writers Pov
Louis is just sleeping in is room
his mom came in his room and said Louis 당신 have to find a job
mom what are 당신 doing in my house
Eleanor asked me to come here and keep a eye on you
ow really and mom can that wait job till tomorrow,
no i want 당신 to look to a job now
ok i go find one
so hi put on his clothes on and look in the newspaper he saw somthing about a drama teacher he thought i have to go with the bus mom will never bring me too it

Louis Pov
i went to the bus i saw a gril and she came to me
and said,
hello sorr but can ou say me were this is and let me see the newspaper,
yes 당신 just go left and then the 초 거리 rightand than your there
Thank 당신
can i ask 당신 something
yes, where do ou come from?
From italy why
your accent is cute,
aww thank 당신 bye,
bye i got in the bus end i went to m job and thay said they want someone who can work when the other teacher is free and i had too look how he does it
and he said that he is 다음 week free so i start 다음 week,

i got to the place where the italy girl has to be
it was a restaurant where she had to be i went in there and i saw her working,
hello sir 당신 can say it
hello posso avere tacos Please,
what do 당신 say sir do 당신 want tacos
yes sorry,
its ok i have a ow wait your that bo i saw on the street,
do 당신 not can Italian any more,
not really i had a very strict teacher,
ow stupid teacher,
no he is not that stupid when he was no teacher he was in a group,
in what kind of group was he,
singer group named One Direction 또는 something,
ow that group,
have 당신 ever heard of tham yes i heard of tham thay were a very famous bend,
ow sorry, its no problem on which where do 당신 learn so good English,
wait i can not say it,
why i think because 당신 are a 팬 i can not say it to a fan,
no i'm not a 팬 i'm a friend from when we where young,
but he comes from bradford and 당신 come from here,
당신 don't know nothing from me when we where younger we played with each other,
a test who was is grilfriend,
perrie edwards,
what is the name of his sisters,
aroosa alexa sarooha and waliyha,
ok if 당신 say your a friend,
say your name if he reminds 당신 i tell you,
he will say he don't know me we once had a quarrel and when i was younger i do not had the chance to say sorry cause i had to go to Doncaster so i never had the chance to say sorry,
ow sorry i did not know that i will write it on something so 당신 can find it,
thank you,10 mins later
here is tacosand what do want to drink,
water please
ok here,
thank 당신 for everything,
your welcome
i had the 거리 name and the school name and i had the name which place so when i´m done eating i go find zayn i hope he would like to see me again i wanted to know averything about him about he and maybe his grilfriend
i was ready with eating and i go too the place where the school was staning
and when i was there there came a girl to me and asked are 당신 Louis Tomlinson i said yes ´m but shhh i dont want everyone to know i´m here ok can i have a picture sure
do 당신 know where the dreamstreet is i asked,
yes 당신 just go right and then 당신 are in that 거리 do 당신 know where the this school is yeah if 당신 look left 당신 see a school,
thank you, no thank you,
bye, bye
i was in the 거리 and i looked to the left it was not that far away from the bus,
i went in the school i saw a gril on the foon i went to her and waited when she was ready she asked,
can i do something for you,
i said yes i´m looking for mister zayn Malik,
ow sorry but here is nobody named zayn malik,
only a maik malik works here,
또는 are 당신 looking for a pupil,
no i was looking for somebody who works here with that name,
i´m so sorry,
but mis can 당신 say me were this mister Maik malik is,
yeah here the clas room he has to be,
do have a clas right now yes i think so,
so i got to clas and when i was there i heard the school bell,
bye clas till tomorrow,
i went in the clas,
he said Louis is that you,
yes zayn is that you,
Omfg Yes its me,
why have 당신 changed your name,
because i was scared nobody will take me seriouswith that name and i was scared averybody will ask me 사진 and more,
hi mister maik i want to talk to you,
ow logan can 당신 please lave us alone he asked me and winked me,
of course i can lave you,
sorry is your name louis a gril asked me i said no my name is logan why,
ow because 당신 look like louis tomlinson,
ow that boy i know him i he is in a band named,
one direction,
yes thats it sorry but i only can help 당신 but if 당신 want 당신 can take a pic with a look a like if 당신 want,
ow yes thank you,
your welcome,
when zayn was ready with talking i asked him
do 당신 know what the other boys are doing now, yesterday i saw harry on the tv so i think he is still famous and niall and liam i have seen thier never on tv 또는 something so i think they do a normal job too,
do harry have the same name,
yes they still call tham harry,
nice too have talked too 당신 zayn i mean maik,
but louis i mean logan what are 당신 doing now,
i´m a drama teacher were,
not here that school is not far away from Doncaster,
thats nice how do 당신 go,
with the bus nobody wants me to ride,i totally understand that lou he winked at me and said logan it was nice to see 당신 again i hope we see each other quickly,
yeah maik bye see 당신 later,
when he said that all the people who walked in the clas room had to laugh

when i walked to the bus i saw a act playing something one blond boy with a 기타 He had a mask on and i played really good
when he was ready with his solo he was so happy that it was going good that that some girl said take your mask of now
but when the act was over they said we are the mask i thought wow a act that named the mask
so weird
when they were ready
iwalked that way they were going
and they dressed there self when they came out i saw that the blond one had black hair when i waned to walk away the bus was going to ride too and when the boy with the black hair saw me the bus stop the boy said louis do 당신 remember me,
yes its me,
wow god 당신 look like when 당신 were 8 i do not remember 당신 with your hair black,
so what are 당신 doing here,
i was here for zayn,
ow really how is it with him,
good but he is a teacher in English and he has a other name now,
tell me,
he is calling mister maik,
ow really hihih,
do 당신 have a other name,
no because if i don´t have said that i was in a band they said sorry man but your not going with us they wanted someone that can play a intrumend so here i am now,
have 당신 hear something about harry,
i saw him on tv yesterday i think,
yeah zayn also said something about that,
if have a idea if i fond Liam and harry we go drink something together ok,
yes thats a good idea,
niall can i have your phone number,
yes here is it,
thank 당신 so when i talked to the others i call you,
ok see 당신 bye,
bye niall,
so i walked to the bus and i went back with the bus too Doncaster
when i was 집 my mom and eleanor sat on the 침상, 소파 talking,
he louis how was it,
i start 다음 week woohoo yes i´m so glad sweetie,
yeah i´m glad too Love,
i 사랑 당신 Louis,
사랑 당신 too Eleanor,
so louis i see ou tomorrow,
no 당신 not see us tomorrow,
why not,
yeah why not i asked eleanor,
Because we go to France,
ow cool 사랑 당신 and i wanted to 키스 her but mom said,
stop please do this in france,
mom 당신 can go now,
ok 사랑 bird i will go,
when do 당신 come back the weekend,
ok until then,
yeah mom bye,
come el we go pack,
what is this,
i have packed for 당신 so we can do something else now,
ow i want to see tv,
but louis i want you,
hihi yeah but i heard that harry is still on the tv,
louis forget tham they don´t want to see 당신 any more,
why not because i see harry every 일 and he said that he dont want too see 당신 liam zayn and niall any more,
do he say that to you,
no he once said that to a man from the news,
oke than i´m from 당신 now,
사랑 당신 louis,
사랑 당신 too,

Next Day

when we were in france i was still thinking about what eleanor said i was walking and eleanor was looking for a hotel when we can stay
when i was walking i stoped 의해 a fountain
and someone ticked me and said,
bonjour mister uis-je vous demander quelque chose,
he said can i ask 당신 something and i said yes i wanted to see him so i went with my face too his face he said,
here i have a card so 당신 can see what for things 당신 can do here and my 질문 is if 당신 can talk English he said in france,
i said yes i can,
he said ok and looked me,
so i don't know if 당신 have child,
no i not have a child
than is the 사랑 piece for you
someone else came too the buoy that talked too me and said thereis now a special 사랑 bird musical and when he wanted too walk away he said hello i said hello back and than he said,
louis is that you,
yes i'm louis,
ow liam 당신 changed i almost do not remember you,
yeah i thought is it 당신 또는 not,
but its me but what are 당신 doing in france,
just working i´m in a musical and our musical is france and when we done here we go too londen and do the same musical there,
ok and it is that than your last show,
no we also go too Germany but we don´t know yet if we will playing 또는 a german people,
are 당신 gonna talk france in the musical,
yes we had lessons,
ow so much of luck than,
we do a show france and a show English,
can i go too the English show no sorry we don´t have places any more,
and when your in londen your ganna do the same thing,
yes and we also come on tv,
liam if 당신 see harry ask him how it goes and ask his phone number,
thats good louis i will do that,
can i have yours,
of crouse here it is,
thank you,

end part 1 part 2 comes soon