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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Con found Lola tied to her bed, and there was tape on her mouth.

Con: *Frees Lola* What happened?
Lola: One of Frank's men came here, and tied me to this chair. He kept asking me where 당신 were, but I didn't say anything.
Con: And that's why he tied 당신 to the bed?
Lola: Yes.
Con: Well it's over. I killed him, and now we got to dump his body somewhere.
Lola: Where are we going to do that?
Con: Tonight. Oh, and I got the groceries. This should be enough for our flight into Equestria.
Lola:Con! *hugs Con* We can't go back to Equestria. Your boss will be looking for you.
Con: He won't know where I am. As long as we stay away from Canterlot.
Lola: Okay. *Sees groceries* 당신 didn't forget the canolli's, right?
Con: Of course I didn't. They're right in that bag with the other groceries 당신 told me to get.

Hours passed, and eventually it was dark. Con, and Lola stuffed David's dead body into a big black bag, and they were going to dump it in the ocean.

Con: *Goes to front desk* We'd like to check out.
책상, 데스크 Clerk: Sign here, and you're able to leave.
Con: *Signs paper*
책상, 데스크 Clerk: Alright, thank 당신 for staying with us. We hope 당신 come back soon.
Con: *Leaves*
책상, 데스크 Clerk: Hmph. He could have at least said thank you.
Lola: *Puts body in back of car* All set.
Con: I'll drive *gets in driver's seat*
Lola: *Sits 다음 to Con*
Con: *Starts car, and drives off*
Lola: I never did thank 당신 for saving me.
Con: It's all part of my job. *Turns left*
Lola: What else do 당신 do in your job?
Con: I drive sports cars, shoot other ponies, kill other ponies, and that's pretty much about it.
Lola: Do 당신 like your job?
Con: Yeah. What's not to like?
Police: *Behind Con, with sirens on*
Con: Really? *Pulls over*
Lola: Why did 당신 stop?
Con: Don't worry. I got this all planned out.
Police Pony: *Walks to front of car* Sir, step out of the car.
Con: *Exits car*
Police Pony: This isn't your car.
Con: I know, Lola is letting me drive it.
Police Pony: In australia, we don't care if the owner of a car let's 당신 drive it. You're still not allowed to drive cars that belong to anypony, but yourself.
Con: Is that so? *Punches police pony*
Police Pony: *Falls on ground*
Con: *Grabs gun* Now what do 당신 have to say about it?
Police Pony: 당신 are a dangerous pony.
Con: *Shoots Police Pony* Lola, change of plans. We're getting rid of the body in this dumpster.
Lola: *Drags out body*
Con: *Opens dumpster*
Lola: *Puts body in dumpster* Now what?
Con: 당신 said we'd go to the airport.

2 B continued
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Everyone is praticing the wedding.

Princess Celestia: Perfect, girls. No need to rush. Then of course, Cadance will enter.

Princess Celestia: I'll say a few words, and then we'll begin with the vows. Shining Armor, you'll get the ring from your best mare.

Spike: [deep voice] Do you? [high voice] I do!

Shining Armor: Hey... has anyone seen Twilight?

[doors open]

Twilight Sparkle (angrily): I'm here! I'm not gonna stand 다음 to her! And neither should you!

Shining Armor: I'm sorry, I... I don't know why she's 연기 like this.

Saten Twist: Maybe her period.

Derpy (her and Glaze were invited. Trixie two,...
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The main six have a picnic. Saten invited as despite not always getting along with them, he's ther friend. Espically to AppleJack, his ex girlfriend but still friend. And somewhat of a brother/sister relationship to Twilight. Though not as much as he later has with Starlight Glimmer.

Spike: Twi... light! ...I... have... Lemme just... [deep breath] [belch]

Twilight Sparkle (before alicord): Dear Twilight, I am sure 당신 are as excited as I am about the upcoming wedding in Canterlot. [to the others] Wedding? [reading] I will be presiding over the ceremony, but would very much like 당신 and your friends...
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Mini one shot story.. Using a scrpt from youtube's DICK FIGURES:

Saten and Sword arrive in Saten's hometown Fillydefia. 의해 stagecoach.

Saten: Thanks for the drive Glaze.

Glaze Woodtoaster (driving stagecoach): Sure. (rides off)

Master Sword: Rrraaaagh, camp counselors?! This is gonna be the lamest job ever!

Saten Twist: Look, your the one saying we need a summer job.. Plus the money 당신 owe me.

Master Sword: I owe 당신 money?

(Whiteboard says:
Sword owes Saten: $11,271.33

Master Sword: Oh.. Right..

(Time lapse. They arrive at Camp Redwood, from Saten's town Fillydefia)

Saten Twist:: Huh, man, being back...
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Fluttershy (throws down gun and back to normal cute self): There.. They're dead.. We saved Christmas.. We get a wish.. Anything 당신 guys wanna wishful?

Saten [thinks]: Yeah.. There is.

The lions' cave. Some magic revives the mother lion.

Mother Lion: Wha - Oh my, what happened?

Cubs: Mommy! (they hug her)

Saten (watching with the girls) [relieved]: Oh, good.

Trixie: Man.. This was fucked up Christmas..

Saten: Yeah.. But still beat thanksgiving with Derpy's crazy boyfriend.

Master Sword: I've been waiting for this all year.. (pulls out the turkey) Giving 당신 people the bird.

Saten: Oh.. (hand goes to the turkey) Looks so go- AH! SHIT!

Sword: (stabbed the hand with large fork) Neh uh.. Not til we say grace.


I like assuming Sword is a 팬 favorite. For his comedic insanity. Smilar to Trevor Phillips, but a lessor extent..

But who knows. He probably isn't..
The woodland critters continue decorating their 나무, 트리 and also the manger Trixie made them.

Beavery: [looks around] Hey, look everyone! It's our old pal, Twisty. [the other critters turn and look, Saten flies over, Trixie behind him for backup.

Woodpeckery: Oh boy, buddy. 당신 came just in time!

Deery: Yeah. We've got a big problem. We ne-

Saten (holding hammer): Shut up! We're not doing 당신 anymore favors and I'm not letting 당신 give birth to the Antichrist! [walks off] I came here to put a stop to all this!

Beavery: To stop us?

Trixie: 당신 heard him.

Beary: But gee whiz Saten, if 당신 and your lady...
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The critters are still there. Trixie paces anxiously.

Porcupiney [feeling a kick]: Oooo.

Beary: 당신 all right, Lady Porcupiney?

Porcupiney: Oh yes, just felt a little kick is all.

Beavery: Well, it's been much too long now. Uh I'm afraid our helpful friend Stanny must be very dead.

Fox: Yep, the mountain lion probably swallowed him whole.

Trixie (sarcastically): Way to comfort me.

Rabbity: I guess that means our Savior is gonna be made into Savior stew.

Trixie: Guess that means I gotta kill 당신 (prepares horn)

Critters: Awwww.

Trixie: Shut up!

Chickadee-y: [flitting straight up into the air] Wait a minute,...
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Narrator: High up in the forest on a dark, craggy peak, the horrid mountain lion and preyed on the weak. For the critters to be saved, someone had to stop that nasty old cat...

Saten (annoyed as he flies up to mountain): Goddammit, this is fucking ridiculous!

Narrator: Said the little red pony.

Saten (annoyed): Shut up.

Narrator: Killing a mountain lion was no easy task, But he thought of a plan, and he thought of it fast.

Saten (timidly infront of cave): G -Grrr! Grrr! Come on out! [The lion is heard roaring from inside the cave, and it roars. It approaches the entrance.] Come on, critter killer!...
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The forest. Trixie has built the manger and is hammering the last few nails in place. Her hair white uncombed. It actually kinda pretty. In a unkempt kinda way. Saten stays in the back, smoking a jointas he's not needed. And feel "needs one"

Narrator: And out in the woods the boy steamed right ahead, making a place for the critter babe to lay its sweet head.

Trixie: (to Saten) Any 더 많이 of those?

Saten: 당신 smoke?

Trixie: not til just now.

Saten: Good point (passes the joint to her and she uses it) May wanna take it slow. Your first time using it sense that hippy 음악회, 콘서트 당신 went too.

Trixie: (coughs)...
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Saten and Trixie assumably had sex sense this is a 더 많이 mature seres than the real MLP, though it only shows the aftermath, Trixie's hair messy. Though she looks a little disappointed.

Saten: ... I'm really sorry.

Trixie: No, 당신 were nervous. It's okay.

Saten: Lot on my mind.

Trixie: There were.. Parts.. I liked.

Saten: ... Good enough for me, I should use the bathroom.. (turns on lamp and sees the critters) AHHH!

Trixie (covers herself that much more): AHHH, WHAT!?

Saten (annoyed): Nothing, just those stupid critters again.

Narrator: His 프렌즈 were all there! What a wonderful surprise!...
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This is retelling a South Park episode. Almost word to word. But I change some characters.. And some dialogue, particalary Saten's dialogue change from Stan's..

This episode is just me trying to see how much dark content I could get away with..

Narrator: Way up in the mountains in a small little town, The Main 거리 was being decorated all up and down. People stood in long lines, sometimes waiting hours 또는 more, Because 크리스마스 needs to be bought in a store.
But out in the forest, not too far away...

Nearby forest. Cute forest 동물 gather round and decorate a small pine tree.

Narrator: The...
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Later, Trixie puts on her show as planned, but her delivery is flat and unenthusiastic as a result of her falling out with Starlight; regardless, she intends to go through with the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive. On a nearby hill, Twilight and Saten (who's serprisingly serious this episode) approach the heartbroken Starlight and Twilight apologizes for trying to pick and choose her 프렌즈 for her.

Saten: What about me?

Twilight: You?.. Oh right.. Sorry for not listening to you.

Starlight: But... what if Trixie really was using me just to one-up you?

Saten: People change. Look at my mom.

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Twilight Sparkle: Ahem? 당신 just decided to skip our 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 without telling me? Are 당신 aware that, at this very moment, Princess Celestia is waiting for 당신 at a 표, 테이블 with exquisite silverware placement?!

Starlight Glimmer: Yes, but—

Twilight Sparkle: This is exactly why I didn't want 당신 to make 프렌즈 with Trixie.

Trixie: A-ha! 당신 still don't trust me! But guess what, princess? It doesn't matter if 당신 want to give me a 초 chance 또는 not. Starlight had to choose between 당신 and me, and she chose me! Your pupil chose me, so ha! I win!

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As Trixie shows Starlight to her wagon, Twilight appears to give Starlight friend alternatives, including Glaze, Vinyl, and 레몬 Heart. Offended 의해 Twilight's distrust and undue concern, Starlight says she wants to make 프렌즈 on her own, and she storms off.

Twilight tries to chase her. But Saten Twist flies over, in one of his 더 많이 serious moments, he expresses anger at her for trying to give Starlight alternatives to Trixie.

Tilight: Saten, please, this is seriou-

Saten: I mean it Twilight! If 당신 upset her, I'l-

Twilight: But I just think tha-

Saten: Trixie has a lot of trouble fitting in....
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