Liam <333
~ Liam said if he could interview anyone it would be Usher

~ Liam sings songs 의해 the Script in the shower

~ Liam's 가장 좋아하는 boy band is N'sync

~ If he could be any celebrity, Liam would be Michael McIntrey because he "is hilarious"

~ Liam is a virgo. His birthday is on the 29th of August

~ Leona Lewis is his celebrity crush

~ Liam asked a girl out 의해 노래 Mario's "Let Me 사랑 You", she said yes but dumped him the
다음 day

~ He has had a phobia of spoons for about 10 years

~ Liam only has one kidney

~ What’s the one thing 당신 cant live without? Liam: “My Hair Product”

~ Liam, Zayn, and Niall all have size 8 feet

~ Liam describes himself as “the clumsy one”

~ Liam gave a 팬 his number once

~ Harry is a Louis fan, Zayn is a Niall fan, Niall is a Liam fan, and Liam is a Zayn fan

~ Liam named his 담홍색, 핑크 hair straighteners Aussie

~ Liam thinks dedicated 팬 are the cutest

~ Liam wants a girlfriend who will accept his flaws, as he would accept hers

~ Liam likes quiet girls, but who are cheeky too. “I hate loud girls.” Happy, smiley girls are his favorite

~ Niall, Harry, and Liam all said the youngest they would 날짜 is 14, Zayn’s would be 16, and Louis’ 17

~ Liam used to skip school to avoid being bullied 의해 his classmates

~ Liam likes shy girls

~ Liam says the cure for One Direction Infection is 키싱 Harry

~ He used to practice 키싱 on the back of his hand. Liam: “What? Everyone’s done it before!”

~ The boys don’t care what a girl looks like because her personality is 더 많이 important for them

~ Liam once said that he’s take any 팬 out on a 날짜 if she asked. But if a lot asked it would have to be a group date

~ Liam prefers brunettes with blue eyes but it really doesn’t matter, personality is 더 많이 important for him

~ For valentine’s day, Liam once bought his girlfriend roses, a box of chocolates, a huge teddy bear, one of his hoodies and a Justin Bieber CD!!

~ Liam said that when he’s sad the boys tell him to imagine a baby with a beard

~ One Direction will all live together in a mansion which is currently being built

~ Would your 날짜 get a 키스 at the end of the night? Liam: “I was hoping there would be one at the start of the night of in the cinema-that’s why I chose the back row of the cinema!”

~ Liam’s turn-ons are knee socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing and tattoos. His turn-offs are burping, farting, sweating, fake tans, and bling.

~ If Zayn annoys Liam, Liam won’t talk to him until Zayn gives him a hug

~ Best thing about being a boy? Liam: “well, it’s a mans world!”

~ Niall and Liam sad that they would choose a girls bum rather than her boobs 또는 legs

~ Louis and Liam made Harry cry twice, giving him a wedgie and straightening his hair in his sleep

~ Liam loves to cook

~ Harry and Liam are gym buddies

~ Liam used to think DTF meant “Dedicated to Fans”

~ Liam is the most romantic out of the group

~ Zayn’s 가장 좋아하는 color is blue and Liam’s is purple

~ Liam use to straighten his hair everyday since he was twelve

~ Liam is known as Daddy Direction because he is the dad of the band

~ Liam was on the reserve list for sprinting for the 2012 런던 Olympics

~ Liam doesn’t like it when girls make the first move

~ As a child Liam had to have 32 injections a 일 because his kidneys didn’t work properly

~ Fan: “We wrote down 200 reasons why we 사랑 you!” Liam: “200!? Holy Fuc-..dgecakes...Holy fudgecakes”

~ Liam asked a girl out 22 times, each time she said no. When she did say yes, she dumped him the 다음 day

~ It’s said that Liam gives the best hugs because he rubs your back as he hugs you

~ Liam has boxers with the days of the week on them

~ Liam used to describe himself as Troy from “High School Musical” because he loves 농구 and singing

~ Liam nearly got expelled for fighting kids that bullied him

~ He tried Nutella on a spoon when he was little and he vomited

~ Liam loves blue eyes and that’s the reason why he prefers Miley to Selena

~ Liam likes neck kisses

~ Liam loves anything related to Disney

~ Liam is the only one who calls Harry ‘Hazza’

~ He eats ice cream with a fork

~ How long will it take for 당신 to text 또는 call her after your first date? Liam: “If it was a lovely night, I’d text her on my way home”

~ Liam hates physics

~ Liam makes wishes at 11:11

~ Liam got sunburnt while filming the WMYB 음악 video