Let's start with MULTIPLAYER!!!

They should have quick race so 당신 can just pick one track an then pick another person, kart, drift and track.

New Mode: Survival Mode!!!
I'll explain this...
Pick any of the tracks 당신 unlocked.
Something based on the track will be chasing the 2-4 players down.
For example:

Last time I said Ghost Valley 1 should be in it. So if 당신 pick it, a big boo will chase you. Every lap they get a little faster. 당신 can set the speed at the beginning, 1-15.
Toads Factory
Chaser: A giant tractor

DK Summit and Rosalina's Ice World
Chaser: A giant snowball

Desert Tracks: Chaser: A mummipokey

Yoshi Desert: Chaser: The giant yoshi egg.

Bowser Castle: Chaser: Mechanical 불, 화재 breathing Bowser

I'll post 더 많이 later...

당신 can do Balloon and Coin battle
Plus the ultimate Bob-Omb battle (from MKDD)

Any time exept Bob-omb battle pick only bananas, shells, and this time even stars!


Yoshi Motorway
Stormy Skies (theme: NSMBW)
Baby Carnival (driving through the whole park)
Blooper Beach

Mario Motorway
마천루, 스카이 스크 래퍼 City
Thwomp Sky Base (theme: SMG Cyclone Stone planet)
Luigi's Poker House

Boo Motorway
Ruined Jungle (theme: Donkey Kong Country)
Petey Gardens
Freezeflame Road (theme: SMG Freezeflame Galaxy)

Bob-omb Factory (theme: Mario Party 9)
Bowser Jr's Airship Fleet (theme: SMG Airship Armada)
Bowser's 성 (theme: Super Mario Bros. Wii U 또는 whatever)
무지개, 레인 보우 Road (theme: all 이전 무지개, 레인 보우 Roads)


I forgot 3 items.

2 old
1 new...

POW Block - 당신 know makes an earthquake... 6-8
Mini 버섯 - Makes 당신 small until 당신 get Mushroom, Boomerang Flower, Ice Flower, 불, 화재 꽃 또는 별, 스타 1-3
And a big fat Mega Mushroom. 7-10

Oh I'll say my characters in the 다음 issue along with 더 많이 extras.