Hello everyone! My name is Brittania, and I am a huge MJ fan. Years ago, I use to write fanfiction on MJEOL forums, as MJsexybuddy, but that site no longer has active members. Recently, I have decided to start 글쓰기 again, and it took me forever to find a good place to do so. I will be posting here to revise and finish out my old fanfictions. I hope 당신 guys enjoy. :)

*~*~Chapter one: A Starlit Meeting~*~*

Epic's newest recording artist, Brianna Wilson, was in the recording studio laying down some tracks for her first album. It was late November 1986, a week from her 21st birthday.

She began to grow tired and decided she needed to go 집 to get some rest. She signaled for her producer to cut the music. Stepping out of the sound booth on to the red, plush ,carpet of the mixing room, she stretched with a soft yawn.

"That's all for tonight Jacob, I feel like I could fall out in the floor I'm so tired..."

She stood at about 5"6, sort of on the short side. Her long, black, hair hung just 4 inches below her shoulders. It was obvious she was exhausted because it showed in her hazel eyes. Grabbing her jacket, she began to put it on, as Jacob called out to her.

"Brianna 당신 know we have to get this finished 의해 Monday, so the company can review it."

After zipping her black jacket, she'd look to him."Well, yes I know, but I won't be able to sing if I'm falling asleep at the mic."

Jacob ran his long fingers through his short, curly, locks of blonde hair. The man was stunning! He had deep blue eyes that could have any women trembling at the knees.

"I guess you're right. Go get some rest and we will start again tomorrow bright and early at around... 7:30?"

He'd smile going easy on her knowing how tiring the business could be...even though he sat on his 나귀, 엉덩이 all 일 just listening to the singers and musicians working their asses off ,and he got paid for it. He didn't complain, but who would? It was easy money in his eyes.

Brianna smiled, beginning to leave the building:"Ok, see 당신 then Jacob, and thanks."

"No problem," he said as a shimmer ran across his blue eyes. "Just get some rest."

With that, Brianna left the studio. Walking out into the chilly November air, she sighed. Chilbumps rose on her skin as she'd tried to unlock her car door. Quickly realizing she left her purse, which had her keys in it, inside. Laughing softly at herself, she shook her head.

She really needed to slow down a bit. Since she met the executive that brought her talent to Epic's attention, everything has been moving constantly. Meetings, 사진 ops, recording sessions, et cetera. It was all go, go, GO! She was so excited to go get some rest, she forgot all about grabbing her purse.

After getting her 지갑 and taking the time out to find her keys, while still indoors, she didn't rush out the door. This time she decided to take a moment to live in the moment. Looking up, her hazel eyes filled with the stars' light as she strolled along. She couldn't remember a time in the last couple of months that she had taken to time to do something normal, like 별, 스타 gaze 또는 take in any outdoor beauty. Sighing, continued towards are ride and ......... BANG! She ran into something, 또는 someone rather...

After knocking into whatever she ran into, she fell backwards, onto the cold ground. She was about to snap on the person before her, but all she could see was leather shoes. Her eyes drifted up the person's legs encased in tight black slacks. A hand would reach down to her as an angelic voice rang in her ears.
The voice was like water, like rain. Shockingly familiar, yet unbelievable.

"Woah, are 당신 ok?... I wasn't watching where I was going.. I'm sorry."

She'd slowly grab onto the outstretched hand and stood to her feet.
When her eyes fell upon this individual's face, she almost gasped. Her 심장 melted, as she got caught in big, 초콜릿 eyes and dazzled 의해 a bright, white, smile. The smile so perfectly white, that it matched the white, button up, 셔츠 he wore.

She must have taken too long to respond because he had to ask her again.
"Are 당신 alright miss?"

She'd shake out of it and slowly let go of his hand still starring at him. In her mind, she was hoping she didn't make this seem too awkward. This was totally not the impression she wanted to make, nor the way she wanted to meet one of her idols.
"Uh.. yes.. I am...I'm fine..It's truly my fault. I was to busy looking up at the stars to pay attention to where I was going."

"Yes, they are brilliant tonight. I was admiring them myself."
He looked up at the sky and smiled turning his attention back to the girl in front of him.

"Michael Jackson.."
Introducing himself, he held out his hand once again this time to shake with hers.

"I... I know.."
She'd smile and took and shook his outstretched hand. So much for not being awkward.

"And your name is?"
"Oh.. I'm Brianna... Brianna Wilson"
"Well, it's nice to meet 당신 Miss Brianna Brianna Wilson"
He'd joke and bit his bottom lip watching her.
She'd quake at his sexy gesture and had to look away from him so she wouldn't lose her mind.

"It's nice to meet 당신 to Mr. Jackson."
"Call me Michael, and are 당신 new here? I've never seen 당신 around before."
"Yeah, 당신 could say that..."

They stood there in the silence of the night until a voice pierced the night air.
"Yo Mike, come on we got work to do"
Michael and Brianna looked towards Michael's manager, who was standing near the entrance of the building.

Michael would sigh looking back to Brianna.
"I'm sorry but, duty calls."
She'd smile, then shrugged.
"I understand. I'm calling it quits for the night."

"It was nice meeting 당신 Brianna. See 당신 around?"
His tone seemed almost hopeful.
"Um, yeah sure"
Smiling at him, she tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

He'd smile brightly again sliding his hands into his pockets. Even though he seemed a bit shy 또는 maybe embarrassed about the situation, himself, he tried to look as if he was composed and cool. He starred her up and down, as if he admired 더 많이 than the stars they were watching a moment ago.
"Well then, I'll see 당신 later, Brianna"

"A-huh, see ya later."
She'd answer back, before turning away. After she got inside her black 반 야생마, 무스탕, 무스 탕 GT, away from eyesight, she still felt tingly. The experience was surreal, but not what she thought it would be. Of course, she knew they'd meet up here at some point, but not like this. She groaned, resting her head on the steering wheel. She silently vowed to herself that the 다음 time she saw the one and only Michael Jackson, she'd make a better impression.....hopefully.