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 jonna mother
jonna mother
2weeks later
michael and artemis have been dateing jonna mothers does not trust michael new girl friend she been taking care of the kids for the pass two weeks michael and artemis went for a walk on friday night michael heard someone calling his name he was a little freaked but he ignored it until he heard laugther that sounded like jonna he told artemis to go wait in the car he went to the woods then he turned around and saw jonna standing infront of him she told him to wait for her and kissed him on the lips michael touch his and 의해 the time he looked up she was gone michael ran out the woods.michael stayed up and looked up on jonna datebase nothing but her death date

michael but looking up everything on jonna since her death but all that came up was up there was her birth certifcate and then there was her death 날짜 but something caught his the on her birth certifiacte her father name was frank delio which was michael manger at the assassin asscoation

더 많이 drama next.....
 jonna father
jonna father
 jonna jackson wedding dress <3
jonna jackson wedding dress <3

Jonna POV
i waited in the back of the chapel with my mother and my cousin as the held the twins i was a little nervous but i think michael is the one and always be the one.

Michael POV
as the 음악 played i walked down the alise with the groom and the bridesmaids and my 꽃 and my two cute little boys then i saw the most beautiful person my fiance 또는 당신 can say my wife she was walking down the alise with my father i never thought he would walk with but 당신 can say he had a change of 심장 as we said our...
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posted by asya10wooten
 the wedding photoshoot
the wedding photoshoot
2weeks before the wedding

Jonna POV
it was 2weeks before the wedding and i was afraid one night j.cole came in our room and said if
i said i do at the alter he would blown up the
church i was risking my life and told him
to kill me instead of the whole family he said
he dosent want me to die he wanted to se my love
one to die.

at the wedding photoshoot

me and jonna was taking pictures to put on the wedding cards.we was have a great time together until i spot someone stalking us so i told jonna to wait right there i went to that person and all i saw was j.cole standing i couldnt help but...
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posted by asya10wooten
 michael holding jonna
michael holding jonna
jonna pov
no michael.... . as i looked down i saw michael hounded and j.cole dead michael had a smile on his face and said its finally over i looked over and saw j.cole still not moveing so to make sure he was dead i went over and touch his neck no pulse not one bit i sighed with relief now i dont have to worry about michael and my feelungs for j.cole.me and michael left the house then we burned it down not caring if j.cole dead body was in there im just glad that im out of that house.me and michael looked at eachother we passiontly kissed eachother


michael's pov
well.. since...
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posted by asya10wooten
 Michael thinking how he will get 20million dollars
Michael thinking how he will get 20million dollars
Michael and jonna has been spending alot of time with eachother and getting to know eachother one on one but jonna was nevrous to tell michael that he was having twin boys she was scared one night while michael was sleep she was about to steal the car and run away not wanting to be any 더 많이 drama to him and his family. michael had been spending time with his family even tho michael was an assassin he was really down to earth guy jonna never noticed his beatiful drak 초콜릿 eyes .its been 7months in jonna pergancy michael was so glad he couldnt wait to see his 아기 until j.cole came back...
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posted by asya10wooten
 jonna upset because julio wont stay in her room
jonna upset because julio wont stay in her room
jonna gets a call from a stranger needed a new look at new mexico

jonna gets a call she pulls out her phone its said private so jonna it ingores it at frist but then it ranged a again so she's answer it.

on the phone

J:hello this is jonna who is this
stranger:hello jonna my name julio and was in new mexico your friend said i can stay with 당신 for a while
J:who gave 당신 this number
Julio:your friend savanna
J:ok where are 당신 now
Julio:down town at the flea market

Jonna went down town to the flea market.Jonna remeber when she was a little girl and she always went to the flea until she heard someone...
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posted by asya10wooten
 Jonna at the age 13 playing 농구
Jonna at the age 13 playing basketball
outside of the office

michael look back at the picture as he was walking "why.......why 당신 im the only one who is the best assassin in the world and why 당신 have to be so beatiful oh im kill 당신 real painfully even if it kills me"michael said

Back in New Mexico with Jonna

In new mexico city lives a girl name jonna lee merangay gracia she is half indian and mexican she hasnt been in a realationship since she was in college she was intellgant funny beautiful than the deep blue sea but since her last boyfriend who lied and tried to take her for her money she never trusted any man anymore.

on the...
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Thank 당신 to MJpixy for all your help and ideas for this part of the story... I L.O.V.E. you...

“Look out the window angel, we’re landing now,” Michael whispered to Brooke, gently shaking her to wake her up. She sat up half awake and looked out.
“It seems so different,”
“I’m sure you’ll adjust,” Michael said pushing her hair out of her face and 키싱 her.
“EWW!” Paris exclaimed. Brooke and Michael giggled.

Once they landed, Michael hid his face with his hat and they ran to the awaiting car for them; Brooke carrying Prince and Michael carrying Paris. Thankfully they escaped...
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posted by MJlover101
Rosabel stayed in the hospital for two 더 많이 weeks and during that time Michael visited her three 더 많이 times. They had found out a lot about each other and become very good friends. Rosabel had almost completely healed with just a scar left on her forehead. On Rosabel's last 일 in hospital, Michael came to pick her up when she was ready to leave.
"Are 당신 ready?" He asked.
"Lets go then."
Rosabel took one of Michael's warm hands then went with him outside into his red Mercedes.
"Where are we even going?" She said when she was in the car.
"It's a surprise. Just wait and see. Do 당신 want to...
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Brooke got 집 just as Michael was about to leave to record 더 많이 songs for his upcoming album. He was shocked to see her 집 this early, “Brooke? Sweetie what are 당신 doing here?” Brooke said nothing, she just ran into his arms and started to cry, “Hey hey, don’t cry, tell me what happened,”
“Dad fired me,”
“What? Why... Wh-what happened?”
“Well, I told him I was having a baby and...”
“And what?”
“And... and he said he thought it was wrong... Michael, he said he didn’t like the idea of a biracial child. I’m really sorry.”
“Hey, don’t be sorry, 당신 did nothing...
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The 다음 week, Brooke called her father, she told him she didn’t feel good and wasn’t coming in to work that day. She had no idea what was wrong with her. She felt fine the other day; now all of a sudden she was regurgitating. She kept thinking of what it could be, “This doesn’t make sense. No one around me is 또는 was sick. What could it... wait a minute... it couldn’t be.” She drove down to the store. When she came back, she went into the bathroom and closed the door. About half an 시간 later, she came back out with a shocked look on her face, “Oh my goodness.” She started to...
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While they were watching E.T., the most cliché thing happened; Michael and Brooke both went to grab some 팝콘 at the same time. As their hands touched, their hearts raced. They looked at each other and smiled. Michael grabbed hold of her hand and put his arm around her. Pulling her in close until she was lying on his shoulder, “Brooke?” Michael whispered.
“Yes Michael?”
“Um... Don’t worry,” Michael said, seeming unsure about whether he should ask her a 질문 또는 not. Brooke sat up and looked in to Michael’s big, brown eyes,
“What is it Michael?”
“Um, well I just wanted...
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... Back at the studio...

“...Look Mike, all I’m saying is that 당신 shouldn’t beat yourself up over this, keep the faith man, she’s out there somewhere,”
“Somewhere could be miles away...”
“OR... it could be in this very building. 당신 just never know.”

Michael sighed in agreement and told Matt he was ready to record again. Just then, a knock on the door interrupted Matt from responding to Michael. It was Brooke. Knowing Matt was in the room, she had come prepared with a hot cup of coffee for him. Michael got frustrated waiting for Matt to hurry up. He and Chris stood up to see...
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posted by natasajackson
This is it, Here I stand
I'm the light of the world
I'll feel grand
Got this love, I can feel
And I know, Yes for sure
It is real

And it feels as though I've seen your face a thousand times
And 당신 said 당신 really know me too yourself
And I know that 당신 have got addicted with your eyes
But 당신 say you're gonna leave it for yourself
I never heard a single word about 당신
Falling in 사랑 wasn't my plan
I never thought that I would be your lover
Come on baby just understand

This is it
I can say
I'm the light of your world
run away
we can feel
This is real
Every time I'm in 사랑 that I feel...
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posted by Waterwhip
We all remember the 일 we dread most. For me and many others, that June 25th, 2009 which 의해 the way if getting closer 의해 the second. I dont know if I'm ready for all of it. Living in the area I do, the hate people have for Michael is already unbelieved. I'm not ready for the sighns around town saying "Happy 25th of June! Little boys can sleep 안전한, 안전 once more!". I'm not ready for the greiving of my 프렌즈 and partys around town with people wearing anti-mj shirts. I'm just not ready. I do hope I am not the only one. We need to be there for eachother on the days we dread most.
YES!!! I 사랑 THRILLER but come on thriller thriller thriller lets have a dif fav era for once hehe. ok so i do 사랑 the thriller era yes probably ALLOT but my fav's are invincible and history why cause he had a more....mellinium and upbeat like a sorta futureristic pop 음악 sound that just hung on me like all his albums not 1 mj song i hate. I like invincible cause it has beats that just make 당신 want to 옮기기 not to menchon the beautiful and awesome slow songs on there i think mj put all his work into this album im sure. HIStory sorta explains how i feel and makes happy when im sad cause i know im not the only one whos lonely and gets made fun of cause of my looks 또는 what. I 사랑 ALL MJ ERAS xD
VIBE: How does it feel to be re-entering the market and competing in sales with likes of ‘N Sync and Britney, kids who were being born at the height of your fame?

Michael Jackson: It’s a rarity I think/ I had #1 records in 1967 and 69 and still entered the charts in 2001 in #1. I don’t think any other artist has that range. It’s a great honor, I’m happy. I don’t what else to say. I’m glad people accept what I do.

What are your thoughts on the current state of R&B?

I don’t categorize music. 음악 is Music. They change the word R&B to rock and roll. It’s always been, from...
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posted by DanixxDumb
No Feeling: Chapter 1 (Please read and 코멘트 ^_^)  
      Iris's hands balled into fists. Forced tears rolled down her cheeks. She swallowed hard and was ready to face the one person who had taken dancing away from her forever. 
     "Miss. Virgin? Someone's here to visit you." The nurse— who had been oh so sweet to Iris— smiled brightly. Iris merely nodded and motioned for the person to come in. 
      "Iris Virgin," The child-like voice grew stronger as the person walked into the hospital room gracefully. He was wearing nothing but black, but it suited him well....
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Michael Jackson's eldest two children want to buy back Neverland, the ranch the singer called home.

Prince Michael, 13, and Paris, 12, are said to want to turn the ranch into a shrine to their dad after having made a secret pilgrimage to the late singer's £50 million home.

Jackson, who died in June last year, was forced to sell the sprawling ranch after losing control of it to an investment company when the King of Pop fell into debt, according to the News of the World.

A 출처 told the newspaper: 'Paris and Prince remembered the rooms from their childhood.'

The 출처 went on to say that the...
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Hello everyone!! i seriously want everyone to read this something i want everybody to read...

i came across this 팬 picks' 질문 and i know most of the people have and 'who do 당신 think could be the best rapper featured in mj's song'?

and 2pac was voted.....but for this is for those who don't know what 2pac said about Michael...


copy paste this 주소 and watch 2pac give the hints that Michael Jackson never gave anything to charities and that he thinks he's a white man!!!

I seriously don't think 2pac should be voted and not even 에미넴 and MC hammer!!
I just don't wanna hurt any 2pac 팬 here....i do know that 2pac was the best rapper. it's just that 2pac shouldn't have said anything of that sort.

please let me know what 당신 all think....L.O.V.E

P.S. 2pac 팬 don't get hurt........