Full Name: Liam James Payne

Born: August 29, 1993

From: Wolverhampton, West MIdlands, England

Childhood Memory: Used to put on his dads sunglasses and sing along to his dads Oasis CD

Parents: Karen and Geoff Payne

Sibilings: Ruth and Nicola

Had to get 32 injections a 일 to stay alive

Said the most romantic thing he has done for a girl is buy his gf a Justin Bieber CD and Chocolate

If he could eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be 초콜릿 cuz it chocolatey

His celeb crush is Leona Lewis

Goes crazy whenever Leona Lewis tweets him

Once tweeted Barak Obama asking if he had bought Up All Night yet

When he was younger he got bit 의해 a snake on his ankle

Named his first pet 터틀, 거북 Lolly

Liam is 5'10"

Loves the song Happy Birthday cuz it means presents

Missed his father the most when he was on tour

Almost got expelled from school for fighting kids who bullied him

Was on the 2012 Olympic reserve list for sprinting

Eats cereal with 2 cups, 1 for 우유 1 for cereal

Once asked out a girl 22 times before she said yes, she dumped him the 다음 day

Known as the smart one of the group

Calls his eyebrows catipillers

Says he 사랑 Danielles hair cuz it reminds him of 라면 Noodles

Knows how to beat box

Biggest splurge was a BMW for his parents

Allergic to black olives

Loves anything related to Disney

Belts out the Script in the shower