some journalist may think that michael was close to latoya and had a real close tight nip relationship which wasnt the case at all michael and latoya did have a good brother sister relationship but it was as close as some people may have thought it too be

latoya did do some things that got under michael's skin a little bit 의해 being the big sister that she was they did have a playfull bond sometimes like when they were kids michael would play pranks on her 의해 hiding spiders in her 침대 and she would scream so loud that she knew that michael did it cause that's how michael was a playfull little joker

as a young teenager at the age of 19 is when michael got a part for the wiz as the scarecrow since michael was doing the part of the scarecrow they were filming the movie in new york city which ment michael had to 옮기기 to new york and latoya went with him they were room mates in a nice condo apartment while michael was working on the wiz him and latoya would hang out sometimes 또는 just have a short talk about how there days went 또는 just 랜덤 things like one 일 latoya played a prank on michael she came 집 one 일 after working on some 음악 she walks inside the door and saw michael watching the twilight zone as she walked inside she acted like she didnt know who he was she said who are 당신 당신 creep michael jumped on the 침상, 소파 its me mike she said who are 당신 and michael kept saying its me mike and she begin to laugh and michael told her dont do this to me latoya he explain the episode how a guy didnt have a identiy and nobody knew who he was

michael would joke with latoya alot because when 당신 would enter her room she didnt like it when 당신 walked on her carpet she didnt like the foot prints on her carpet and she didnt like how people sat on her 침대 it would rinkle her 침대 spread michael would joke and say well 당신 got to leave your room sometime and she would tell him that she didnt like the idea of foot prints on her carpet

latoya didn like the same things that michael did she didnt like the 영화 that he did like one of his favorites the close encounters the third kind she didnt see what michael saw in the movie she called it boring she didnt like the 동물 that michael had such as the goats and the lions and etc she didnt lke the smell of the animal cages at all to fastforward to 1993 the begining of a nightmare latoya made a public annoucement saying she was scared for the childrens safety in hanging with michael she believed the allegations of the child molestations her husband made her make the annoucement into saying that he actually did molest the children which wasnt true at all

michael of course was upset with her about the annoucement but he of course forgave her about the public annoucement that she made even though her husband forced her he still forgave her for it michael had did a duet with his baby sister janet which was called scream after they finished there project latoya asked michael if she could do a duet with him but michael turned down the offer a upset latoya was jealous of michael's close relationship with janet they had that closeness because janet had so much in common and liked to do the samethings that he liked to do latoya accomponied michael at the 2003 michael jackson 30th anniversary special on bet although her offit did amaze michael one bit even though they had that brother sister realionship they still loved each other