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A lot of people have been asking me lately why I don't like Yuno--namely the people who know that I usually 사랑 the crazy characters. I've probably been asked about five times now so I decided to make an 기사 on it. I'm not making this 기사 just to be hateful (which is partially why I added the why I like Uryuu bit) I simply wanted to answer the whys. So if 당신 know (lol) 당신 don't want to see Yuno hate this probably isn't the 기사 for you. Also, this 기사 will contain spoilers.

It's true, I usually do like crazy characters, but she's a different kind of crazy than the kind I usually like. I enjoy an insane character like Bellatrix 또는 Azula. The kind of nutty in which they are 더 많이 badass. Yuno is a 더 많이 stalkery crazy. That's one of the things I just can't get behind. Especially considering this scene;

That scene was just horribly creepy and not in a good way. I like the eerie kind of creepy, the Bellatrix chanting 'I killed Sirius Black' kind of creepy. Not the kidnapping and force-feeding your crush kind of creepy.

Another huge factor was just with how she was obsessed with Yuki, the way she fawned over him all the time just got annoying. Pretty much every single thing she did was for Yuki. Everything she said was 'Yuki, Yuki, Yuki.' I'd be okay with her obsessing over Yuki if he wasn't in her every uttered sentence.

Over all I just don't like the stalker-type character. I'm also not a 팬 of the bubbly chipper characters. Yuno was just so uppity and cutesy. Those kinds of characters always annoy me. She's like an evil version of Ty-Lee from Avatar. I liked Ty-Lee but her overly happy go lucky attitude just got under my skin. I know that Yuno's happiness wasn't as real as it seemed (beneath it all there was this deep darkness) but her super perky facade just drove me nuts.

Another minor thing was her voice, the high-pitched cutesy-ness of it. It didn't help in making her already too-cheery exterior any less appealing to me. Legit I kind of cringed every time she let out one of those long drawn out "Yuuuuuuuukiiiiiiiii's"

As I said in the intro, I don't intend this as a huge hate 기사 so I thought I'd mention some positives; though I don't like her, I will admit will admit that I kind of appreciated (or at least empathized with Yuno) when I found out about how poorly her parents treated her. She is a complex character...she has many layers and the very last episode made my opinion on her shift from hate to strong dislike. I thought it was cool that she decided not to kill world 3 Yuno and world 2 Yuki. I'm also gonna go ahead and say that Yuno was a pretty interesting character...she was unique and in some ways fun to watch. But all of the what was mentioned in the first paragraphs just made her a hard character for me to enjoy.

Uryuu was 더 많이 my speed, she was a bit nutty but in that cool kickass kind of way. Uryuu is the kind of crazy I usually shoot for. The kind of insanity that has a character blowing shit up and cackling about it. The kind of insanity that has a character causing destruction and giving little damns about the collateral damage.

Aside from Uryuu being completely badass I really admired her determination and bravery. Lordy, lordy the girl kept fighting after getting part of her arm blown off. Twice. In the very beginning she kept moving 앞으로 even after taking a dart to the eye. She got shot 의해 Yuki in one of the last few episodes (the 22nd maybe), we all think she's dead, and then she comes back to kick some 더 많이 ass. The girl is a fighter, she struggled as a child but continued at it, and I like that.

Speaking of her childhood--that's another thing I enjoyed about Uryuu. Like Yuno, she was a complex character. She wasn't just some whack job, she 로스트 her parents and had to fight for her life nearly every 일 as a kid. Naturally the complexity of her character makes her a fascinating and fun to watch character. 당신 never knew what she was going to do next, and 당신 before it was shown 당신 were practically begging to know what could make her how she was. Uryuu was like a human (well, fictional human) plot twist.

And what a better plot-twist than a self sacrifice! After getting shot and living, she comes back only to blow herself up. That action in itself reveled her as a multi-dimensional character. During the first few episodes it almost seems like she's going to be the villain of the story. This scene pretty much turned it all around. Instead of killing Yuki she sympathized with him and sacrificed herself for him. Of course she gave it a Uryuu touch and told him basically 'don't f*** up'! Furthermore the very fact that she was able to let go of the agony her past caused her as she sacrificed herself was something else.
And then comes another plot-twist when we find out that she--yet again--was able to come back from the dead and ended up saving Yuki again. The whole time she was cussing at him and calling him names...it was wonderful.

Which leads to the 다음 point. Uryuu is hilarious. From the moment she appeared on screen she was a riot. My 가장 좋아하는 scene in the entire 아니메 is probably the one where Nishijima proposes to her and...well...this;

Pretty much every other thing Uryuu said made me laugh. And a lot of that is because I can relate to her on some levels. She's fiery and likes to take charge. She calls her 프렌즈 and allies names (both affectionate and not-so-much). She's just so awkward about 사랑 and for the most part really wasn't interested. That's what I can relate to. There are just so many character that constantly seek out a romantic partner and that's one of their main goals. Uryuu didn't want any part of that until she accomplished everything else she wanted to accomplish.

Basically, for me, Uryuu was an all around delightful character. From her personality to her humor to her back story.