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Source: This does not belong to me
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" What!" is what my father said when he heard about my kits being Stonefurs as well.

" Father 당신 should be thankful Stonefur is a great warrior as well a great mate he won't hurt me" I said.

" Alright but, he has to teach us to fish!" my father said stubbornly.

" I'm sure he will teach us father" I said.

" What did he say?" Stonefur said worrily.

" 당신 can stay in the clan as long as 당신 teach us to fish" I reported and boy, did he looked relived.

" Good I don't want to leave you. Ever." he said.

" Me either" I purred.

" We will alway be together forever no matter what" he said.

" No matter" I agreed....
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TWhen I woke up my blood was boiling so I went on to Sunning

rocks and began to go to ThunderClan camp. When I entered all

the 고양이 were staring at me and Tigerclaw looked at me "What

do 당신 want RiverClan scum" he snickered and turned away

that's when I jumped on him. " RiverClans kits are braver and

more loyal than your Clans excuse for a leader!" I growled

digging my claws into him "You have done it now Tigerclaw 당신

will pay now not here but on the battle field I was here to talk but

ThunderClan can't do that as I can see" an apprentice jumped

on me "Get off him" he growled.

" Save your...
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" Crookedstar Oakheart died" I said sadly.

" What!" Crookedstar said like it was his fault that got me


" Clan meeting" Crookedstar called we all knew that Leopardfur

was most likly to become deputy " Mosspool step forward" he

said and of course I stepped 앞으로 " Mosspool will 당신 be the

new deputy?" Crookedstar asked.

" Yes, I will" I said and I walked to Crookedstar and I was made

deputy we went to the gathering that night I told Crookedstar

that we should tell the clans about Oakhearts death and he said

we should we walked into the gathering and I sat where the

deputies sit I saw...
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Source: This does not belong to me
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Source: This does not belong to me
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" Mosspool" I saw Bluestar walk in the nursery.

"What?" I asked harshly.

" I just came to see my daughters kit. What are their names?"

she asked.

" Bluekit and Snowkit" I said Bluestar flinched beforeshe could

talk I growled in frustration " Every keeps flinching at

my kits names!"

" My sisters name was Snowfur she died at a very young age

just when she had her frist litter with only one kit " Bluestar said.

" Then they think my Snowkit is going to have the same fate!" I


" No" Bluestar started.

" Then stop flinching then" I yelled.

" Bluestar" Stonefur had walked in " Leave her alone!" he...
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" Mosspool! Why did 당신 just growl at the deputy!" Stonefur said

astonished. " I have to talk to Oakheart" I replied and jump off

the cliff with ease like I was meant to be there The 고양이 were

looking at my like I had done the impossible even Crookedstar.

" Oakheart " I growled.

" What did I do" he said.

" 당신 and Bluestar lied to your son and daughters!" I growled

louder. " Daughters I only have one daughter!" Oakheart

growled back. " I'm your daughter Oakheart" I said quietly.

" Mosskit, Mosskit your alive!" he cried.

" Yes, now I have to go and I will tell Mistyfoot and Stonefur

everything tomorrow"...
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Ok this series is called Warrior written 의해 Erin Hunter there are four clans of 고양이 ShadowClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, and WindClan each clan has a leader current leaders are Mistystar-RiverClan Bramblestar- ThunderClan Blackstar- ShadowClan Onestar- WindClan.
Here is the code all 고양이 should follow.

      1. Defend your Clan. 당신 may become 프렌즈 with 고양이 from other Clans, but your loyalty stays to your Clan, as one 일 당신 may face them in battle.

2. Never hunt 또는 trespass onto another Clan's territory.

3. Elders and kits must be feed before yourself. Unless they have permission, apprentices...
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" Bluestar what are 당신 doing here?" my father asked.

" Need to talk to you" she said.

" Let's go in my 굴, 덴 then" he said when they walked in I couldn't

help but to eavesdrop and I wish I hadn't.

" Tallstar I know Mosspool is my kit! She survived I know it! I'm

not sure about the other two" Bluestar meowed.

" What I found her in the woods. She almost froze to death!" he

yelled. There was a silence, " So I'm guessing 당신 want to take

her back to ThunderClan" he said.

" Yes, I do" she said.

" Let her take Stonefur she loves him too much to be apart from

him" he said sadly that's when I stepped away....
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" Oakheart and I loved each other and when I was going to have

Kits Oakheart was ready to leave his clan to protect me but, I

was destined to be leader of my clan and to be the 불, 화재 that will

save it. I asked him to take the kits to RiverClan for me and he

said he would I had three kits one died. She froze to death! My

poor kit she could have lived a long life!" Buestar sobbed."

Bluestar it's not your fault" I said." Yes, it is I should have waited

until new leaf!" she sobbed more. " Bluestar sometimes it is just

supposed to happen" I said." But, she's alive. She's not in

StarClan" she said happily." Bluestar! 당신 just said she died!" I

said." But, I know she lived she was just so strong" Bluestar

said." Bluestar, Tallstar's coming go" I said.

" No, I need to talk to him" Bluestar said.
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" Hello Stonefur" I said to my mate " How was patrol?".

" ShadowClan again" he growled.

" What did they do?" I said.

" They said I wasn't the father of our kit they said Blackfoot

was!" he said in anger.

" What! The nerve they have!" I growled.

" Is he the father Mosspool?" he Said.

" No why?" I asked shocked.

" I know I'm not the father of these kits" he said.

" What of course 당신 are Stonefur!" I cried.

" Because StarClan told me they were Blackfoot's. He loves you

Mosspool!" he said.

" Then why did 당신 가입하기 my clan?" I growled.

" Because I 사랑 you" he said.

" I 사랑 당신 too Stonefur" I said " I don't...
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" Mosskit, Mosskit , wake up!" I could hear my brother sister and mother calling for me to get up but I could not move, talk, and I could barly beathe. " Let's go Mistykit and Stonekit we have to go " my mother said.
" What about Mosskit" they asked.
" We have to go" she said. When they were long gone that's when I could start to breathe again. So I ran, and ran until I could smell another cat." Hello little kit what's your name?" said the Tom.
" Mosskit " I said.
" I'm Tallstar leader of WindClan come with me Mosskit, I'll take 당신 to camp 당신 must be cold little one." Tallstar said, then
he pick...
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