One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is beyond angry about a newspaper story printed 의해 The Mirror. In the story it is alleged that Louis’ mom Johannah started dating her fiance Daniel Deakin after she was a midwife who witnessed the stillbirth of his child with his ex-wife Elaine. The newspaper is claiming that Johannah “stole” Daniel from his ex-wife, and has 인용구 from Elaine collaborating on the story.

Here’s what Louis had to say after 읽기 the story:

I am appalled 의해 what The Mirror has done to my family. It’s disgusting and immoral. As long as I am in One Direction we won’t be working with the mirror.
Yikes! We’ll keep 당신 posted.

P.S. Louis just signed a deal to become a 축구 star!