I've been bisexual for quite some time now... since I was 10 years old to be exact. Generally, one would assume I was just going through a phase due to puberty and hormones, but almost 5 years have passed, and I still feel the same.
One thing I dislike about being bisexual is the possibility of being compared to the other bisexual chicks at my school...
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against other bisexuals, it's just that the bi-chicks at my school are rather... irritating. These girls are the type of people who are constantly in your face about their bisexuality, and bringing it up at 랜덤 moments... plus they're extremely defensive about it, as well.
Although, as for me, I am nothing like that. I'm not ashamed of my bisexuality, but I'm not the type of person who announces it to everyone at school... 또는 the type who flaunts it off like a Gucci purse. My sexual orientation is my own business, and I don't feel like it's important for my classmates to know.
Unfortunately for me, other people look at bisexuals as if they're all the same, and don't take the time to consider the differences between each individual.
Anyway... in reality, no one even knows about my sexuality, so I don't even need to worry about comparisons... although, one major thing I do have to worry about is coming out to my parents. Neither of my parents are exactly loving to the LGBT community, especially my mother. I'm not going to call her a notorious homophobic, but she definitely does not like homosexuals nor bisexuals. As for my father, he's a bit weary of LGBT lifestyles, but he's not the kind of man to judge.
Overall, I have a feeling my father will be fine with my bisexuality. Although, as for my mother, I have a feeling she will probably send me to a correctional camp to get what she refers to as "evil" thoughts out of my mind.
Oh, how I worry about coming out... anyone got any 조언 for me? Right now, it is much needed.