So, once this game was released, Jim Sterling, a 인기 gamer online, played this game and pointed out how awful it was, the developer of the game came at Sterling with a whole bunch of profanity, all because he gave honest complaints about the game. I mean, Jesus, this kind of shit happened with the creator of Sonic.EXE, who stated his story as the best and anyone who hates it is a fucking asshole (Guess that makes me an asshole). But, god man, your a game developer, and you're probably past the age of eighteen. Grow up and learn to take complaints. But nope, he doesn’t. And after this, he began freaking out as other 비디오 pointed out this awful game. It just goes to show, even spoiled brats are allowed to make games now.

Well, there 당신 have it. Ten things I couldn’t make a full review of. Some good, some bad. And some…. I’m not sure, to be honest. But, hey, that’s only my opinion. What’s Your Take.
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