Before I start I'd like to say something, there's talk about a movie. Now I don't know if that's true 또는 just rumors but if it is that'd be awesome.
So if there is a movie I already have the perfect cast. First before 당신 see my cast I think that Max should have blonde hair not brown but for the people who want Max to have brown hair I picked a brown haired Max too.
My cast is down there, please 코멘트 what 당신 think :)
Nathalia ramos (blonde) as Max
Emily Browning (brown) as Max
Devon graye as Fang
Alex Pettyfer as Iggy
Sydney Park as Nudge
Kendall Schmidt as Dylan
The only people I need help with is 앤젤 and Gazzy, please 코멘트 suggestions as for the rest of the cast 당신 could check online for
더 많이 pics and tell me what 당신 think.
Also I got nothing for Fang's gnag but when I do I will post it to 당신 guys.