1. "'You...are...a...fridge...with wings,' Fang ground out, punching an Eraser hard with every word. "We're...freaking...ballet...dancers.'"

2. "Max: "Okay guys, I had a couple thoughts I wanted to go over with you."
Iggy: (pretends to snore loudy)
Max: (throws another pinecone at him)
Iggy: "Quit throwing things at me!"
Max: "Glad 당신 could 가입하기 us.""

3. " Am I tough? Am I strong? Am I hard-core? Absolutely.
Did I whimper with pathetic delight when I sank my teeth into my hot 닭 튀김, 후 라 이드 치킨 sandwich? 당신 betcha."

4. "I took a bite of the cookie and chewed. 'Hmm,' I said, trying not to spit crumbs. 'Clear with vanilla notes, too-sweet 초콜릿 chips, distinct flavor of brown sugar. A descent cookie, not spectacular. Still, a good hearted cookie, not pretentious.' I turned to Fang. 'What say you?'
'It's fine.'"

5. "They turned to Angel. "We will call 당신 Little One," the leader said, obviously deciding to dispense with the whole confusing name thing.
"Okay," said 앤젤 agreeably. "I'll call 당신 Guy in a White Lab Coat." He frowned.
"That can be his Indian name," I suggested."

6. "'And how do 당신 spell that???' the agent asked.
'Captain, like the captain of a ship," the Gasman explained. 'And then Terror, 당신 know, T-E-R-O-R.'

7. "Angel?" I said. "Baby penguins eat a regurgitated mixture of partially digest fish, krill, and an oily substance from their father's stomachs. Are 당신 willing to eat a bunch of raw 물고기 and krill, then barf it back up into a baby penguin's cute cheeping mouth? Like, every hour?"

"Oh. My. God," Total breathed, stopping dead. He stared up at her as if her were a starving man and she was a Snickers bar. He shook his head. "I know it's daylight, because the sun has started to shine again!" He inhaled deeply. "And the air--the air is suddenly perfumed with--"
"Jet fuel, hot tar, dirty bird kids, and a malamute," I said nudging him 앞으로 with my foot.

9. "I'm brilliant! I'm a genus! I could blow up the whole world!"
I raised my eyebrows
"Not that I want to of course" Gazzy said and gave a little cough.

"Man, 당신 weigh a freaking ton! What have 당신 been eating, rocks?"
"Why, is your head missing some?"

"I can talk to fish!" 앤젤 said happily, water dripping off her long, skinny body. "Ask one over for dinner," Fang said, joining us."

12. "You were designed to be very smart, Max,' she told me. 'We electrically stimulated your synaptic nerve endings while your brain was developing.' (The director)
And yet I still can't program my DVD player,' I said."

13. "Pick a tree. I'll carve our initials into it."

"Iggy: Can I come in?
Max: No! I'm in a towel!
Iggy: I'm blind!"

15. "Holy [Insert your choice of a swear word here]," said Fang"

"You mean other than the wings? I once ate nine snicker bars in a row without barfing. It was a record."

17. "I don't damsel well. Distress, I can do. Damseling? Not so much."

"Let's just say that if these scientist had been using their brilliance for good instead of evil, cars would run off water vapor and leave fresh compost behind them; no one would be hungry; no one would be ill; all buildings would be earthquake-, bomb-, and flood-proof; and the world's entire economy would have collapsed and been replaced 의해 one based on the value of chocolate. "

19. "If you're ever feeling a lack of middle-aged white men, just pop into the Capitol. Not so much the House of Representatives, which has a bit 더 많이 color and texture, but the Senate -- jeez. Yes, let's have 더 많이 testosterone running the country.

20. "I vill now destroy dah Snickuhs bahs!"

21. "Uh-huh," I said. "Because all 당신 mad, evil scientists sit around whipping up batches of Pillsbury's finest during your coffee breaks. I mean, this is pathetic."

22. "And Flock Rule Number Two is, Don't argue with Max 또는 you'll live to regret it." I spun and stomped out to the clearing, turning back for one last jab at Dylan. "And 의해 the way, 당신 clearly DON'T know me better than Fang does. Do 당신 see Fang arguing with me? No, 당신 do not."
Fang rolled his eyes."

23. "De tall, dark vun- dere's nothing special about him at all," ter Borcht said dismissively of Fang.
Well, he's a snappy dresser," I offered. One side of Fang's mouth quirked."

24. "I feel like pudding. 푸딩 with nerve endings. 푸딩 in great pain!

25. I 사랑 the "baby plane...its going to grow up to be a 747 someday"

26. "1)Sardonic laughter (always a good one)
2)Rolled eyes and snort of disbelief
3)Sarcastic "youve got to be kidding me"

27. "Louisiana, the state that road maintence forgot"

28. "Mad crazy, not mad angry, though a lot of them do seem to have anger managment issues, espeically around me"

29. "Fair isn't fair, Dean. Like I'm supposed to help 당신 because fair is fair? Try I need 당신 to help me so I wont rip out your spine and beat 당신 with it. I might respond to that, maybe."

30. "Total you're black" Iggy said.
"I prefer Canine American"

31. "I take it 당신 don't want me to call your parents."
"Umm, No."
Hello, Lab? May I speak to a test tube please?

32. And I also laugh really hard with
“Now, let’s say they come and get us.” –Max
“And, like, the halls are full of zebras.”-Ig
“And suddenly tons of bubbles are everywhere.” -Gazzy
“And then everyone starts to eat beef jerky,” -Nudge
“Yeah. I’ll grab a zebra; Gaz, 당신 fill all the bubbles with your trademark scent, so people are choking and gagging: and let’s throw beef jerky right into their eyes! Now, that’s a plan!”

33. 'Buckingham Palace? 당신 know, like where the 퀸 Lives. And Mr. Queen?'

34. “Did 당신 know that wasn’t me, the other Max?”
“Yeah.” “When?” “Right away.” “How?”
“She offered to cook breakfast.”

35. “Is dere anysing special about you? Anysing vorth saving?”
“Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica.”

36. Gazzy:"What does that mean?" (points to sign saying stay off third rail) Fang:" It means the third rail has seven hundred volts of direct current running through it. Tough it and you're human popcorn"