So 당신 went for a romantic movie. 당신 watch the whole thing, except for the toilet break. And the ending is just the same like 3 영화 당신 seen before. WHY? It does have a reason. Romantic 영화 are for people that 사랑 romance and live for happy endings. Happy ending is a thing that make the movie a good romantic movie, in a way. It's 더 많이 a woman thing, than a man thing. Happy ending is a RULE of romantic 영화 and adds Romance to the movie. Just like an action movie needs loads of movement and action itself. 만화 MUST be animated. Comedy needs to be funny. 영화 are for entreating people. 영화 have a rating, but there is NO POINT going to an action movie, rated 의해 a Girly Girl. Also, if a Romantic movie is rated 의해 a man, it will not give a good effect.

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