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 Renesmee and Jacob
Renesmee and Jacob
저기요 everybody this my new story based on this image.In the image its Renesmee and Jacob so its about them but jacob only changes into his human 포럼 every so often.And yes renesmsee's a half vampire in this, so is her famliey is 뱀파이어 of course.So Jacob after renesmee was born jacob left and didn't come back ever to see the cullen's.And the volturi never came to see the cullens. So I hope 당신 like it <3.

~~~~~~~The 늑대 And The Little Girl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chapter one 로스트 and found.

Renesmee's POV.

Today looked like the perfect 일 for a walk in the woods.The sun was shining not...
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posted by EllentheStrange
When Renessmee got home,she went into her room and cried.Her first friend ever was gone.She went outside to the 그네, 스윙 set and saw abby sitting there.She ran towards her.
"Abby,where were 당신 after school?"
"I left after lunch.I was sick."
"Do 당신 live in the apartments?"
"Yes.I live in the one with boxes pilled up to the windows."
"We live 다음 to eachother."
Abby's stomach started growling.
"Would 당신 like to come to 식당 with me?"Abby asked.
"Sure,"Renessmee said.
Abby got up and walked to the nearest 나무, 트리 and climbed up it.She grapped two birds and jumped own.Bella called Renessmee to come...
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posted by uniquezandy
Maries pov
Nothing could destroy this moment. I was in bliss with him. No need for words. We tried third time lucky to kiss. Closer we both came. Almost touching eachother; I could feel his ice breath on my cheeks. Just when the gap was almost sealed...
"Hey Alec, Jane's on the phone. Come talk to her beacuse she is getting impatient." My twin said. Of course she knew he was here. Everytime we kiss, there is always a distraction. "Erm ok." He got off the 침대 and went down. Bella just 'inncontly' smiled at me. Before closing the door she mouthed these words that I will get her back for. "Ha....
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I was happy i loved going to jakes house its fun there.I was just about 2 put my keys in my car and start it when my phone rang again. "hello?" I said "hey jamie its luke!" my little brother luke said
"omg what are u doing with the phone?"
"mommy told me to ask u when ur coming home"
"okay tell her i'm gonna go see jake"
"okay tell jake i said hi"
"okay luke i got to go!"
"bye bye jamie"
"bye bye luke" I hung up. I laughed cause little lucas my little brother just called me i think thats funny.

It onaly tock me 10 분 to get to jakes house and man was he glad to see me. "hey james!' he said as...
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posted by dzass
저기요 ;)I wrote a parody I think 당신 laughed heartily, I'm sorry for mistakes...
Bella lying on the floor and the kidney, they were at Carlisle and Edward. well I heard what they are talking, but I was not interested, I thought, how to draw the attention of 벨 Edvos that they face suvalgyčiau D as Edward thought Bella and only he could read the thoughts of others but what to think. I suddenly had an idea "and has Dzaspis ketchup" as long as they were all concentrated James combustion. insert hand to match his pockets and was looking for ketchup. and what did I just deteriorate: gandonu...
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I was walking on the 바닷가, 비치 with Jacob hand in hand. I don't mind if Jake holds my hand its feels nice when he does it. "this is nice" I said he smiled "sure is" he said. after that we were both quiet.

I looked at my watch "oh i better go jake" I said
"oh okay" he said
"hey i'll come over tomorrow"
"see ya jake!"
"bye james" he said as he gave me a big hug.

when i got 집 Luke was playing with my 아이팟 and the babysitter was watching TV. "hey Lucy u can go now" I said "okay see ya jamie" she said "yep bye" i said as she walked out "hey luke!" "hi jamie"
"u know u got 2 have a bath don't u?"
"okay come on"

I went up stairs and got the bath ready for luke. when the bath was ready i called him 2 come up stairs. but ofcuse he didn't anwser. "luke come on!" I yelled as i ran down stairs

to be contenuied...
posted by EllentheStrange
Abby started to crawl to Renesmee,but she didn't drink Renesmee's blood.
"Go away,"Abby said and then ran out of Renessmee's house.
Nessie cleaned up all the blood har and Abby had created.

"Nessie are 당신 ok?"Bella asked her daughter.
"Yes,i just fell down on the floor and 스플릿, 분할 open my wrist.I get my clumsiness from you,"Nessie said.She then got up and went to bed.Well everyone thought she was going to bed.Renessmee went to abby's house.
"Hello,Nessie,"Abby said.
Renessmee entered Abby's house."Are 당신 a vampire?"
"Yes,"Abby said."I'll understand if 당신 don't want to be my friend anymore."
"Are 당신 kidding?My whole family entire family are vampires!"Nessie said happily.
Abby grapped Nessie's hand and they left to go outside to the 그네, 스윙 set.
They were going to be 프렌즈 for a very long time.Forever maybe.
posted by EllentheStrange
Renessmee looked at her new middle school.She shallowed hard.It was hard moving all the time.The fact that her parents were 뱀파이어 made them 옮기기 all the time.She walked into the school and went straight to her locker.A girl who looked thirteen had a locker 다음 to her.She had long blonde hair and pale white skin.Even though it was the middle of winter,she had on a knee length white dress and ballet flats."Aren't 당신 cold?"Renessmee asked her."No,I don't really get cold.Hi,I'm Abby,"the girl said."I'm Renessmee,but call me Nessie.I just moved here,"Renessmee said.Abby had a smile on here...
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 in 늑대 포럼
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This is a story about a fanmade werewolf I made named Riley Black.She's my fave fanmade charater anyways I hope 당신 like her :).Oh BTW she's imprinted to Seth clearwater.

Riley's POV.

I don't rember my very first phase it was like a blur all I remeber is that it was very painful and when I woke up I was a grayish tan blackish wolf.I was taller than normal 늑대 but so was everyone else in the pack. Jacob was the first person I saw when I phased he was in his 늑대 포럼 a redish tan wolf.He was way taller than me which was intimidating Rilse are 당신 okay? he thought to me. Yes just frecked out...
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