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posted by Tunic
(Remember, go to Mew Mew Fanfic! Fill out the form for your character if 당신 want to be in the story. BTW Tash/Cherise is a Cherry. Soyoucantbeacherry :) Ya know what? Instead of changing from Tash to Cherise, i'll just call her Cherise)

Ichigo sighed to herself. "It can't be, minimew. Mistake much?"
Tash felt offended. "We'll see about that!" She said, hurt.
Ichigo snorted.
"I want to keep Kishu and Ryou to myself" Ichigo mumbled under her breath.
The 벨 went alarmingly, and it startled Ichigo, as she instantly got up and went to leave school.
Tash ran to the toilets.
"Mew Cherise. Transformation!"...
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posted by Tunic
If 당신 want your character to be in this, fill out this form!

Mew name:
Mew DNA:
Mew Appearance:
Mew weapon:
Mew Attacks:
Mew Cry:

(i.e Here is mine:(

Name: Tash
Age: 14
Appearance: Long brown vibrant hair, big blue/grey eyes, oval face, full lips, she usually wears her school uniform, a voilet scarf, wih a black bow, grey 셔츠 and skirt, voilet socks and black shoes.
Personality: Tough, independant, 당신 don't want to make her angry. Elusive, Funny, Kind, Protective and cute.
Mew name: Cherise
Mew DNA: Lemur/Bat
Mew Appearance: Black long hair, silver eyes, She...
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posted by SoraMewFan
people are saying that icigo is better than zoey but the truth is revellad that the may be english 또는 japaness and ichigo has 더 많이 and better advenchures than zoey but the are the same person and i dont care what the do because all i think about is mew mew i even printed lyrics of here is some
Everythings changen over nihght your tellen me thats just not right weres the girl 당신 used to know because shes better than ever so come on lets go its supernatual it 수퍼내츄럴 its understood 당신 gotta belive a little change is 당신 gotta belive a little change is supernatual.
Well and the anwer is who icigo / zoey goes better is masaya/mark hes so cute hes so hot and fit well bye add me as your friend bye