* Start 의해 taking a deep breath.
* Begin to sing but instead of projecting from your chest project from your upper throat.
* Michael Jackson used the voice in Thriller but it sounded like his real voice singing.

Tenor. In this voice type your voice extend from notes middle C and upper C and Upper C to lower C.

* The best way to practice this is 의해 going to a keyboard 또는 피아노 and try 노래 notes from upper C Down to lower C.
* Michael Jackson used this voice in Black 또는 White and Bad.

Soprano. This voice is a high voice. Instead of using your chest to project 당신 sing a little quieter and your voice is higher.

* Just sing high and 25% quieter.
* Michael Jackson used this in We Are The World

Watching how Michael Jackson sang with these voices is a good way to understand how these voices sound.

Falsetto is notorious for damaging your voice. Be careful and drink lots of water.