It's been almost seven years now since I met Mandy in Atlanta on september 6, 2007. Even though seven years have passed, I still remember every moment from that day. What makes this 일 even 더 많이 than what it is standing 의해 itself is how it all went down. At the time I was 19 years old and 의해 then I was a 팬 of Mandy for 8 years.

Probably like the rest of you(I hope) when her Wild Hope album came out, I got it that morning; and, knew every song 의해 that afternoon. Well when she announced she was going on tour and coming to Atlanta, I jumped on the computer to buy tickets but my mom stopped me and forced me off. About two weeks later I'm walking out of my room and on the 부엌, 주방 표, 테이블 were two Mandy Moore 음악회, 콘서트 tickets. As I'm holding them, my mom walks out of the 부엌, 주방 and says, "Yeah, you've been waiting for this for what? 8 years?? I just didn't want 당신 to buy them."

so time passes and Two days before the 음악회, 콘서트 my WHOLE family sits me down and says, "ok before we tell 당신 what we're gonna tell 당신 keep in mind 당신 are going to a Mandy Moore concert!! and come hell 또는 high water we will get 당신 front row"

I'm like ok, what!?

they say, a local radio station has been doing a meet and greet Mandy Moore contest for the past week, but has been unable to win a pair for me. But doesn't want to get my hopes up bc there is still a 일 left in the contest. so that 다음 일 I'm trying every time, but it's ALWAYS busy. On the last pair, however, I still can't get through, but when I hang up my mom says, "If it rings this time I know I've won" I look at her like she's crazy(which will come back to haunt me, kinda) then she says, "did I win? don't worry about that. did I win? urgh!! Amy!! NOW..DID...I..WIN!? oh my god!!, my son is gonna own me big." she hangs up the phone and says the words I'll never forget as all as I live:

"You're gonna meet Mandy Moore"

So we get there and we go up into a balcony to get a 미리 보기 of the 음악회, 콘서트 later that night. but we have to wait, and I'm not looking at the stage, and I feel a hit on my leg with my mom saying, "Ryan, there she is" I have never turned my eyes and head so slowly in my life than I did at that moment.

She sang two songs: Can't 당신 just adore her and Ladies choice. During can't 당신 just adore her I softly cried to myself.

Now because I was one of the first ones up in the balcony I was going to be one of the last ones to meet her. Which in my mind was good. It gave me time to think of what to say. And it changed every second. As the people ahead of me are getting there chance, it's going so slow, yet so fast. What I mean 의해 that is. when they're meeting her I want them to leave so I can get my turn, but when they leave I'm like go back I need 더 많이 time to think of what to say. so the guy ahead of me goes and leaves, and now it's my turn.

I need 더 많이 time, so I hit my mom on the arm, and she just walks up to Mandy like it's nothing. Than they turn to me....

I am 겨울왕국 solid. I can not walk, talk, think, 또는 breathe. Mandy looks at me like I'm scared of her. my mom just puts her hand to her face. I littoral INCH up to her. As I do she turns to my mom and asks:

"umm, What is wrong with him?"

my mom response with:

"If 당신 had any idea. he's been a 팬 of yours since 일 one and 당신 stop his seizures."

Mandy, with her eyes wide open:


의해 this time I'm finally up to her, and I put my hand out shake hers but my hand is shaking so bad it's vibrating. I did say something, but it's not the "hi, hey, my name's ryan, 또는 how are you?" none of what 당신 think. When I opened my mouth these are the words that followed:

"Can I hug you?" (not even with please)

She smiled and said yes.

I not only got to meet but I got to hug the woman I've loved since the moment I heard her going 집 from 6th grade on August 17, 1999. I was 11, I'm now 27. For those who don't know August 17, 1999 is the 일 Mandy's first single "Candy" was released to the radio.

If you've come this far:

When I tell 당신 Mandy's 음악 prevents and stops my grand mal seizures I'm telling the truth. my seizures are the type of seizures that can kill the person. with ease Mandy has saved my life on several occasions, and has allowed me to do things that I wouldn't be able to do if she wasn't in my life. Like having the ability to live on my own. I really don't know what I would do 또는 be without her.


So to sum this all up:

Mandy Moore is my angel.