Yeah you.
Do 당신 remember me?
당신 were the head surgent that ordered the other surgents not to operate on me because 당신 found out i was transexual.I then died of a slow painful death.,
저기요 you.
Your the president who banned homosexuality.I'm the dead body hanging from a rope from a tree.
저기요 you.
Your the the one who bullied me.Who beat me up.Who verbally attacked me too.Why was the reason i commited suicide.
저기요 you.
Your the priest who preached that i'm an abomination.And now i"m on the floor suffcating because 당신 said i'm better off dead.
저기요 you.
Do 당신 remember who i once was?Now that i'm in the cold ground?
Do 당신 know what 당신 are now?
당신 are the devil.