음악 2016 has been a good 년 for the bands I love; which album is your favorite?

Pick one:
Sirenia's Dim Days Of Dolor
Delain's Moonbathers
Epica's Holograpic Principal
Amaranthe's Maximalism
Die Antwoord's Mount Ninji And Da Nice Kid
Birthday Massacer's Imagica
Theatres Des Vampires' Candyland
Crystal Castle's Amnesty
The Pretty Reckless' Who 당신 Selling For
The Lonely Island's Popstar
Empire Of The Sun's Two Vines
Brooke Candy's Daddy Issues
The 69 Eyes' Universal Mosters
Femm's P.O.W
Lacuna Coil's Delarium
Otep's Generation Doom
Nemnesea's Uprise
 zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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