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posted by DepressionLive
Silver : *Sitting On The Roof Watching Lilly*

Lilly : *Swinging* *Laughing*

Silver : .............*Looks Down*

Cosmo : *In Forest* *Looks Around* Hello? *Sees The House* *Opens Back Door* *Looks Around*

Chao : AH...AH...AHCHOOOOOOO!!! *Shoots Out From Under The 침대 And Bumps Into Cosmo*

Cosmo : *Falls Over* AH!

*They Get Up*

Chao : >_< *Opens Eyes* O_O

Cosmo : Hmm? Oh Hello...

Silver : *Hears Them* *Walks In Front Door* Who's In Here?!

Cosmo : *Waves* OVER HERE!!!

Silver : Cosmo? *Helps Her Up* What Are 당신 Doing HERE?

Cosmo : Wandering..........

Chao : *Runs Back Under Bed*

Silver : 당신 Look Exaughsted......
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Harlie : *Hears Bushes Rustle*

Wave : *Stands Up* *Spits Out Leaves* BLEACH!!!

Harlie : *Giggles* What Now?

Silver : *Appears* 저기요 Guys. What's Up?

Wave : U IS WHAT'S UP!!!!!! 또는 SHOULD I SAY DOWN?!?!?!? *Smax Him* WTF IS UR PROBLEM?!?!

Silver : OW! What?!


Silver : *Points 2 Chuck Norris* Not me...Him...

Wave : Oh Yeah? YO CHUCK!!! *Grabs Numchuk* GET UR 나귀, 엉덩이 OVER HERE!!!

Silver : *Snikers*

Harlie : HEY!!! *Points Gun @ Silver* STICK EM' Up b**ch!!! *Cuffs Him* Think b4 u sniker 다음 2 ME.......

Silver : SH*T!!!

Harlie : *Ties Him Up* *Takes Him To River* *Plops...
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posted by DepressionLive
All's Quiet In The City Of Hanli. Untill One Day.........Everything Fell Into DISASTER...

Lilly : *Fishing 의해 City Dock* *Winds Up Shoe* ? *Looks*

Shadow : *Puts Head Out From Underwater* *Spits Out Water*

Lilly : *Laughs* *Get's Shoe* Lookin' Fer THIS?

Shadow : *Rolls Eyes*

Lilly : *Giggles*

Glistle : *Barks* *Jumps On Lilly And Licks Her Face*

Lilly : *Drops Shoe* *Laughs*

*In SilverMist Forest*

Harlie : *Flying Around The Trees*

Mary-Lou : *Waitin' 의해 The River*

*Storm 구름, 클라우드 Roles Over Them*

Mary-Lou : *Looks Up* *Drops Her Paper*

Harlie : *Get's Above The Trees* Hm? What The Hell?

Silver : *Standing...
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