"Hey! They made it to the semi-final!" 당신 shout to your best friend, Coren Haybrook, who is a model. Your brother, Liam and his band, One Direction, were on the X Factor UK and they made it to be one of the three final acts. 당신 hug your BFF. 당신 sit down at the 표, 테이블 and order a coffee and a conolli. "You are so lucky 당신 know them. They are awesome and amazaynly hot, especially Zayn," Coren says. "Niall, Louis, and Harry are cute. Zayn is funny and nice, but he isn't as cute as them," 당신 say as the waitress places your snack in front of you. "Oh come on! He's so gorgeous!" She says and she takes a sip of her coffee. "Whatever," 당신 say, rolling your eyes. "But anyways, I get to go to the semi-final and the result show," 당신 say, excitedly. "That's so cool!" Coren says, flipping her long, beautiful brunette hair over her shoulder. "I know. Backstage passes, too!" 당신 says. "No way! I hate you!" She says sarcastically. 당신 laugh and then 당신 guys start talking about colleges, being 18 and just out of high school. Once 당신 finish your snack, 당신 hug Coren good-bye and run to your car. 당신 drive 집 and finish the packing that 당신 had started earlier. 당신 get in the car with your mom and drive to the airport.