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posted by servaege

Full House's Olsen Twins Are Almost Alike-But Not Quite

So What if they have not even started first grade? Ashley Fuller and Mary Kate Olsen, 6, the doll-face twins who share the role of Michelle Tanner on ABC's hit sitcom Full House, which begins its sixth season 다음 month, already have this Hollywood thing figured out. "One time the executive producer promised to have a cake scene for them, and then he forgot," the girls' 연기 coach, Adria Later, jokingly recalls. "On the 일 of the taping, I walked in and announced, 'Ashley and Mary Kate won't be in this week because...
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posted by servaege

John Stamos 'Adopts' Full House Twins as His Own
Bachelor 별, 스타 showers them with gifts, takes them out to Disneyland and takes time to soothe their fears.

Full House 별, 스타 John Stamos, living the single life since splitting with singer Paula Abdul, has two special girls in his life: identical twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, 5, who together play Michelle on the show. Stamos' pals say the 27-year-old bachelor has opened his 심장 to the twins as if they were his own children. "John simply adores Mary Kate and Ashley," says a friend. "He always finds time to be with...
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"Your honor, I object!" Ashley Olsen called out. She tossed her dark-blond hair over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes at the mirror. She really looked like a lawyer-especially in her brand-new gray-pinstriped 재킷, 자 켓 and matching skirt. A pearl 목걸이 would help, though. She made a mental note to raid her mother's jewelry box ASAP. "Overruled," her twin sister Mary-Kate piped up from her place on Ashley's bed. "You're not a lawyer-yet." "I'm going to be working at Atwater, Bumble, and Chang all summer. That's close enough," Ashley pointed out. "Humor me, okay? I've got to get the hang of...
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"Thanks for picking us up, Rod," Ashley said. "Don't mention it," seventeen-year-old Rodney Choy replied. He worked for Headquarters, too. Rod drove the girls wherever they needed to go. "Looks like we have a big problem," Rod went on. "Someone is messing with 음악 broadcasting all across the country." "Tell us about it." Mary-Kate groaned. "We can't get any 음악 on the radio except some horrible song 의해 Capital D."
"If 당신 ask me," Quincy said, "Capital D is a Capital Dork!" "I hope we can take care of this mission fast," Ashley said. "Mary-Kate and I have a big science test coming up." "What is it on?" Rod asked. "Sound," Ashley replied.
"I know tons of facts about sound," Quincy said. "Sound travels in waves through the air at different levels." "Those levels are called frequencies, right?" Mary-Kate asked. "Right," Quincy said.
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Mary-Kate Olsen - De Evil Twin

De Olsen Twins: ooit waren ze niet 봉고차, 반 elkaar te onderscheiden, nu kunnen ze niet genoeg nadrukken dat er wel degelijk twee eitjes mee gemoeid waren. Sinds ze elk hun eigen weg gaan, kennen we Ashley Olsen als de zakenvrouw met de goeie smaak, het diploma en het brein. Mary-Kate maakt op haar beurt vooral furore als de evil twin met de warrige hairdo, de oversized zonnebril en de vele foute habits.

Mary-kate en Ashley Olsen (23) waren negen maanden oud toen ze voor het eerst op het scherm verschenen. Beurtelings namen ze de rol 봉고차, 반 de kleine Michelle Tanner voor...
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"So, what's our first step?" Ashley asked. Mary-Kate shrugged. "I'm not sure," she said. "Quincy, what do 당신 think we should do?" "Maybe my fortune cookie will give us a clue," Quincy said. He smashed his cookie with one paw and pulled out a tiny slip of paper. "'Knowledge is power,'" he read. Ashley nodded. "Good thinking. Let's find out everything we can about Quick Food." "All right!" Mary-Kate slapped Ashley a high five. "Special Agents Misty and Amber are on the case!" Ashley smiled. Mary-Kate loved using their special-agent names-almost as much as she loved using their high-tech gadgets!...
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posted by servaege
♦ 13 Juni: Mary-Kate en Ashley werden geboren in Los Angeles.

♦ Februari: Zeven maanden oude Mary-Kate en Ashley gaan naar hun eerste auditie om de rol te krijgen voor Michelle Tanner in de TV-Serie Full House.
♦ September: Full House start in Los Angeles. Mary-Kate en Ashley hebben de rol 봉고차, 반 Michelle Tanner.

♦ Juni: Mary-Kate en Ashley maken hun eerste televisie film, To Grandmothers House We Go.
Mary-Kate reed voor het eerst op een paard.
♦ September: Ashley heeft voor het eerste te maken met de tanden fee. Vier weken later is Mary-Kate aan de beurt.

♦ April:...
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posted by servaege
Full name: Mary-Kate Olsen
Born: June 13,1986 at 10:28 am and the younger twin 의해 2 분 apart from Ashley.
Birthtown: Sherman Oaks, Ca
Hometown: San Fernando Valley, Ca
Height: 5'0
Eye-Color: Blue/Green
Preferred Hand: Left
Hobbies: Loves Horseback-riding
Parents: Dave Olsen, Jarnette Olsen and stepmom Mackenzie Olsen
Siblings: Trent, Ashley, Elizabeth, Stepbrother Jake and Stepsister Taylor

Other facts about her:
♦ Mostly plays Sporty Girl Roles.
♦ Vehicles: Drives a Green Range Rover and owns a Black Porsche Cayenne SUV.
♦ Indulgence: Ice Blendeds at Cofee 콩 and 차 Leaf.
♦ Likes to Shop...
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posted by hollym478
I 사랑 the olsen twins and their fashion line. I think they should not give up their careers and their marvellous footwear. I 사랑 their footwear. And Wikipedia has helped me to get to know about the twins. I so found out they posed nude on playhouses. Most people said it was ashley olsen. My opinion to the twins is that they should get to know about they 팬 and the 팬 talents. The best things about the twins is that they songs have an effect and are well thought out. Their 영화 are great for kids and teens. They think thing's out before doing/saying it.
"Hurry up, Mary-Kate!" my twin sister, Ashley said. "The Easter egg race is about to begin. Let's get to the starting line."
I finished tying the purple laces of my new roller skates. "An Easter egg hunt on roller skates," I said. "How cool is that!"
"Like Rudy always says, 'everything's 더 많이 fun on skates!'" Ashley laughed, tucking her 딸기 blond ponytail into her helmet.
Rudy Rizzo is the owner of Rudy's Roller Rink in the Sunny Grove Shopping Plaza. All the kids in our neighborhood 홍어, 스케이트 there. Every year, Rudy holds a big Easter egg race in the park. And today was the Sunday before Easter,...
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Mary-Kate, Ashley, Rod, and Quincy hurried back to the dressing room. They heard voices and stopped in the doorway.
"Just sign this contract," a woman said.
The girls peeked into the dressing room. Dominique sat at her table. She seemed tired and upset.
Renee La Rouge stood beside her, holding a sheet of paper. "Sign here," she said. "And 당신 will be in all of my commercials. 당신 will tell everyone to buy my makeup."
Dominique rubbed her head. "I don't think I want to. . . ."
Renee pulled a red lipstick from her purse. She ran the lipstick over Dominique's lips, then put it back in her pocket....
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