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posted by koolkat-1994
What happen to the 사랑 Michael sent us.Why do we hate each other.Every time i watch a YouTube Video 또는 go anywhere i see 팬 fighting at each other and treating each other like enemies.i thought we were a Family.Family like Michael would want us to be we are his children.we are brothers and sisters.We need to 사랑 each other like we used to.We need to be together as one and stick up for Michael.Have faith in each other and yourself as well.Now i want u to go back and think about wat caused all of this.Michael would be disappointed at us.The 팬 u were fighting with i want u to turn to them...
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 what he wore that 일
what he wore that day
A few hours later
Michael woke up and looked at Aislinn, asleep on his lap. He put his hand on her head and moved her hair out of her face. She opened her eyes to look at him. "Hey, love." He said to her. She giggled at him. "Hey, applehead." She said, while she was giggling. Michael chuckled and shook his head. "Ok, my cousins really need to stop hanging around you. You're getting addicted to calling me 'applehead'." "But I 사랑 that nickname. When I read in Moonwalk that 당신 always stood on an 사과, 애플 나무 상자, 상자 to reach the microphone, that's what I thought they got the idea from." Michael chuckled....
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posted by yoyojackson
 Jo (Ariana Grande)
Jo (Ariana Grande)
When Michael was 18, he went down to Gary, Indiana. Of course there was screaming fans, but he went there to relax, and make friends. Michael went to his house. When he got there, he saw his dad Joesph. "There 당신 are. I missed you." Joesph said. "Really?" Michael asked. "No, 당신 know I'll never miss you." Joesph said and cracked himself up.
"Why are 당신 here?" Joesph asked.
"I just wanna break." Michael explained. Kathrine came in. "Michael! I missed 당신 so much." Kathrine said and hugged Michael. "At least someone missed me." Michael muttered. "Huh?" Joesph said. "Nothing." Michael said and...
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posted by natasajackson
당신 ever want something
that 당신 know 당신 shouldn't have
The 더 많이 당신 know 당신 shouldn't have it,
The 더 많이 당신 want it
And then one 일 당신 get it,
It's so good too
But it's just like my girl
When she's around me
I just feel so good, so good
But right now I just feel cold, so cold
Right down to my 본즈
'Cause ooh...
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away

Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gone to stay
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no 집
Anytime she goes away

I know, I know, I know, I know,
I know, know, know, know, know,
I know, I know,
저기요 I ought to leave
I ought to leave her alone
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
Only darkness every 일
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just ain't no 집
Anytime she goes away
posted by mrsmj2011
She tries to run away from him. But he pulls her back in. He mesmerizes and bewitches her with his eyes. She is putty in his hands and he knows it. He does not have to say anything to her. All he has to do is look at her and her knees get weak and she melts. She tries to fight her feelings for him, but she can't resist him. To see him smile again, she would fulfill his every desire. She feels like she is going crazy because she can't stop thinking about him. Every night he is the 별, 스타 of her dreams. She wants to be the lady in his life for all time. She knows now that she will never escape him because she has fallen in 사랑 with Michael Jackson.
 Don't try to fight it. 당신 know that 당신 want me, girl
Don't try to fight it. You know that you want me, girl
posted by koolkat-1104
Michael, we remember and appreciate
as 당신 gave happiness to others ...

He did not like everything
He was alone in the whole wide world
He taught us to be kinder
He appealed to protect the planet.
Appreciate the love, doing good
contempt for revenge
forgave the insult, he loved life,
Preserved word of honor.
His eyes filled with deep
unearthly warmth
In his eyes concealed life
a hard life.
About him in the newspapers wrote
Just slander and lies
he wanted to humiliate,
What magazine did not take.
Michael is gone forever,
Nobody really does not return
He remained in the hearts
He's never in them will not die.
일 passes for the 일 ...
I still want to find the answer:
Why do people appreciate
When they are no longer close?

I know Michael, your life is not in vain
당신 just wanted to give children the happiness
당신 tried to awaken within us human
You'll always be king of the 20 th century!
Michael Jackson may have called the aesthetic propofol his "milk," but rather than give him strength, it left him in such a vulnerable state that his urine was collected through a device for incontinent patients.

That was one view of Jackson's final days and the extreme measures he took in life to maintain his public image as a beautiful superstar, which were revealed in a six 일 hearing into his death that ended earlier this week.

Other details were his wearing of a surgical 캡, 모자 while he slept to cover his balding scalp, and the numerous tubes of skin bleach cream he used to hide the disorder...
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To whom it may concern,

I am 글쓰기 to 당신 to inform your show of the wrongful decision its made to hire Diane Dimond onto your show, a woman that has been after Michael Jackson's blood for over 15 years, after he passed away on the 25th of June 2009. Straight after his death, Diane had brought up the molestation charges up on National 텔레비전 broadcast and continued to add 더 많이 fictional stories without proof. It pains me to say that the few times that she was on your show, 당신 로스트 a hundreds of your viewers each time. There are many Michael Jackson 팬 out there who have been disgusted...
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Thanks to all of the people of 팬팝 heres whatn we wrote:

When this old world gets 당신 down (Wings of my love)
Love is the answer to all (You are my life)
Please don't close the door to our future (I wanna be where 당신 are)
So make a better world, make a better world (Heal the world)

Winds of change are set to blow (Morning glow)
So tell me what we're waiting for (Hold my hand)
Planet Earth, my home, my place (Planet Earth)
I'll be your strength, I'll keep holding on (I'll be there) 게시됨 5 days ago.

When 사랑 is a frail
hope is not well
tears fall
and dreams are broken
can't 당신 see?

that earth...
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oneday i was walking in the 거리 ,on the morning,I walked with no hope,I felt lonely I didn't know where to go 또는 stay ,i 로스트 my way,all I did was pray and tears dropped like waterfall ,then I walked , walked and walked ,I found something like a small grass, I set down on ,put myhead on
my arms and cried , I spent days ,nights ,months in That Way , then oneday I felt myhand
wetting ,I looked at the sky, It was rainning ,so I left that place and walked in the street, It was so cold ,It made me stop moving and My body started to shever, My 심장 was broken 더 많이 , 더 많이 and 더 많이 with no help ,no...
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posted by WhisperOfLove
From inside sources in Sony

Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)
Written 의해 Aliaune Thiam, Giorgio Tuinfort, Claude Kelly / Published 의해 Byefall Productions, Inc./Sony ATV Harmony (ASCAP), 피아노 Music/Sony ATV Tunes (BMI), Talpa 음악 Publishing (BUMA), Studio Beast Music/Warner Tamerlane 음악 Corp (BMI) / Produced 의해 에이콘 for Upfront/Konvict, Giorgio Tuinfort for 피아노 음악 / Co-Produced 의해 Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions, Inc. / 에이콘 appears courtesy of SRC/Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. / Recorded 의해 Mark 'Exit' Goodchild for 우유 Money Consulting at Palms Studio's Las...
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
Author and journalist Joe Vogel 게시됨 a review of the new single, "Hold My Hand," on the Huffington Post website this morning. The following is an excerpt from that review:

"There won't be any controversy about the vocals on this one. The only 질문 is how long until it scales the charts (if word of mouth is any indication, 분 after its midnight premier it was already trending #1 on Twitter around the world). "Hold My Hand" is a simple, but powerful song that embodies so much of what 팬 loved about Michael Jackson. Like U2's "One" it is a "love song" that expands outward, making...
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After a 년 and almost five months, it's still a bit on the difficult side to admit to my 심장 that Michael is no longer here physically. I never had the chance to tell that I honestly loved him when he was here and I completely regret it. I kept my 사랑 for him locked inside my heart, I never let it out. I wish I did, I utterly wish I did. There is so much I wish I had told everyone who walked in my direction, let the words flow. But I was afraid... afraid of what they'd say. I'm not saying this in the way that I was embarrassed to like Michael. I'm saying this in the way that the ones who...
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The ‘king of pop’ and his 음악 need no introduction. It is his tracks that make us smile 또는 emotional even today when we hear them, the soul in his music, the originality of his songs and the uniqueness of his dance steps are here to remain forever. Michael Jackson is one of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice.

With 15, Grammy awards, 12 World 음악 Awards, 26 American 음악 Awards, and 13 기네스 World Records—including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time" and the sale of over 750 million units worldwide,Michael Jacksonhas proved...
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posted by thriller4ever
I saw this on a blog_so funny! :))

"Michael used to loved calling people up. He would do it when he came over my house.
He would just pick up the phone, dial a 랜덤 number and start horsing around.

The person at the other end would pick up the phone and Michael would say, "whose this?"
They would reply something like, "it's Lenore".
He would go, "Oh Lenore, listen, were going to have to get a divorce. I can't carry on like this!"
She would go, "No, no, 당신 have the wrong...."
Michael would interrupt and say, "No, Lenore, don't even try that on me. I've just had it with you!
We'll divide the property evenly and everything but it got to be this way."

Then he would hang up, leaving the person on the other end of the line wondering what the hell had
just happened!"

_David Guest
Michael Jackson had some unexpected company drop 의해 this weekend -- a surprise visit from his close friend Stevie Wonder.
TMZ has confirmed that the singer and three of his children stopped 의해 Michael's tomb at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA this weekend to pay their respects.

According to Stevie's rep, Wonder and his kids had gone to the cemetery to visit Stevie's dearly departed mother -- but Stevie's children insisted they visit MJ too.

Wonder and MJ were famously close -- and at MJ's memorial last year, Stevie told the crowd he often let Michael know how much he loved him ... and was "at peace with that."

See also
Sources tell TMZ Janet Jackson was so "blown away" 의해 the positive reaction to her appearance on the "American Idol" finale that she's "seriously entertaining" a 음악회, 콘서트 tour ... that could begin before the end of the year.

Janet was amazing on Wednesday's "Idol" -- performing "Again," "Nothing," and "Nasty." We're told as of today a 음악회, 콘서트 tour is now on the front burner.

Miss Jackson -- who has only toured once since 2002 (and a bulk of that tour was canceled) agreed yesterday to appear at the Essence 음악 Festival in New Orleans on July 2.
Originally 게시됨 May 3rd 2010 8:25 PM PDT 의해 TMZ Staff

God help anyone who uses a picture of Michael Jackson to hawk their products, because the licensee of MJ's image is going after some new companies with a vengeance.

Bravado International Group -- which markets all things Michael -- is suing T-Line Design, Inc. based in Oregon.

According to the federal suit, obtained 의해 TMZ, T-Line is downright "defiant," sardonically 글쓰기 a blog that says, "...it SUCKS TOTAL BOLLOCKS when people steal those creations..."

The suit seeks $750 for each image illegally used, as well as statutory damages of $150,000.

Bravado filed two other infringement 슈츠 today against two other companies for unauthorized MJ

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Once all alone
I was 로스트 in a world of strangers
No one to trust
On my own, I was lonely
당신 suddenly appeared
It was cloudy before
Now it's all clear
당신 took away the fear
And 당신 brought me back to the light

당신 are the sun
당신 make me shine
또는 더 많이 like the stars
That twinkle at night
당신 are the moon
That glows in my heart
당신 are my daytime my nighttime
[ Find 더 많이 Lyrics on link ]
My world
당신 are my life

Now I wake up everyday
With this smile upon my face
No 더 많이 tears, no 더 많이 pain
‘Cause 당신 사랑 me
당신 help me understand
That 사랑 is the answer
to all that I am
And I'm a better man
Since 당신 taught me 의해 sharing your love


당신 gave me strength
When I wasn't strong
당신 gave me hope when
All hope was lost
당신 opened my eyes
When I couldn't see
사랑 was always here
Waiting for me

Maria 저기요 저기요 eh eh 저기요 Maria
Maria don't 당신 hear me calling Maria
Maria girl 당신 know 당신 were the only one
Hey 저기요 eh eh 저기요 Maria
Maria don't 당신 miss me a little
Maria after all 당신 were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Maria come on back to me girl
Hey 저기요 저기요 eh 저기요 Maria
Maria it's been long so long oh
Maria since you've been gone
Eh eh eh eh eh Maria
Maria don't 당신 need me just a little
Maria 'cause honest girl 당신 were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Oh come on back to me girl

Oh Maria oh baby I need 당신 mmm mmm
Maria why why d'you keep a-running away
Oh baby 당신 keep a-running...
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