in order for me to know whats yours 의해 going to 기사 type:review.Mario kart wii is an kart racing action game i think.Hope to see 당신 online!!!!please tell me yours too in order to play against me!!!oh yeah and 코멘트 your mario kart wii friend code!!!
NOTE:wfc means wifi connection
MY stats so far (becuase i got the game at least a 월 ago)
wfc vs.wins:142 vs.lose:30
i forgot battle but anyway my ranking is rank A (check your records) i am not talking about wii friend code but still 코멘트 your mario kart wii friend code
NOTE#2:your mario kart wii friend code is right below your mii once 당신 have connected to 닌텐도 wfc please rate,comment,fanme,and give me a 기사 prop