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 Renee' Brianna Lee
Renee' Brianna Lee
Okay, first, read over this.
3rd Role: Nicole Riley Jess
Role: A girl who's BFF can be a total JERKFACE when she wants to. She just pounced Nicole. Write me what u think Nicole would say back.
Looks like Bella Thorne!

2nd Role: Renee' Brianna Lee
Role: A girl who wants to break up with her BF, but doesn't know how 2 say it to him. Write me a 'script' of how u think they're conversation would go.
Looks like Debby Ryan!

1st Role: Tiffany Gina 레이
Role: A girl who fights with her parents A LOT.
Ur job is 2 pretend ur Tiffany, and u've had a fight w/ ur mom just a while ago, and write...
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added by SueLuvsVJ101
posted by SueLuvsVJ101
Nicole's POV
I walked down the hall, shocked, yet so happy. I wanted that to happen to Matt, but at the same time, I still loved him a little bit. I didn't understand.

Ashleigh: So...
Nicole: So...
Ashleigh: Why is this so awkward?! We do have lives apart from Matt...
Nicole: I know, its just...
Ashleigh: Its just what?
Nicole: *Sighs* I just wish things hadn't happened like that...You and I aren't bad people, WHY did this happen to us?!
Ashleigh: I know what your saying...

*Nicole's phone plays 'Shy Boy' 의해 Jordin Sparks*

Nicole: BRB.


Nicole: Hello?
Dad: Nicole?
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posted by SueLuvsVJ101
Nicole: Hi Matt!
Matt: Hi.
Officer: Put you're hands in the air and say nothing. Anything 당신 DO say WILL be held against 당신 in court.
Nicole: You're SO stupid, like, 당신 REALLY thought you'd get away with THAT?!
Matt: What are 당신 tal-
Officer: You've 게시됨 inappropriate things on these girls 페이스북 walls, and stalked them 의해 call.
Matt: Oh crap, I'm caught!
Nicole: Yup, and you'll NEVER bother US again.
Ashleigh: Bye-bye, 'baby'. *Snickers loudly*
Matt: No!
Officer: Yes. *Drags Matt out the door*
당신 ladies have a good night.
Nicole: Thanks. Bye.
Ashleigh: Yea, bye!
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Nicole: OH MY GOD. This thing has GOT to be screwed up!
Ashleigh: 당신 can say THAT again.
Nicole: Yeah, whatever.

Nicole pulled out her cell phone. She had never been so ticked off, and she was in the mood to spit on puppies. She scrolled through her contacts. When she found the number, (Under the name: Mah Baby Boy<3)She looked at the name and went, Bleh. She felt sick just thinking of it. She clicked the number, and texted to him: 저기요 baby. I was so stupid to let go of you. I am still in 사랑 with you. I'll show 당신 tonight. Come 2 mah place. <3

She giggled, he thought he'd get her, but instead, a officer. She grinned and showed Ashleigh.
Ashleigh: LOL.
Nicole: Yeah, he'll be here.
Ashleigh: Now, lets go back up to your room.
Nicole: KK!


*Door rings*

Nicole answered, and look who was on her doorstep...........

HA! 더 많이 suspense. I'm so mean 2 ya'll.
posted by SueLuvsVJ101
저기요 everyone!

WHERE WE LEFT OFF............
*Doorbell rings*
Nicole: Got it!
Ashleigh: Okay, I'll go get my phone, and your laptop.
*Nicole 답변 the door*
Officer: Good day.
Nicole: Well, it was....
Officer: Where is your computer?
Nicole: Here. *Leads officer to her laptop*
Officer: I'm going to track him, and then we'll know who it is.
Ashleigh: Okay.

The officer plugged some wires into Nicole's laptop, and clicked several buttons. He typed in a code, and hit 'Begin'.

Nicole & Ashleigh held their breaths. They grabbed each other's hands, and prayed HARD....

An address popped up on the screen.....
Nicole gasped. So did Ashleigh.


Nicole: Oh my God.....
Ashleigh: Oh....

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저기요 people! ♥☮♫♪✿☆

Nicole: *Drops her iPod touch* WHAT? YOUR KIDDING ME!
Ashleigh: No I'm not.....
Nicole: *Runs to her Macbook*
Ashleigh: What are 당신 doing?
Nicole: I'm seeing if our 'stalker' found our 페이스북 pages.
Ashleigh: Yes, lets.
Nicole: *Types in her 페이스북 로그인 info*
Ashleigh: *Looks at the screen*
Nicole: OH MY GOD.
Ashleigh: Wha- OH MY GOD.

This is what there stalker 게시됨 on Nicole's page......

Wall post 1:
Hey baby. 당신 got a pretty face. I'm gonna find you.

Wall post 2:
Your friend Ashleigh should watch out.

Wall post 3:
Where 당신 live?

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posted by SueLuvsVJ101


*Nicole is IMing Ashleigh*
Ashleigh: Hey!
Nicole: Hey! :{)
Ashleigh: Exited 4 school 2morrow?
Nicole: Oh, how 당신 crack me up.
Ashleigh: ROTF!
Nicole: :)
Ashliegh: D: I gotta peace outta here!
Nicole: :( Bye!
Ashleigh: Byeee! :)>-

THE 다음 DAY.....
*Nicole gets off the bus and sees Ashleigh*
Nicole: 저기요 Ashleigh!
Ashleigh: Oh, hey!
Nicole: So, why were 당신 all rushy and nervous on IM yesterday and the 일 before that?
Ashleigh: Well...
Nicole:Is it a secret?
Ashleigh:No, but we should ankle swear to keep it confidental.
Nicole:Yes, yes, lets.
*Nicole and Ashleigh...
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posted by SueLuvsVJ101
*Nicole is IMing Ashleigh*

Nicole: 저기요 Ash:)
Asheigh: 저기요 girl(:
Nicole: What's up?
Ashleigh: Nothing:O
Nicole: LOL! Me 2!D:
Ashleigh: *Chuckles*
Nicole: Guess what?
Ashleigh: What?
Nicole: I have a boyfriend!
Ashleigh: WHAT? I'm so happy 4 u!
Nicole: :D
Ashleigh: Who's the lucky guy?
Nicole: *Sighs dreamily* Matt<3
Ashleigh: .....
Nicole: What's wrong?
Ashleigh: I G2G, I'll call u l8ter. Bye! :)>-
Nicole: Bye! <3 u!
*Ashleigh logs off*
*Nicole sighs*
*Tiffany walks in Nicole's room*
Nicole: There's this new thing called knocking, 당신 should try it.
Tiffany: Oh be quiet!
Nicole: What do 당신 want?
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Hi!!! It's me, Susie. I wanted to tell 당신 that there are only 3 days left till' I pick so if ur gonna audition, u better hurry! Here are the auditions so far.......

Brianna: 4
Nicole: 2
Tiffany: 2

That's all so far!!! Please audition!
Oh and BTW, I wanna thank everyone who joined this spot 또는 auditioned:) I am so glad that your exited:D I am trying my best, and if u don't like it, PLEASE tell me! I will change it if u don't:P

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Hi!! It's Susie!!!

We just got 더 많이 auditions! There is now two audition for Nicole, one audition for Tiffany, and four auditions for Brianna. I am really exited, and I hope lots 더 많이 ppl audition!

Okay, now I want u 2 know that I have decided on how the eppies will be published in 기사 on this club. Yay! That's really it. Whatever. Cake!

Okay, this isn't long enough to be an 기사 yet, so I guess I can tell 당신 who's auditioned so far.

Brianna: 4
Nicole: 2

Tiffany: 2

[Last edited August 7, 2011]
posted by SueLuvsVJ101
 Be my 천사 and help me!
Be my angels and help me!
Hi everyone!

I have news. If 당신 haven't seen the latest forim topic, look. It's also about auditions.

Now, what I am about to type is VERY important if you've auditioned, 또는 are planning to. So read twice if you'd like to.

First of all, I am not really sure how I am gonna post the series. My club isn't very popular, and if I post it here, not many people will see. So, if your 읽기 this, I need 당신 to go on your 벽 and post the 주소 on it. Tell your 프렌즈 from 팬팝 about it, and put it as a link in diffrent clubs.
That way, 더 많이 people can read it.
Okay, now 초 of all, if you've...
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Carrie Underwood's song:)