Melissa McCarthy 가장 좋아하는 Movie Role.

Pick one:
Go as Sandra
Drowning Mona as Shirley
The Kid as Sky King Waitress
Charlie's 천사 as Doris
호박 as Cici Pinkus
The Third Wheel as Marilyn
White Oleander as Paramedic
The Life of David Gale as Nico the Goth Girl
The Nines as Margaret / Melissa / Mary
Pretty Ugly People as Becky
The Back-up Plan as Carol
Life as We Know It as DeeDee
Bridesmaids as Megan
This Is 40 as Catherine
Identity Thief as Diana
The Hangover Part III as Cassie
The Heat as Mullins
Tammy as Tammy
St. Vincent as Maggie
Spy as Susan Cooper
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 drewjoana posted over a year ago
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