Episode 1

*San Francisco, California*

Nick: *Searching for things* They said there was some sort of research lab here...

Felecia: *Sees a small building and hears multiple screams* What was that??

Nick: It’s from that building! *Runs to it with Felecia*

*Inside the building*

Erasers: *Torturing the Flock*

Nick: *Watches from the window*

Nudge: *Sees Nick* Help me...

Eraser 1: *Sees Nick and Felecia* Get them!

Nick: *Busts through the window and slashes Eraser 1*

Eraser 1: GAH! *Falls back*

Eraser 2: *Grabs an axe and rushes toward Nick* Let me axe 당신 a question!

Nick: *Dodges and kicks Eraser 2 between the legs*

Eraser 2: *Whimpers like a dog* Ow...*falls to the ground*

Felecia: *Frees Nudge and runs with her*

Munchies: *Drives the 늑대 Hummer to where they are* Get in!

*Nick, Felecia, and Nudge get in*

Nudge: *Hugs Nick* Thank 당신 for saving me!

Nick: Anytime.

Munchies: Did 당신 bring me any Pot Pie?

Nick: No Munchies, I didn’t.

Munchies: Awww man, now I feel like I could Pot Cry!

Nudge: So...who are all of you?

Nick: *Reveals 늑대 ears and tail* My name is Nick.

Nudge: *Gasps* Don’t kill me...

Nick: *Looks confused* What?

Nudge: Are 당신 an...Eraser?

Nick: No i’m not.

Nudge: *Sighs a breath of relief* Thank goodness...

Felecia: My name is Felecia.

Munchies: My name is Munchies and i’m hungry!

Nick: Munchies, you're always hungry!

Nudge: *Looks around* Have 당신 seen Max 또는 Fang?

Nick: Who?

Nudge: My friends.

Felecia: No...do 당신 know where they are?

Nudge: No...but will 당신 help me look for them?

Nick: Of course! 의해 the way, what is your name?

Nudge: My name is Nudge.

Munchies: *Eating a Cheeseburger*


Dr. Llort: Where are those bird freaks??????

Dr. Nilbog: I have no idea sir!

Dr. Llort: Send the bounty hunters to find them!

Dr. Nilbog: 당신 don’t mean...Grey...

Grey: *A grey colored robotic being with a black mask and red glowing eyes, walks in* I am Grey!

Eraser 3: *Watching* What's so special about Grey?

Dr. Llort: Grey can change form. Let’s give it a test!

Eraser 3: *Is freed*

Grey: *Uses 곰 Claws to 슬래쉬 the Eraser 3*

Eraser 3: *Faints*

Dr. Nilbog: Grey, 검색 out the escaped Mutants!

Grey: *Turns into Jet mode and flies out*

*Nick’s House/HQ*

Nudge: *Asleep*

Nick: I wonder where she came from...

Felecia: Maybe Nightmare Inc?

Nick: Probably...

Emilia: Nick, your Iron 늑대 2.0 Suit is almost done!

Nick: Nice.

Mela: May I try to do some investigation?

Nick: Of course, Mela.

*Later, near the Abandoned Laboratory*

Mela: *Looking around for clues* Hm...

Grey: *In the shadows, watching Mela, his red optics shine*

Mela: *Sees a picture of Nudge, Max, Fang, Gasman, and Iggy* Woah...

Grey: *Jumps at Mela*

Mela: AH! *Dodges and pulls out knives* Don’t make me hurt you!

Grey: *Pulls out 곰 Claws and lashes at Mela*

Mela: *Jumps and slashes Grey with knives*

Grey: *Dodges and stabs Mela’s arm with 곰 Claws* Where is the girl?

Mela: GAH! *Pulls it out and lariats Grey*

Grey: *Feels nothing and slashes belly*

Mela: AH! *Falls backward*

Grey: *Slashes Mela in the face*

Mela: *Passes out*

Grey: *Hand changes into a USB drive and takes all the info out of the main computers* They shall not find any information...any of them...

*Nick’s House*

Felecia: Mela hasn’t called back for two hours...I am starting to worry...

Nick: Do 당신 think they got her?

Felecia: Probably...

Nudge: *Walks in* Who got who?

Nick: It’s a long story...

Nudge: Tell me.

*Chaos Dimension*

Lantas: *Looks at a caged Angel* How is my little pet?

Angel: *Not responding, very quiet*

Lantas: *Shakes the cage* HOW ARE YOU?

Gillag: *Watching* 당신 imbecile! I cannot believe thy has not taken an answer from said bird thing!

Cactas: Be patient, Gillag. We shall have that little bird squawking soon enough...

*Nick’s House*

Nick: The Hercules Factory was made to create powerful warriors...

Nudge: What if they have Angel? She has psychic powers!

Felecia: Cactas Jr, Cactas son, has the ability to copy any power...imagine what he could do if he had 천사 power...

Nick: We must stop Cactas! But first we must find Mela.

*Chaos Dimension*

Lantas: Cactas Jr, should we prepare the ritual?

Cactas Jr: We shall, my big friend.

*Bermuda Triangle*

Angel: *Strapped into a chair*

Cactas Jr: *Also strapped into a chair* Vangel, prepare 1,000,000 volts!

Vangel: *Nods and flips a switch*

Angel: *Is being shocked with a lot of electricity, and her powers start to disappear*

Cactas Jr: *Absorbing her powers* This is excellent! All this power...is coming to me!


Grey: *Lands holding Mela’s body*

Mela: *Wakes up and stabs Grey in the chest*

Grey: *Drops Mela*

Mela: Bye! *Teleports back to San Francisco*

Grey: *Changes to Speed mode and drives away*

*Bermuda Triangle*

Cactas Jr: *Testing out his powers on some Bee Drones*

Vangel: I am glad my new invention worked, my lord.

Cactas Jr: I am glad it worked too.

Vangel: Really?

Cactas Jr: Yeah! If it didn’t, your head would be on my wall!

Angel: *Asleep*

Cactas Jr: *Picks up Angel* Now let’s get 당신 to bed!

Angel: *Still asleep*

Cactas Jr: *Takes 앤젤 to a large 담홍색, 핑크 bed*

Angel: *Opens eyes a little bit so she is not noticed*

Cactas Jr: *Tucks her in* Good night, Delora.

*Nightmare Inc Starship*

Kevin Mask: *Watching his drones dissect a mutant*

Synth: Lord Kevin, the bird mutants are almost ready to be taken apart.

Kevin Mask: Finally...