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the final warning
school's out forever
saving the world and other extreme sports
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Source: Yay! I drew this! i 사랑 wings!
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Fang wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt 더 많이 secure than ever. The warmth of him around me again gave me the chills, the good kind. He moved his hand onto my cheek and gently moved his head toward mine. Fang's lips touched mine. His warm body around mine made me feel, well I can't describe it. As we kissed, it became 더 많이 intense. I was breathing hard. It felt like I was stuck to him like glue, like we were the only two people on earth. He lifted me up, my legs now around his waist. Fang didn't even struggle to pick me up, I wonder how much I - Fang Interrupted my thoughts as he gently...
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Source: Fang's Blog
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Fangs letter, with video (parts from One republic song Apolagize) Audio Goodbye my lover, James Blunt
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