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mysterious 사랑

-chapter 14-

I leaned 앞으로 a little and said "Hey so are we just going to ride
around 또는 are we going to go jump
stuff,like thoughs guys on that stupied movie?"

"I 사랑 that movie."
"Me to but there still stupied."
He laughed "You are not the kind that likes adventures are you?"
"Who me of course I am." I was SO lieing.
"Hmmm then 당신 dont mined if we go awhile away from here do you?"
"Ummm away haw far away?"
"Are we just alittle scared?"
"No,sure lets go!" I tryed to sound exited
He gave me that ha ha I win look "Great!"

I had no idea of how he could change from the sad kid
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Mysterious 사랑

-chapter one-

It was my first 일 of 11th grade.My alarm clock went off I stayed in 침대 for a little while I didnt want too get up.But after a miniute 또는 two I just got up.I went too my closet and pick out some clothes really it was just what I seen first.After I dressed my self I went down stairs too see my father in the 부엌, 주방 makeing coffee.Soon he would be on his way too work, just like every day.My father is a lawyer for the town of Bartonville,Arkansas. Every body liked him thoughs who didnt did not know him very well,but he is very queit kinda like me.Him and my mother...
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She walked into the room, 컵 케이크, 컵 케익, 컵 케 익 in hand, unaware it was packed full of 뱀파이어 ready to devour her.
The 컵 케이크, 컵 케익, 컵 케 익 fell to the floor. Blood everywhere. Thirsty 뱀파이어 leaned over the girl who now lay unconscious on the floor. "Weakling," growled the leader. "But she will do."
A half 시간 later, the room was empty of all but three tiny 컵 케이크, 컵 케익, 컵 케 익 crumbs and a drop of blood on the floor. No evidence whatsoever they had been there. 또는 was there?
Halfway across the world, in a darkened cemetery, thirty 뱀파이어 crawled, the leader carrying the girl over his shoulders. She stirred awake. Blinking, she...
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that morning i was die to here what Edward had to say. But he just looked at me. He looked mad. Whats going on here."Edward whats rong now",i said. Then sat up to look him in the eyes. But thats when he moved away from me. WHATS GOING ON HERE."Edward is every thing ok...Edward...come on now im not that bad now"i said. Then he looked at me."Bella no 당신 were good but im going to want this every 일 of ever sec and i dont know if 당신 can keep up with me",he looked smuged."What? oh my god 당신 realy think i can keep up that im that week",i was mad now."if 당신 want the the real anwser...
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the is a rated m so any one who unther 18 dont read

we were at the blue room now as i was houlding edward 의해 his wasit. it hit again but 더 많이 like i was 펀치 in the gut. like the worst pian ever. I ran to the rest room throwing up my last night food. As I brushed my teeth and want to lay down when i saw edward there. On the bed. With nuthing on. My eyes wiedin when i saw him wiedin his lags opein."I was just thinking maybe if 당신 dont mind know tonight". He saw me blush and nod lightly."No i dont mind". I said walking up to the sied of the 침대 he was on."You want topsies 또는 do i get...
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Immortal Desire
Chapter 6


This mornin I was sleeping and I was awaken 의해 the phone.
At first I didn't want to answer it but I did any way mostly cus it just kept ringing and
being a Vampire I'm just 더 많이 Curious...As soon as I answered it,I wished I hadn't.

"hello?" I asked

There was a silence on the other line then a "Hello, Zain..."
I wanted to just hang up but she started talking an I just could'nt...
"Zain are 당신 there?"
"Yes, Jade I'm here."
"Zain why-" I cut her off.
"Jade, how did 당신 get this number?"

I could here her crying in the background...

"Zain,can I come see you, please?"...
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true blood.robert pattinson