I must say, after 읽기 many upon many 기사 about how max and Fang should be together I really don't think anybody gives Dylan enough credit. I think everybody needs to remember that Fang DID leave the flock, and he DID recruit a new flock to,lets just say, replace his own flock. And not only that but he practically replaced Max, the only one in his life he claims to love. Yet he seemed to have absolutely No problem what so ever to finding a new 사랑 interest. Now I know all 당신 Fax 팬 out there will say,''Oh well he still loves Max cuz he likes Maya and Maya is Max's clone'', Well that doesn't matter even in the least because Fang says Maya has a completely different personalty than Max's, so what Fang really wanted from Max was her looks apparently. Now I don't know about any of you, but I don't think Max would approve of that. Now another thing 당신 Fax 팬 are saying is that Maya and Dylan will end up together. Well, there are problems with that as well. Number one, If 당신 refer to the beginning of 앤젤 when Dylan and MAx are fighting, 당신 will find that Max says something like,'' Better wait until they start producing 더 많이 teenaged winged females, less bugs,'' which then if u could connect two and two together, 당신 would notice thats practically referring to Maya, but if 당신 read on Dylan says,''No Max, Never, I am imprinted on YOU. End of discussion...For now ;)