Another version of "You know your an LOTR 팬 when..."

Your AOL screen name is Elbereth.
당신 can pronounce Nirnaeth Arnoediad.
The opponents in your MS Hearts game are named Morgoth, Sauron and Ungoliant.
당신 have a decided opinion on the 질문 of the two Glorfindels.
당신 understand #4.
Your thesis was entitled "On the Valar and their Treament of the Noldor"
When watching The Two Towers, 당신 must fight the urge to scream, "THERE WERE NO ELVES, NEITHER FROM IMLADRIS NOR LÓRIEN, IN THE BATTLE OF THE HORNBURG!
But 당신 mourn Haldir anyway.
It's not "hello", it's "Hail and well met."
당신 know the difference between Sindarin and Quenya.
당신 use Shire reckoning.
당신 can recite the names of all the Kings (and the four Ruling Queens) of Númenor.
당신 think Ar-Pharazon was a louse.
Your twin sons are named Elladan and Elrohir.
Your baseball bat had a name, too: Narsil. And when it broke and had to be taped up, 당신 re-named it Anduril.
Finarfin is your role .
Given a map of Middle Earth, 당신 can instantly locate Rivendell, Lórien, Minas Tirith, and Edoras.
Your vacation house is on your private island, which happens to be named Tol Eressea.
당신 can trace Eldarion's line all the way back to Thingol and Melian.
When life sucks, 당신 옮기기 westward.
당신 know Gil-galad's real name.
당신 know who Nerwen is.
Spock is your 가장 좋아하는 별, 스타 Trek chaacter.
Your idea for the Big Dig is to rebuild Boston on the plan of Gondolin.
TV just isn't the same as a palantír.
당신 have learnt to blow smoke rings.
당신 have a weed patch.
당신 own a shipbuilding company named Círdan's Crafts.
당신 know you're obsessed with LotR no longer answer to your real name, but rather, 당신 prefer to be called Elerial, daughter of Bruce, of the house of Smith.
당신 talk about nothing but LOTR. All the time.
You've read LOTR 더 많이 than once, to the surprise and disgust of your peers. (Note: I think most LOTR 팬 have read LOTR several times... - Nevermore)
Your family (who don't like LOTR) know many of the lines to FOTR from walking past 당신 watching it, 또는 hearing 당신 quote it.
Your 가장 좋아하는 CD's are the LOTR soundtracks, even though 당신 don't like classical music.
Your teachers even tell 당신 당신 need to lighten up on LOTR.
When you're helping your little brother with his himework and it says "The Lord of the Rings" 당신 want to frame that paper when he gets it back.
When that homework paper says "The Hobbit" on the other side 당신 don't know which side to frame facing out and decide to rotate it every week 또는 so.
When 당신 can't find your LOTR CD (Heavan forbid) 당신 flip out and start humming one of the songs to make yourself feel better.
If someone likes LOTR they DON'T talk to you, because they don't want a 3 시간 lecture on how Tolkien, not Jackson, was the creator, and how Jackson majorly screwed some things up.
당신 have read/own 5 또는 더 많이 Tolkien 책 (counting LOTR as 1)
People are careful not to say LOTR 1, LOTR 2, and LOTR 3 around you, because you'll yell at them.
When someone says they don't like it 당신 exclaim: "What?! How can 당신 say that?!" and 헤로인 them.
When your "friend" says she's tired of hearing 당신 talk about it 당신 헤로인 her and continue talking.
When people say you're obsessed 당신 say: "And proud of it!" the way Frodo does and 헤로인 a mug down on a table.
The tiniest things remind 당신 of LOTR, like the way the mirror 당신 got for 크리스마스 that has the lights that reflect all the way back makes your eyes look like Galadriel's.
또는 the way some people have Hobbit-hair (which makes 당신 wonder if they have hairy feet)
When you're watching TV and they even show a picture of something from LOTR for a nanosecond 당신 can tell exactly where it came from, and what's going on, even if 당신 only glance up to see it and there's no sound to it.
When 당신 see that picture 당신 turn the volume WAY up and pay close attention to that comercial from then on.
When 당신 see a word that looks anything like something from LOTR 당신 read it as that word, like when 당신 see Fodor's Map of the Caribbean (?) 당신 read it as Frodo's...
당신 spend your time copying poems from the books.
당신 have a portion of your bookshelf dedicated to Tolkien, but for some reason Tolkien 책 seem to be scattered all over your bedroom, and not one is in the Tolkien Shrine.