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Flock family 사진
팬 아트
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Fang looked at dylan across the wrestling mat and knew that he would win. There wasnt a if, an 또는 but about it. He was sick and tired of Dylan smarting off when Max wasn't around. Fang took a attacking stance, he knew that Dylan, like the rest of them had been trained to fight. still that didn't stop him from wanting to beat that little twirp's butt! dylan smiled at him, which kind of made him mad. Fang ran up to Dylan and did a round house kick, whick he blocked. Fang backed up and came at Dylan with everything he had, but still Dylan kept blocking his blows. Fang smiled to himself and thought...
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I felt horrible. Why was the Voice suddenly Angel? The flock just stared at me in a shocked silence. Then 앤젤 spoke.

"But Max, it could just mean that I sounded like the Voice, not that I acually am the Voice."

"But we don't know that for sure, sweetie. It's just too confusing!" I sounded like a whinny little kid. I just wanted to curl up and cry. My baby, my Angel, the Voice? Suddenly it was all too much for me and i sat down.

"It sounded like she was predicting the future," Iggy said. "It didn't sound like her though. Too hoarse."

"Like a prophecy," Fang commented quietly. He sat down...
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It's suposted to be an ad for the book, but since when are there "filmed" ads for books?((copeid from the 유튜브 description))
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