I just finished to watch once again LOTR. I think nothing will compared with this. I think that Tolkien was 더 많이 than a normal human. He put himself in this trilogy. With the character's speech, like the Aragorn's one at Mordor (which i like very very much) he tought us something, that there can be peace even between different "kinds", the importance of friendship, of the love, of the solidarity, the importance that we ALL have. Everyone can change things, from the hobbit, to the magician 또는 the elf, everyone. I think that none of all the lenguages on this dear world, not even the one with 더 많이 beautiful words, can say what i'm proving now, how much LOTR gave to me. I know, this is "just" a book 또는 a film, but even from this things, that look like nothing important, we can learn something, i think.