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D.J. 드레이크, 드레이 크 is chasing Daffy up some stairs on a scaffolding; the Warner Bros. water tower can be seen in the distance.

Daffy: Don't follow me! [opens some sort of door and runs out]

D.J. ran to Daffy in an attempt to catch him, but when he ran out the door where the 오리 has gone, he accidentally fell off a building which was the set of a movie.

Drake: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

The director, seeing this, got up from his chair (or whatever it is) and commented: "That's not right! Cut!". Lucky for Drake, he landed on a huge, white airbag.

Daffy: [sitting on a camera, wearing a director's hat, and holding a megaphone] That's lunch, everybody!
Director: [walking to D.J.] That airbag cost a lot of money.
Drake: I'm okay! [helping himself out of the airbag] I'm up! 저기요 Batman, are 당신 good?
Batman: All right!

Daffy ran to the Caped Crusader's vehicle in an attempt to elude his security guard adversary.

Daffy: My chariot awaits! [jumps into the Batmobile] Yes! Bat-lights, bat-conditioning [turns on some knobs], bat-stereo. [turns some knobs, playing some hip-hop music] To the Duckcave!
Director: [to D.J.] Now what are 당신 doing?
Drake: [seeing Daffy in the Batmobille] Hey! Hey! [runs to the black-feathered duck] Stay away from that Batmobile! Come here! [snatches Daffy 의해 the neck]
Daffy: I'm allowed to steal. I'm a celebrity.
Drake: Tell it to the judge!

As he walked away, Daffy in his hand, the Batmobile drove away 의해 itself.

Daffy: Feeling pretty good about yourself?
Drake: I am.

The Batmobile was still driving away... towards the water tower, as the director and his crew watched.

Daffy: 당신 bested that dastardly duck?
Drake: I did.

The Batmobile, meanwhile, was still revving into the studio's iconic tower as some studio crew chased it.

Daffy: You're gonna offer your catch to the pretty executive?
Drake: Indeed.

Unbeknownst to the man and duck, the Batmobile finally crashed the tower destroying one of it's supporting legs. Kate Houghton and Bugs Bunny were driving 의해 in a pink-red car.

Drake: [to Kate] Miss Houghton! [still holding Daffy 의해 the neck]

However, both woman and rabbit weren't paying their attention on Drake, they were paying attention to the collapsing tower. Houghton lowered her shades to witness the incident. From her point of view, she ignored Daffy (who gave a thumbs up) and D.J. and looked up to see the tower's scaffolding bend, the pole thingy on the center-bottom snapping off, and water spilling from the roof of the tower as the humongous structure fell.

Director: Get out of the way! [runs away with his crew, taking the airbag with them]

One of the railings on the tower snapped off and it's leg snapped in half shooting water down. The tower was still falling... about to seemingly crush the car that Kate and Bugs were in. Bugs prepared for the oncoming crash, er.. splash 의해 holding up a tiny umbrella as his woman friend looked on.

Crew Man Guy: Look out! [runs away]

The tower crashed into the ground, but luckily did not flatten the car, spilling loads of water everywhere. From the wreckage, out came none other than the Warner Brothers, and their sister Dot, surfboarding on the water as it collided with the car and continued running.

Yakko: [surfing] Cowabunga!
Wakko: [surfing] Faboo!
Dot: [surfing] Aloha!
Yakko: Goodnight everybody!
Yakko and Wakko: [seeing Kate] Helloooo Wet Nurse!
Dot: Boys.

Finally, the water stopped running, leaving the car flooded with water. Kate was wet, spitting out water, though Bugs was okay, residing in a boat, fishing.

Bugs: What do 당신 know? I found Nemo!

Meanwhile, Ralph T. Guard, who had just witnessed the accidental obliteration of the water tower, then ran to D.J. and scolded him.

Ralph: Daahh... Nice try, Drake! [runs off to chase the Warners]
Yakko: Catch us if 당신 can!
Wakko: But we bet that 당신 cannot!

The End.