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 Happy Birthday Michael.
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Source: Steady Laughing
As a jury hears a civil case brought 의해 Michael Jackson's mother, information about the superstar's role as father to his children is becoming public.

Courtrooms have supplied the epilogue to Michael Jackson's life. They've provided the 포럼 where his debts have been settled, his final days dissected and his life depicted as a cautionary tale.

In nearly four years of court proceedings, two juries have watched Jackson come to life on video screens. They've watched him spin, dance and then disappear. They've heard his voice, seen his handwriting and viewed 사진 of his lifeless body.

His role...
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Chapter 18,

January 25, 2011,

I am so excited because I'm in 런던 and finishing my last four concerts of my "legacy" tour and that means I get to go home! Don't get me wrong, I 사랑 being on tour but; I miss Carter!

I was just settling in back in my hotel room, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it assuming it would be room service but, instead there was a tall, good-looking teenage boy with brown hair and blue eyes standing there. I got worried because I thought he was an obsessed fan. I said "sorry but 당신 can't come in! 팬 aren't even supposed to know what room I'm in!" I started...
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posted by foreveraMJJFan
After about a 30 분 drive, michael and lacey finally arrived to the resturant. Unlike the one where her and michael had gone to lunch at the 이전 week this one seemed a lot 더 많이 seculeded and romantic. Lacey and Michael were quickly seated once they walked into the resturant. They were seated towards the back of the resturant in a private booth. The light was dimmed and in the center of the 표, 테이블 was a lit candle surrounded 의해 rose petals. "What would 당신 two like to drink?" the waitress asked. "i would like a water" michael replied. "And 당신 ma'am?", "I would like a sweet tea" Lacey...
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posted by Neverland_Joy
It's strange I normally try to stay far from

trouble, never try to glaze at it 더 많이 than

one second

But... I don't know... what happened, but now

trouble is staring straight at me, and I have welcomed

her in

Never have I welcomed such a thing, like this

in my life, nor have I desired to change anything

from proper orbit

I've seen evil transform into beauty, and hell look like heaven

without desiring any problem that storm

being in my life

I've glaze now into the eyes of trouble, and enjoy the

company there of

Slowly those lips gentily 키스 away the pain from the struggling day

as this creature, so sweet...
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Now its been almost a week since the whole shout match between Alicia and Jenna ocurred,Despite the time things between Jenna and Alicia not good what so ever. Michael and his crew are now headed to South Dakota.

"'Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady
All 당신 other Slim Shadys are just imitating
So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?" Alicia sang aloud, as she was blasting "The Real Slim Shady" 의해 Emimien from her 아이팟 speakers. "Alicia could 당신 please turn that down?" Michael asked looking up from the book he was reading. Alicia turned the speakers...
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 Michael holding Little Wendy (I know its him holding Prince, but pretend it's Wendy he's holding)
Michael holding Little Wendy (I know its him holding Prince, but pretend it's Wendy he's holding)
10 weeks later
Michael and Aislinn went back to the hospital to check out the gender of the baby. She was 14 weeks in and her tummy started showing. They waited in the room for Dr. White to come in. He came in soon enough. "Why welcome back, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. I suppose your hear for your check up on the baby?" He asked, looking at them. Aislinn nodded and he got the 젤리 and the ultrasound. (Me: Note that it may not follow the actual story line of his life and his kids.) "Lift your 셔츠 and let's see that stomach of yours." Aislinn lifted her 셔츠 over her stomach and the doctor put the...
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 Michael looking sad in the recording studio
Michael looking sad in the recording studio
Dedicated to Helena Berglind (A.K.A. Chokladen94) my bestest 팬팝 friend, Jennine Jackson (A.K.A. mjjennine) My MJ obsessed friend, Jane Jones (A.K.A. Peterdaddy) for being there for me when I need you, Essie Pan (A.K.A. mjpeterpan) my angel, for all your advice, Abigail Page (A.K.A. powertothefoxes) for your creative mind, and Alicia (A.K.A. foreveraMJJFan), for inspiring me to write this fantasy. Thank 당신 all so much. I 사랑 all MJ 팬 from the bottom of my heart.

The 년 is 2000 and Michael has been thinking up some new songs. He has decided to go to the recording studio and...
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 Michael, looking sexy in white
Michael, looking sexy in white
On Saturday, there was pandemonium once again in the Davis household. Mrs.Davis made pancakes, grits, eggs, and sausage for breakfast. Ayanna gagged when she smelled the floor and ran back upstairs with her hand over her mouth.

"Breanna, what's wrong with your sister?", demanded her mother.

Breanna shrugged and continued to eat her breakfast. She did not want to betray her sister's confidence. Before Mrs.Davis could say another word, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!", cried Breanna, relieved to escape. She picked up the receiver.

"Hello?", she said.

"Hey, beautiful!",Michael exclaimed.

She smiled. "Good...
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Michael started running after Madeline,but when he got out of the hotel,he couldn't find her anywhere!So he went back in his room and called Dave."Hello?",Dave answered."Madeline is gone!",Michael said desperately."What do 당신 mean?What happned?"."I was going to go to a walk to find the way to tell her and when I opened the door Madeline was there crying and as she saw me she ran away and I ran after her but I couldn't find her and...oohh God!She heard our phone conversation,I'm shure!Oh,God!".Michael was crying while he spoke,so Dave couldn't understand all of what he said,but he knew he must...
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So the 다음 일 Michael wakes up in the hospital and he check hes phone is call hes mom and he say " mom can 당신 pick me up?" mom say " I can't and I got good news your father is coming back from his business trip and i have to go pick him up later honey " Michael say " ok mom can 당신 guys visit me?"
Mom say " i don't know If your father would want come to visit you" Michael say " fine then bye" Mom say " bye" Michael was so mad that he trew hes phone on the 침대 and then one of hes boys Anthony came in and say " what's happening boy?" Michael say " nah nothing but my father is coming back but...
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When the world 로스트 Michael Jackson, not only did we lose a legend and humanitarian, we’ve also 로스트 the most wonderful human being that ever lived. Yes, were, and still are, ignorant people out there that still believe that he was the strangest person that he/she has ever seen. Michael Jackson, to me, was the opposite of that.

Not only has this brilliant man gave us human nature, Billie Jean, man in the mirror, black 또는 white, and heal the world, he also gave us the capacity to learn how to 사랑 one another and to bring harmony to each other because he couldn’t stand the world falling apart....
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;MICHAEL:ok 재스민 속, 재 스민 then lets talk..michael was getting nervous :jasmine:tatiana called me a few 분 before 당신 came over :michael:she waht?? :jasmine:she calld me ..teling me not mess with you..aprently your her man :michael:she is lieing..i never fell in 사랑 with her.we just work together thats it...we kissed once on stagecasue it was part of it..she must have thought it was real ;jasmine:yaa?well how do i know it wasnt real :michael:because this a real one..he leaned over a kissed her :jasmine:haha okay that was real :michael:i told 당신 :jasmine:ya 당신 did.but can 당신 please straighten...
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