The 제목 can be misleading, but I couldn't think of another title. lol. I'm not doing an in-depth 글쓰기 of the contrasts between the 책 and movies. Not yet, at least.

I just wanted to know if I was the only one that thinks they did it a little backwards. Last I heard, they were looking to turn The Hobbit into a three-part movie series. A trilogy like The Lord of the Rings. But if you've read the books, 당신 would know that The Hobbit should have been one movie, maybe two, and that each of the LotR 책 should have been made into three movies.

The Hobbit is actually a short book and while I do like the movie (I'm looking 앞으로 to the 다음 one), I am a little disappointed that they created a plot for the sake of drama that wasn't anywhere in the actual book. Without creating their own plot, they could have still made two 영화 out of the one book. But they cut so many details out of each of the LotR 책 so they could turn each book into one movie. It just seems a little backwards to me.

I 사랑 both the 영화 and the books, though, even if the 영화 aren't that accurate in comparison to the books.