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fanny1780 posted on Jun 06, 2008 at 05:35PM
What about listing our favorite Leyton quotes? One per post and don't repeat the same quotes please)

I'll start with:

Lucas Scott: You know I use to watch you?
Peyton Sawyer: When?
Lucas Scott: Well Freshman year, Softmore year, both summers actually.
Peyton Sawyer: Stop it!
Peyton Sawyer: [a slight pause, both Peyton and Lucas smile] What did you watch?
Lucas Scott: Your legs mostly.
Peyton Sawyer: What?
Lucas Scott: No I'm serious. You know from up close they're a little chickeny.
Peyton Sawyer: Shut up!
Lucas Scott: But from where I was hiding, they were pretty awesome.

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over a year ago alessandra_28 said…
Lucas: I thought you said you wanted to wait
Peyton: Do you remember what you said the last time we were here? You said you wanted it all, and I walked away. I made a big mistake that night 'cause all I wanted was sex.
Lucas: What do you want now?
Peyton: Now I want what you wanted. I want everything with you.
over a year ago Lila856 said…
the comet thing! its said by manface but lucas wrote it so whatever!
"The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him.
It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There were many who couldn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again... And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart."
over a year ago doyouknow said…
Remember, no matter what happens I will always love you, Love Lucas


I was now and always would be, inlove with Peyton Sawyer
over a year ago dawni3 said…
Ale the quote you posted is one of the best! I love Leyton in that episode so much!
Gosh favourite quote... there so many!
I think I'll go with...

Lucas: I lied. I cant bury what happened between us.
Peyton: Lucas, Brooke is my best friend, and shes your girlfriend.
Lucas: I know but..
Peyton: But nothing ok. Thats where we're at right now. Its not fair to her to make a big deal out of what happened. (goes to walk away) I'm sorry.
Lucas: Peyton (grabs her and kisses her)
See. It does mean something.
Peyton: It cant.
Lucas: But it does.
Peyton: Lucas you're dating Brooke
Lucas: I know, and she's great. But she's not you. Ever since you came to my room and told me how you felt about me I've been hiding with Brooke, trying not to get hurt again. I dont wanna hide anymore.
Peyton: Even if we could be together what makes you think it would work?
Lucas: Because I feel it in my heart. Dont you?
Peyton: Yes
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Lucas: I don't hate you. I remember the first time I ever saw you; all skinny arms and tangled messy hair. It was hard letting you go Peyton. It was hard losing you and it was hard seeing you again. It's still really hard.
Peyton: I know. While I'm asleep I have this dream where we're back in that hotel room in LA and you propose to me; and every single time I say yes.
Lucas: It's just a dream right?
Peyton: It's my dream.
over a year ago dawni3 said…
P: I'm really glad you came back, I missed you.
L: You think we could just stay here for the rest of the summer?
P: There was a chance of that until I took that internship.
L: Its ok I'm glad you did
P: Its gonna be a long summer.
L: Nah, it'll fly by.
P: I really do appreciate you being so supportive about all of this, but a little bit of disappointment would be good for my ego.
L: I just want you to be happy Peyton; you have so much magic in you.
P: But everythings ok?
L: I wish we had never left that hotel room in honeygrove, because you're perfect, and we're perfect, and that night was... perfect.
P: Saying that just earned you another one.
L: I gotta back to the hospital.
P: Can I come with you?
L: Just let me hold you for a couple more minutes, thats whats gonna fix me.
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Lucas: Happy looks good on you.
Peyton: Yeah? I feel like I'm living in an Air Supply song.
Lucas: Well, if we're gonna go 80s, I'm more of a Van Halen fan.
Peyton: No, it's just...everything is better now. Pinks are pinker and blues are bluer and even my favorite foods taste yummier.
Lucas: Yummier?
Peyton: Yummier. What's your favorite food?
Lucas: Chocolate chip cookies.
Peyton: I'll tell you what, they probably taste so much better.
Lucas: Well, if anyone can make a chocolate chip cookie taste better I'm sure it's you.
over a year ago Leytonfan4ever said…
I've got a few S1 quotes!

Lucas:Peyton I...
Peyton: Don't. It was stupid. Okay? You're with Brooke now.
Lucas: Yeah.
Peyton: We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything.
Lucas: It didn't?
Peyton: Of course it did.

Lucas: Wow. You're kind of hot.
Peyton: Yeah?
Lucas: So look, I know we're just hanging out, but I got you a gift.
Peyton: Dude, you shouldn't have.
Lucas: I know, but I did.
Peyton: Alright, well good. Give it to me, I love gifts.
Lucas: Well I know how you're into this whole 80's metal thing. So I got you the first test of the record. (he hand her a record)
Peyton: Oh! This is sweet. Um, I got you... a high five? Do you want it now or later?
Lucas: Now is good.
Peyton: Okay. (Gives him a high five)

Lucas: That's me inside your head.
Peyton: What?
Lucas: NOFX.
That's me inside your head it's the lyrics from
Peyton: I know the song.

Lucas: Can I ask you a question?
Peyton: It's a free country.
Lucas: Why are you a cheerleader? No offense or anything, but you're about the least cheery person I know. Come on. Let me give you a ride. I'll let you insult me.
Peyton: First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me. God, why are guys such jerks?!
Lucas: Guys or Nathan?
Peyton: Him. You.
Lucas: I don't know. We share the same father.
Peyton: Yeah, I heard that. He's kind of an ass. So that must suck, having to see him around.
Lucas: For my mom. I never knew him.
Peyton: But she told you he was your dad?
Lucas: Yeah, eventually. We used to play in junior leagues together -- me and Nathan.
Peyton: Basketball?
Lucas: Yeah, and I loved it, and I was good at it. You ever have something that you knew that you were better at than almost anybody else?
Peyton: Sex. --- Joke.
Lucas: Anyway...Guys kept teasing me about it, about how Nathans dad was my dad, too. So I asked my mom, and she said he wasn't. But I get home, and I hear her crying in her room. I knew it was true. So I never went back. I told my mom it was because I didn't want to have to see his face. But... It was mostly because... I didn't want her to have to.
[ Sighs ]
Peyton: So, why'd you just tell me all that? I mean, we don't even know each other.
Lucas: Maybe that's the point.

Peyton: So, what did you bet?
Lucas: I win, Nathan stays on the team
Peyton: why?
Lucas: Because it's the last thing he wants. And anyway, it's not about him.
(Nathan comes back)
Nathan: Peyton.
Lucas: I'll be seeing you.

[Lucas goes to catch the ball and narrowly misses hitting PEYTON with it]
Peyton: Nice hands.
Lucas: Nice legs
[Lucas runs back to the game, leaving PEYTON looking surprised]

[Lucas is at the river court trying to shoot hoops, but failing to do so]
Peyton: I guess misery really does love company.
[Lucas turns around to see PEYTON]
Lucas: What are you doing here?
Peyton: Actually I'm not here. I was never here.
[Peyton starts to walk away]
Lucas: You know, I shoot the ball and it goes in. I dont ask questions, I don't think about it. Its just the way it is.
Peyton: Or they way it was.
Lucas: yeah
Peyton: Lucas, its just a game. Who cares if the entire school, most of your friends and half the town saw you suck.
Lucas: So you've clearly come to cheer me up.
[Peyton smiles]
Lucas: Want a ride?

[Outside of Peyton's house the truck pulls to a stop]
Peyton: Look, you mind if I ask you a question?
Lucas: Shoot.
Peyton: Why'd you decide to do it? Join the team? Cause you don't exactly fit in here, do you?
Lucas: The game, I guess. I love the game.
Peyton: Right. The same reason I cheer. Its all a big game. Why not just stay on the playground? Why join the varsity?
Lucas: Because I want to know if Im good.
Peyton: Well, if you ask my opinion, we all just wasted a perfectly good evening. You, me, and everybody else in there.
Lucas: Then why do you do it? I mean, do you really like it or not?
Peyton: If I say that I liked it, then Im just another cheerleader. But if I say that I hate it, then Im either a liar or a fraud. Either way I lose.
[Peyton goes to get out]
Peyton: Do you want to come in?
Lucas: What about Nathan?
Peyton: What about him?
[Peyton gets out and LUCAS thinks about it, then gets out and follows her to the door]
Peyton: What are you doing?
Lucas: Um, you just said-
Peyton: I didn't invite you to come in. I asked if you wanted to. [Pause] Thanks for the ride.
[Peyton walks inside and shuts the door in LUCAS face]

Teacher: Early in his career, Hemingway was frustrated. He was a good writer who wanted to be great. And eventually, he discovered that less is more. [Pause] Peyton. Describe Lucas using just one word.
[Everyone looks at Peyton]
Peyton: Choke.
[Everyone laughs]
Teacher: Okay, be quiet please. Thank you. Lucas, care to respond and describe Peyton?
[Lucas looks at Peyton]
Lucas: Lonely.
[The class Oohs]

Peyton: Those are my sketches!
[Peyton walks up behind LUCAS and grabs the sketchbook]
Lucas: Um I wasn't looking.
Peyton: This is personal. Alright, I don't read your diary!
Lucas: I don't have a diary.
Peyton: No? Dear Diary, my daddy doesn't love me. P.S. Stay out of my stuff!
[Peyton storms off]

[The Body Shop, Peyton is picking up her car and Lucas is behind the counter as Peyton fills out the forms]
Peyton: No practice today?
[Lucas doesnt answer. Instead, he throws her sketchbook on the counter]
Peyton: What, are you stalking me?
Lucas: I thought someone should see them.
Peyton: Well, its none of your business.
Lucas: You know what? You're right. Its none of my business. I wouldn't know anything about it.
Peyton: I know you don't.
[Peyton starts to leave]
Lucas: Look, just tell me why you didn't submit them. Your stuff is good.
Peyton: Its not good enough.
[Lucas follows her outside]
Lucas: Look, Peyton, why not?
[Peyton turns around]
Peyton: I want to draw something that means something to someone. You know, I want to draw blind faith or a fading summer or just a moment of clarity. Its like when you go and you see a really great band live for the first time, you know, and nobody's saying it but everybody's thinking it-- "We have something to believe in again." I want to draw that feeling. But, I cant. And if I cant be great at it then I don't want to ruin it. Its too important to me.
[She starts to leave]
Lucas: Yep. Me too.
[Peyton turns around and looks at him before getting in her car and starting it]
Lucas: Hey, about your sketchbook?
Peyton: What about them? They don't mean anything to anybody, do they?
[Peyton pulls out and Lucas looks after her]

[The gym as the team runs out. Peyton's cheering nearby]
LUCAS: Peyton!
[PEYTON looks at him]
LUCAS: Your art matters. Its what got me here.
[PEYTON smiles]

[PEYTON slams LUCAS' locker shut]
PEYTON: Who do you think you are?
LUCAS: Someone you're pissed at?
PEYTON: You submitted my sketches to THUD magazine.
LUCAS: And they liked them, didn't they?
PEYTON: If I wanted your help, I would ask for it.

EXT. Basketball Court/Playground - Day
[Lucas is up on a ladder trying to scrub the words off of the backboard when Peyton drives up and gets out of her car.]
PEYTON: Hey. I heard about this. I hoped it wasn't true.
LUCAS: What do you want, Peyton?
PEYTON: I just want to tell you I'm not doing the comic strip.
LUCAS: Thats a mistake
PEYTON: Yeah, well maybe some people aren't ready to expose themselves to the world like you and your basketball.
LUCAS: Maybe you are ready, but you're just scared. (climb down ladder) Well, did you at least meet with them?
PEYTON: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the editor loved my stuff. He just wanted me to change it into something totally different. Its really not that big of a deal. Guess I just I just want to say thanks.
LUCAS: Wow. Did Peyton Sawyer just say "thank you"?
PEYTON: Look, if Nathan did this, I'm sorry.
LUCAS: Why do you stay with him, anyway?
PEYTON: Cause sometimes its good. Sometimes theres no one else. (walk to car)
LUCAS: Hey, Peyton, that editor is wrong.
[Peyton smiles and walks over to her car.]

"Crash Into You"

[THE PORCH OF THE BEACH HOUSE. LUCAS walks outside and PEYTON'S sitting on a swinging chair]
PEYTON: He really slammed you.
LUCAS: I don't care what he thinks.
PEYTON: Neither do I.
LUCAS: Oh yeah? Then why are you drinking?
[PEYTON takes another sip]

[THE PORCH. LUCAS is kneeling across from PEYTON, talking to her]
LUCAS: So I'm confused. You want to be anonymous... and you let the world watch you on a web cam.
PEYTON: The world isn't watching me... but I guess you are.
LUCAS: Okay, the point is... you want to express yourself but you don't want people to know its you.
PEYTON: I guess I'm just a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a bitch.
LUCAS: Or maybe just a tortured artist.
PEYTON: Look, I don't need you defending me and my work. I dont need you analyzing it or interpreting me either. And in fact, Im pretty sure I don't need you at all.
LUCAS: Pretty sure?

"Where I End And You Begin"

[PEYTONS in her car, waiting for the light to turn red. LUCAS runs over]
LUCAS: Why do you do this?
[LUCAS gets in]
PEYTON: If I were you, Id get back out now
LUCAS: Not until you tell me whats going on.
[The light turns red and PEYTON drives through it]
LUCAS: Come on! Slow down, Peyton! Come on! Slow the car down! Peyton? Slow the car down.
PEYTON: She was driving to school to pick me up. She was late, so she ran a red light. It was one light at the wrong split second and it ended for her.
[PEYTON stops]
PEYTON: My mom ran one red light. I run them all the time and nothing happens. Its not fair.
LUCAS: No its not.
PEYTON: You can get out now.
LUCAS: Or I can stay if you want.
PEYTON: No. You cant.
[LUCAS gets out and watches as PEYTON drives away]

[THE BRIDGE. LUCAS walks up to PEYTON, dribbling a basketball]
LUCAS: Hey. Ive been thinking about you.
PEYTON: Try a cold shower. [Pause] Sorry. You set yourself up for that one.
LUCAS: Yeah, I guess so. How you doing?
PEYTON: Lets see. Um, I broke up with my boyfriend. My moms dead. And my dads away on a job.
LUCAS: Whats your dad do?
PEYTON: Captains a drudging boat. Hes only here for those forked anniversaries but this year, he sent his sympathies in an email. [Pause] I read your article. I think it seemed like you guys are just one great, big, happy family.
LUCAS: Yeah. Its kind of ironic, huh? You know, I would gladly erase my dad if it would bring back your mom. [Pause] I wish I could change it for you.
PEYTON: Thank you. [Pause] I gotta go.
LUCAS: Hey, Peyton!
PEYTON: Dont ruin it, okay?
[She walks off and LUCAS looks after her]

"Every Night Is Another Story"

[PEYTON starts walking toward LUCAS]
PEYTON: Hey, you got a second?
HALEY: Speaking of
[HALEY leaves and PEYTON winces]
PEYTON: So last week sucked. I just wanted to say thanks.
LUCAS: Oh, you made me a mix?
PEYTON: Just trying to square my karma.
LUCAS: Uh-huh. Does this mean were dating?
PEYTON: Listen, youve got a long bus ride tonight and I had some free time. Dont read too much into it.
[PEYTON walks away and LUCAS watches]

"Life In A Glass House"

PEYTON: So, whats the deal? Are we gonna hang out at this annual Scott money burn or what?
LUCAS: Yeah, right. Like Im gonna spend the night with Nathan and Dan on my Friday off? I dont think so. Id rather stay home with "The Great Gatsby."
PEYTON: You know, I read a book last night.
LUCAS: Really?
PEYTON: Yeah, its about this girl and this guy, and theyve got this really weird vibe thing going on, but theres all this drama, cause the girls got this ex-boyfriend who turns out to be none other than the guys brother. So the whole thing comes to this great, big climax and this big party at their evil dads house.
LUCAS: Lucas: Really? Hmm. What happens in the end?
PEYTON: Youre just gonna have to show up to find out.
[Peyton walks away and Lucas sighs]

[A bunch of team members shoot some hoops as Lucas stands by and watches with a lipstick smudge on his cheek. Peyton walks up to him.]
PEYTON: Havent seen you much today.
LUCAS: Yeah, I know. Every time I get within about five feet of you-
PEYTON: Brooke happens.
LUCAS: Or Nathan.
PEYTON: Loose ends. Those are all tied up now. (notices smudge) Looks like she got you (trying to get off the smudge) [Laughing] right here.

[Peyton walks past the tree swing, and paces uncomfortably as Lucas walks up.]
LUCAS: So that was
PEYTON: (facing him) Yeah.
LUCAS: What was that exactly? A game?
PEYTON: Kind of. (crosses arms) Not really. Want to play again? [laughs]
[The two smile, walk towards each other and prepare for a kiss]

[Peyton and Lucas sit on the two-person swing, smiling at each other. Dan looks on from behind, confused.]
PEYTON: [Laughs]
LUCAS: You know, I cant believe Im gonna say this, but, um, Im glad I came.
PEYTON: So, what do we do now?
LUCAS: [Sighs] I dont know. What happens next in the story you were telling me about?
PEYTON: (thinks for a moment) Come on.
[Peyton gets up and walks away, Lucas follows. Dan looks on.]

[Lucas and Peyton come inside, kissing each other passionately. Peyton kisses his stomach as she takes off his shirt and tie.]
PEYTON: Dont need this (jacket)mm, or this. (tie)
LUCAS: Ive wanted this for so long.
PEYTON: Me too. And now we can have it.
LUCAS: No, no, no. I dont mean just that. I want this.
[Lucas puts his hand over her heart.]
LUCAS: You know? I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all. I want us, Peyton.
[Peyton backs away, leaving a confused Lucas.]
LUCAS: Hey, whats wrong?
PEYTON: This isnt supposed to be that.
LUCAS: Peyton-
PEYTON: Why couldnt you just leave it alone? (walks out)

"The Search For Something More"

LUCAS: Hey. How are you feeling?
PEYTON: Like hell. What are you doing here?
LUCAS: You dont remember last night, huh?
PEYTON: I remember Brooke took me to a party.
LUCAS: A guy slipped you something in your drink. Brooke called me to help out.
[PEYTON starts to sit up, shocked]
LUCAS: No, nothing happened! Brooke stopped him.
LUCAS: Alright, Im gonna go wake her up, okay?
PEYTON: Wait! Thanks. Again.
LUCAS: I just wanted to make sure you were okay, alright?
[LUCAS turns around]
PEYTON: Im sorry.
LUCAS: For what?
PEYTON: All sorts of things.
[LUCAS nods]

[THE SCHOOL. LUCAS is walking and he runs into PEYTON]
[PEYTON hugs him]
PEYTON: I owe you.
[PEYTON smiles, walking away. LUCAS catches BROOKES gaze. She smiles at him, then walks away with PEYTON. LUCAS watches them]

"With Arms Outstretched"

[THE SCHOOL. The hallways are crowded and students are mulling about at their lockers, as if classes havent started yet]
PEYTON: Hows your punching hand?
LUCAS: A lot better now that I nailed a guys face. How bout you? How are you feeling?
PEYTON: Like an idiot. Look, Luke, youre cool with us being just friends, right? I mean, we are- were friends, right?
LUCAS: We are.
LUCAS: And Im cool with it. And besides, I was- I wasnt ready for all that Peyton Sawyer/Girlfriend drama anyway, you know. [Pause] Hey, say hi to Brooke for me?
[PEYTON nods]
LUCAS: Alright. Talk to you later.
[LUCAS leaves PEYTON standing by his locker, looking upset]

[LUCASS HOUSE. Someone knocks on the door and LUCAS answers it]
LUCAS: Peyton?
PEYTON: I heard about Nathan.
LUCAS: Yeah, hes gonna be okay. [Pause] So whats up?
PEYTON: Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got, I got scared, but-
PEYTON: Lucas, I made a mistake. When you said you wanted to be with me, I got, I got scared, but-
LUCAS: Peyton
[PEYTON holds up a hand]
PEYTON: But, the truth is, I want all the same things that you want, I do. And I want them with you.

You Have To Go There To Come Back

[School parking lot]
(Peyton getting into her car. Lucas runs up behind her)
Lucas: Peyton
Peyton: What?
Lucas: Look, about last night, I feel really bad about what happened
Peyton: Can we not relive it, please? IId had this really weird, long day, and I justI probably wasnt making any sense.
Lucas: No, you were. But I had no idea you were coming over last night. You know and Brooke and I
Peyton: Make a really good couple. Im happy for you. Youre a good guy Luke. And shes my best friend.

The Living Years

[Peytons house]
(Door is cracked open and Lucas hears noise inside)
Lucas: Peyton? (Grabs a rake and goes inside) Peyton! (A man is standing in the kitchen; Lucas knocks on the table with the rake) Wheres Peyton?
Mr. Sawyer: Dressing for school is my guess.
Lucas: Who are you?
Mr. Sawyer: Im the guy whos about to take that rake from you and beat your scrawny ass. Im her dad. Who are you?
Lucas: Oh. Sorry. The front door was open and I thoughtIm Lucas.
(They shake hands)
Mr. Sawyer: Larry Sawyer.
(Peyton walks in)
Peyton: Hey dad do you know where my(sees Lucas) What are you doing here?
Mr. Sawyer: Oh hes trying to rake me to death.
Peyton: What?!
Lucas: I thought you werenothing crucial. Im gonna go put this back.

(Peyton drawing in school; Lucas puts the cd in front of her)
LUCAS: Thought you might want that back.
PEYTON: I already have it.
LUCAS: So do I. Tracks 8 and 11? Totally you. So what are you doing? Some sort of serrano thing for Brooke?
PEYTON: Why would I do that?
LUCAS: Well I asked you first
PEYTON: Look, dont underestimate Brooke. Shes full of surprises. Its just part of her charm.
LUCAS: She told me to listen to track 13. There are only 12 songs.
PEYTON: Honest mistake.
LUCAS: Yeah, I guess. Anyway, sorry about this morning with your dad. (both laugh) I had no idea he was there.
PEYTON: Its cause he usually isnt.
LUCAS: I thought you were happy with your setup.
PEYTON: Thats what I tell him. I make up stuff in the emails I send him about how happy I am being on my own, and how responsible Im being even when Im not. He loves his job, you know? And after my mom died, its just not fair to ask him to give that up. But I miss him when hes away.
LUCAS: You tell him that?
PEYTON: He worries. Its just better not to.
LUCAS: So listen, I dont have a lot of quiet time these days. You mind if I just sit and read while you draw?
PEYTON: As long as you dont act out the parts.
LUCAS: (laughs) Alright.
(Peyton watches him read then looks down. Luke looks up at her and smiles)

[Karens Café]
(Peyton eating with her dad)
MR. SAWYER: Theres some kind of interesting news that I need to talk to you about.
PEYTON: Why does interesting scare me?
MR. SAWYER: No, no. Listen, the companys been hired to do some flood control. They want me to supervise.
PEYTON: How long is it going to be this time?
MR. SAWYER: Well, seeing that it is in New Zealand, um, 3 maybe 4 months.
PEYTON: So, whats the upside?
MR. SAWYER: Its a lot of money, sweetie. Way more than I make now. We could be good to go for a while. Maybe even afford that art school you talk about.
PEYTON: Is this something that you want?
MR. SAWYER: I only want to do this if its right for us.
PEYTON: (Nods, trying to hide her disappointment) You should do it dad.
(Lucas enters the cafe and comes to the counter and sees Haley who looks hung over)
LUCAS: What happened to you?
HALEY: Nice to see you too
LUCAS: Yeah I missed you in sixth period.
HALEY: Yeah, I kind of skipped. You can get your jaw off the floor now.
LUCAS: Hes got you skipping school?
HALEY: Lucas, talk to me when you get your tattoo removed.
(She walks to the back)
LUCAS: alright
MR. SAWYER: Lucas!
PEYTON: What are you doing?
MR. SAWYER: Im taking care of my little girl.
PEYTON: You are such a trouble maker. Daddy stop it, come on. Dont. Stop.
MR. SAWYER: Hey, sit down, Rake Boy.
LUCAS: Hey. Im never gonna live that one down.
MR. SAWYER: Probably not.
PEYTON: Its okay, he can be way worse.
MR. SAWYER: What have you got there? (taking his books) Youre reading Faulkner in school now?
LUCAS: No, I just love his stuff.
(Brooke walking towards the café. Looks at herself in a car mirror. She notices Peyton, Mr. Sawyer and Lucas in the café laughing and looks hurt)

(Peyton comes to his locker)
PEYTON: What was that about?
LUCAS: She's mad. She saw us together last night
PEYTON: Ill talk to her. Explain to her how bored out of my skull I was listening to you and my dad talk about dead writers all night.
LUCAS: Hey! You okay? You just seemed kind of weird when your dad called me over.
PEYTON: He had just told me about this horrid job hes taken in New Zealand, so hes gonna be gone for like ever now.
LUCAS: Well did you tell him not to?
PEYTON: Its important to him.
LUCAS: Yeah but he doesnt know its important to you. Youve got to stop pretending everythings okayhe might surprise you

[Peytons house]
(Lucas is sitting at the table when Peyton walks in)
PEYTON: You waiting for me?
LUCAS: Actually Im just hanging out with your dad
PEYTON: Oh God, help me. Listen you should probably talk to Brooke, shes convinced shes not being a good enough girlfriend.
(Mr. Sawyer comes down)
MR. SAWYER: Ops, am I interrupting?
LUCAS: Actually, I was just gonna(leaves)
PEYTON: (Looking at the bag on her dads shoulder) Please tell me thats laundry.
MR. SAWYER: My rides on the way. Im headed out tonight.
PEYTON: You said you were going to be here till Wednesday.
MR. SAWYER: That was before I turned down the job.
MR. SAWYER: They managed to find me a 3 week gig instead. Then after that, Im only taking locals, so we can be a family again.
PEYTON: Daddy dont joke with me
MR. SAWYER: Its no joke, hunny. Peyton, I love what I do, but not nearly as much as I love you. Youve been alone enough, no more.
PEYTON: I love you, Daddy. (hugs him)
MR. SAWYER: You better. (horn) Just promise to keep talking to me okay? I want to know whats going on inside that pretty head.
(Lucas walks back in)
LUCAS: Mr. Sawyer, your rides here.
MR. SAWYER: Oh, I gotta go.
MR. SAWYER: Lucas, you keep an eye on this one for me alright?
LUCAS: I will.
(Peyton hugs her dad again)
PEYTON: Ill leave the light on for you.
MR. SAWYER: Oh and by the way. I like your comic strip. (He walks out the door)
(Peyton gives Lucas a look, he pretends not to know anything)

Crash Course In Polite Conversation

[Peytons Driveway]
(Peyton pulls a cover off an old red car)
LUCAS: (whistles) Damn thats nice. Is this your dads?
PEYTON: Yeah, he hasnt driven it in like a year though. Do you think you can get it to run?
BROOKE: Of course he can. And hes going to look good doing it too in a tight little wife beater, maybe some grease smudges.
(Lucas pops the hood)
PEYTON: And I was thinking maybe you could help me wash and wax it.
BROOKE: Glad to help
PEYTON: I just want to do something nice for him. Since hes coming home.
LUCAS: Alright, Ill go get my tools.

[Peytons bedroom]
PEYTON: Okay I just checked online and now theyre saying its a category 3 hurricane
LUCAS: Alright and you already checked on the web cam right?
PEYTON: Yeah its out.
BROOKE: Well maybe he turned it off.
PEYTON: Or the storm did it for him.
LUCAS: Yeah but storms knock that kind of thing out all the time right? Anyway, arent dredging boats huge?
PEYTON: He wouldnt be on the dredging boat. Right now, if theres a storm headed his way, hed be on this little tiny transport heading back to shore and thats what worries me.
LUCAS: Okay, Peyton, just stop. Dont do this to yourself, alright? Just because he hasnt checked in doesnt mean somethings happened.
PEYTON: Doesnt mean it hasnt either.

[Inside Peytons house]
LUCAS: Alright you sure you shouldnt call your Grandma?
PEYTON: No shed freak out. Id rather not upset her. Besides its not going to be my dad.
BROOKE: Of course its not
PEYTON: Lets go ahead and get this over with. We have a 4 hour drive ahead of us.
BROOKE: A 4 hour drive into a storm?
PEYTON: Well the storms passing through. By the time we get there it should be gone.
LUCAS: Okay wait a second. Shouldnt somebody stay here by the phone? I mean incase your dad calls.
BROOKE: I will. You go with Peyton.
LUCAS: You sure?
BROOKE: Yeah. Lucas youre good in crisis, not that theres going to be one. But I would probably end up falling apart and youd end up taking care of me which is not the point, so (To Peyton) I love you. (Hugs her) Its going to be okay. (To Lucas) Youre the best. (kisses him; Peyton and Lucas walk out the front door) Ill call you guys if I hear anything.

[Lucas and Peyton in the car]
LUCAS: You warm enough?
PEYTON: Im okay. I should probably get the heater fixed in here huh?
LUCAS: You know I could have Keith take a look at it for you. I mean hes really good at that stuff. You want me to stop and get some coffee?
PEYTON: Im fine. Thanks. Thanks for doing this for me, Luke.
LUCAS: Its what friends are for right?
(They get to a draw bridge that is up with police and reflection barriers on it)
PEYTON: Now what?
(They stop and get out)
LUCAS: (to a worker) Whats going on?
WORKER: Bridge is up cause of the storm. Itll be open in the morning.
PEYTON: Alright we have an emergency, we have to get across the bridge.
WORKER: Im sorry Miss but its not safe.
LUCAS: Okay, um, is there another way through?
WORKER: Only the ferries, but the channels too rough so theyre not running.
PEYTON: Well what are we supposed to do?
WORKER: Hopefully theyll be able to open the bridge in the morning. 6 a.m. Theres a motel right down the road. Might want to grab yourselves a room before theyre all gone.

[Motel room]
(Peyton and Lucas come in out of the rain)
PEYTON: Alright lets just try to get some sleep, then well be at the bridge as soon as it opens up. What did he say? 6 a.m.?
LUCAS: Well be there at 5. (Peyton does a small laugh) What?
PEYTON: Were in a hurry to find out if my dads dead. Its just kind of surreal.
LUCAS: Yeah, its pretty messed up.
PEYTON: You know how in dreams, youre always trying to get to some place you need to be but you never really get there?
LUCAS: yeah
PEYTON: I wish I could wake up.
LUCAS: Maybe we should try to get some sleep. You think you can? (Peyton nods) Okay. (notices only one bed) Ill just sleep on the floor, alright?
PEYTON: Dont be stupid
(Lucas turns off the light and they lie down)
LUCAS: Look, Peyton. I just wish there was something I could do, or say to help you through this.
PEYTON: You already have. Thanks Lucas.
LUCAS: Goodnight.
(They both just stare at the ceiling)

[Motel Room]
(Peytons playing with a bracelet)
LUCAS: What you got?
PEYTON: (Reading the engraving) To my heart, love Dad He gave it to me on my last birthday. What if its him Lucas?
LUCAS: Its not gonna be
PEYTON: Cause I dont know what Id do.
LUCAS: Its going to be okay
PEYTON: I just keep trying to picture walking into that room and seeing him lying there. But I hit a wall. Why does it seem like every time things are finally going to be okay, something terrible happens?
LUCAS: You dont know that it has. Keep him close to your heart, Peyton. Get some sleep, okay?
(Peyton turns to face the other way. Lucas keeps looking at her)

[Motel room]
(Lucas walks in with food)
PEYTON: Whats all this?
LUCAS: Oh, sorry I didnt mean to wake you.
PEYTON: I wasnt asleep
LUCAS: I hit the vending machines. Hungry? (throws her a soda) You should probably eat something.
PEYTON: After my mom died, my dad couldnt cook. So, we lived on frozen pizzas for the longest time. I could live on pizza. Hed buy these cheese pizzas, and then put his own toppings on. Pickles, bologna, pineapple, whatever.
LUCAS: Thats nasty.
PEYTON: No actually they were really good. I think he did it mostly just to make me laugh. You know it would help me forget for a little bit.
(Alarm clock goes off; 4:45)
LUCAS: You ready?
PEYTON: No. Lets go.
(they both leave.. don't take any of the food)

[Coroners Office]
(Peyton, Lucas and a doctor stand next to the body under a sheet; Peyton nods for him to lift off the sheet)
PEYTON: (looking away) Its not him. (turns into Lucas chest)

PEYTON: Oh my God, thatswait.
LUCAS: What?
PEYTON: (Feeling her wrist) My bracelet, I must have left it in the motel.
LUCAS: Alright lets go.

PEYTON: It has to be in here. (Pulls down the bed and finds it)
LUCAS: Got it? (Peyton starts crying) Hey, its okay. Everythings okay now, okay?
(They hug then look at each other. Peyton kisses him and he quickly kisses back. Lucas takes off her jacket, then his. Peyton sits on the bed and Lucas takes off her top shirt. He lays her down and kisses her stomach then takes off his shirt. He starts kissing her neck but her hair gets caught in his necklace)
PEYTON: Ow. Ow. My hair.
LUCAS: Sorry.
(Peyton unclasps his necklace)
PEYTON: There. (starts to untangle her hair)
LUCAS: Brooke
LUCAS: Brooke gave me that necklace. You know we, umwe probably should get going.

[Peyton and Lucas driving]
LUCAS: Peyton I
PEYTON: Dont. It was stupid. Okay? Youre with Brooke now.
LUCAS: Yeah.
PEYTON: We just got carried away. It didnt mean anything.
LUCAS: It didnt?
PEYTON: Of course it did.
(They look at each other then look out)

Hanging By A Moment
[School Hall]
(Peyton is walking downstairs and Lucas catches up)
LUCAS: Peyton. So, hows everything with your dad?
PEYTON: Its fine, thanks.
LUCAS: Yeah. And how about with us?
PEYTON: Moment of weakness, right? Ive been feeling guilty about it all weekend
LUCAS: Me too
PEYTON: Listen, lets just bury it and pretend it didnt happen, okay?

(Peyton walks by with a friend. Lucas comes out of the locker room and stops her)
LUCAS: Hey, Peyton.
PEYTON: Oh, hey Brooke had to take off early so she said for you to call her.
LUCAS: Okay. You got a sec?
PEYTON: Uh, yeah. Whats up?
LUCAS: I lied. Okay I cant bury what happened between us.
PEYTON: Lucas, Brooke is my best friend. And shes your girlfriend.
LUCAS: I know. But
PEYTON: But nothing. Okay? Thats where were at right now. Its not fair to her to make a big deal out of what happened. It didnt mean anything. Im sorry. (turns to leave)
LUCAS: Peyton. (Pulls her back and kisses her. Then she kisses him back) See? It does mean something.
PEYTON: It cant
LUCAS: But it does.
PEYTON: Lucas, youre dating Brooke.
LUCAS: I know. And shes great. Okay? But, shes not you. Look ever since you came to my room and you told me how you felt about me Ive been hiding with Brooke. Okay? Ive been trying not to get hurt again. I dont want to hide anymore.
PEYTON: Even if we could be together, what makes you think it would work?
LUCAS: Cause I feel it in my heart. Dont you?
PEYTON: Yes. So what are we going to do?

[Peytons house]
(Peyton answers the door)
BROOKE: Hey girly, lets do some damage. (She walks inside leaving Peyton and Lucas alone)
PEYTON: Were going to hell.
LUCAS: Peyton
PEYTON: No honestly we are horrible, rotten people.
BROOKE: (Off Screen) Come on you two, lets go!
PEYTON: Lucas, I dont want to hurt her.
LUCAS: Neither do I. Okay? But weve got to tell her. Tonight.
BROOKE: (Off Screen) Lets go!
(They look at each other then go inside)

[Another part of the library]
(Lucas and Peyton are between the bookshelves talking privately)
PEYTON: This is so wrong. Sneaking around behind Brooke.
LUCAS: Do you think thats part of it?
PEYTON: Part of what?
LUCAS: Us. You know, that this is wrong. Somehow it makes it feel deeper.
PEYTON: Lucas, Brooke and I have been best friends since elementary school. Weve always put our friendship before guys. Do you really think Id risk losing my best friend over a fling? Cause I wouldnt do that.
LUCAS: Okay. Look I dont want to hurt Brooke. And I dont want to come between the two of you. But, I have to be with you. (They start kissing and Haley is watching from behind them)

I Shall Believe

[Lucas Hospital Room]
(Peyton comes in alone)
PEYTON: Hey, its me. Can you hear me? (Holds his hand) Squeeze my hand if you can hear me, okay? Never mind. Um, I just came by to tell you that Im probably not going to be around very much. With Brooke here its just kind of weird. But Im with you Lucas, you know that. And Ill wait forever if I have to. (Karen comes in) Oh Im sorry. Nobody was here.

Suddenly Everything Has Changed

[Lucas Room]
LUCAS: I Love you too. (Peyton comes into his room) Peyton?
HALEY: Hey Im going to go elsewhere. (She leaves. Peyton rushes over and starts kissing Lucas)
PEYTON: I was so afraid you werent going to wake up.
LUCAS: What? And miss out on being with you? When you never came to the hospital, I started to worry that maybe you changed your mind.
PEYTON: No it was just all too weird with Brooke there. I started to tell her about us, the night of your accident, but then Haley called and everything changed.
LUCAS: I figured. Thats why I ended things with Brooke today.
PEYTON: You did? Did you tell her why?
LUCAS: I told her I needed to focus on getting well.
PEYTON: Maybe I should tell her the rest.
LUCAS: Sure could you just give me a few days to straighten up? Okay? Then well tell her together. Like we said. Besides, were not exactly going to be dating in the mean time, you know? (They kiss but Peytons phone rings. The I.D. says Brookes Cell She pushes end to stop it from ringing)

[Peytons room]
(Shes sitting at the computer drawing. Lucas sends her an instant message)
LUCAS: Whereve you been? Im going nuts!
PEYTON: Sorry. Got a strip due. (She goes back to drawing Brooke crying with the words He said he just wants to be friends over here. Lucas writes back)
LUCAS: You could work on it here. I love to watch you draw. (We see Lucas watching Peyton on her web cam while she types back)
PEYTON: All my stuff is here.
LUCAS: Cmon. I miss you!
PEYTON: I cant. Sorry. Gotta go. (She signs off line; Lucas is disappointed)

[Peytons room]
(Shes drawing, Lucas knocks on the door)
PEYTON: Lucas what are you
LUCAS: I wanted to see you
PEYTON: The doctor said you shouldnt be out. What are you crazy?
LUCAS: Probably. I just had to get out of there, you know? I cant get you out of my head. I wish we could just fast forward these next 6 months. This messed up thing with Brooke. So we could just be together. Whats going on Peyton? You sign off fast. YouAh
PEYTON: What? Are you okay?
LUCAS: Can I just lay down?
PEYTON: Lucas. Oh my God youre burning up. (She picks up her phone)
LUCAS: What are you doing?
PEYTON: Im calling your mom
LUCAS: Shes with Brooke.

[Hospital room]
(Peyton is pacing around Lucas bed. He starts to wake up)
PEYTON: Hey. Youre back.
LUCAS: How long was I out?
PEYTON: Just a couple of minutes. Luke what are we going to do? (Karen and Brooke come in)
KAREN: My God Lucas are you alright?
LUCAS: Yeah I think so.
PEYTON: The doctor said his fevers going down.
KAREN: Where were you?
BROOKE: Peyton.
LUCAS: I was down at the river court. I know I shouldnt have but I had to get out. I guess I over did it. I started feeling pretty bad and Peyton drove by.
PEYTON: So now that you guys are here I should probably go.
KAREN: Thank you, Peyton.
PEYTON: Sure. Ill see you guys later.

[Lucas house-Outside]
(Peyton knocks on his back door)
PEYTON: How you feeling?
LUCAS: Okay I guess. And not so okay.
PEYTON: Me too. (they both walk outside and sit on the porch) Lucas
LUCAS: Peyton
PEYTON: When I saw you lying there in the hospital right after the accident all I could think about was how my mom wasnt was luck as you. And then I remembered, after she died, it was Brooke who was there for me. We were just little kids and she would come over, every single day, to make sure I was okay. Shes been my best friend ever since.
LUCAS: Well lifes short, Peyton.
PEYTON: Too short to live it as a bad person. I cant betray her, Lucas.
LUCAS: You mean even more than we already have. (She gets up to leave) Peyton. Im sorry.
PEYTON: Me too. But its better this way, right?
LUCAS: Yeah. (she walks away, starting to cry)
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over a year ago Leytonfan4ever said…
Also here are some Lucas quotes i found on Fanbolt.

* "I have to be with you,"
* "I feel it in my heart...don't you?"
* "I can't bury what happened between us,"
* "Ever since you came to my room and you told me how you felt about me...I've been hiding with Brooke, I've been trying not to get hurt again, okay? I don't wanna hide anymore."
* "No no no, I don't mean just that. I want this you know? I want to be here, I want everything with you, I want it all. I want us , Peyton."
* "Your art matters. It's what Got me here."
* "Yeah. It’s kind of ironic, huh? You know, I would gladly erase my dad if it would bring back your mom. I wish I could change it for you."
* "I love being that guy for you."
* "It's always gonna be there isn't it? You and Me."
* "No matter what you think, Peyton. I really do care about you."
* I know. That's why I came by. I'm going to be making a few changes. And I just wanted to see you before I do. I'll be seeing you, Peyton.
* "Wow. You're kind of hot."
* "Probably. I just had to get out of there, you know? I can't get you out of my head. I wish we could just fast forward these next 6 months. This messed up thing with Brooke. So we could just be together."
* "What? And miss out on being with you?"
* "Us. You know, that this is wrong. Somehow it makes it feel deeper."
* "And she's great. Okay? But, she's not you."
* "It's been a tough year on our hearts."
* "Whatever you think, Peyton, I really do care about you."
* "Nice legs."
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Peyton you look amazing. And I can't wait until class is over so I can look into those green eyes and kiss your perfect lips
over a year ago dawni3 said…
I might get lynched for saying this, lol, but I really dislike that scene, I cringe everytime I see it!!!!
But I do adore...

P: "Your always saving me..."
L: "Somebodies got to."
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
We won't lynch you Dawn. Don't worry ;-)

LUCAS: So it’s too bad we had to be this desperate to hang out again, huh?
PEYTON: Well, we didn’t have to be, we just are. But, I’m glad you’re here, you know? I know we kinda lost each other for a while but hopefully that’s over, right? Especially considering our history.
LUCAS: It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? You and me.
over a year ago gogokef said…
Lucas :Oh my God! Peyton!I would never say that!I would never cut you out of my life!
over a year ago Lila856 said…
LMAO i totally agree w. dawn!
that was toooooo corny!
& i love gogokef`s!
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
LUCAS: Hey, Mrs. Sawyer. I just want you to know that Peyton's the best thing I have in my life. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her.
PEYTON: Likewise.
over a year ago Laurra said…

HMM ... i dont know if youve already wrote these :s


[be happy luke]

p - hey, d'ya think whiteyll let you out of practice early so we can catch a movie
l- what are you doin peyton
p- just pretending for a second that were still 17 and nothins changed ... would you believe i met a girl who lives vicariously through us?
l- sure i do, it was a geat story to be a part of, but it also took place a long time ago.
p- i know. i didnt come here to rehash the past, i was reminded today, that the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. its what keith did for karen, burying his feelings for her to be a good friend ... i love you lucas. and i think i have since the first moment we locked eyes, and it is gonna SUCK,but if it is what you want for me to let go, then im gonna do it. be happy luke, i want that with all my heart![kisses his hand]
l- [looks gutted]

[sob]* that scene brings me to tears lol! :)

hmm ... the book fight!

l- you know, you havnt been yourself lately peyton, not the peyton i remember.
p- well i havnt been that peyton for 3 years.
l- whats goin on?
p-ok. i went by my old house, and theres a teenage girl living there now, and she showed me her closet door. and you know what that said - lucas and peyton, true love always. always lucas, thats what WE were supposed to have , until you showed up in LA 3 yrs ago and ambushed me!
l- if by ambushed you mean proposed to you
p- yeah out of the blue that was driven by some insecurity that i have never been able to understand.
l - insecurity? let me tell you how you get always peyton - when a man asks you to marry him you say yes, you dont say no and call him insecure.
p- I NEVER SAID NO! i said that i loved you and that i did want to marry you someday. and oh god luke, i wanted you soo bad. but you gave up on us.
p- yes
l- by proposing i gave up on us?
p- no by not waiting you gave up on us and you know thats the truth!
l- thats great peyton, you wanna talk truth, lets tell the truth. YOU GAVE UP ON ME. thats why you didnt say yes. you didnt think i could do it. you didnt think i could get my novel published, maybe you just didnt care, cause it wasnt about you or what you wanted. (bullshit or what?)
p- well if thats the truth, if i never cared, then how come every time i see this stupid book, i buy it every stupid damn time luke! ... YOU SAID I WAS GREAT, YOU SAID I COULD BE GREAT, YOU SAID WE WERE DEINTINED TO BE TOGETHER, YOU SAID IT TO THE WORLD, YOU SAID IT TO ME, WELL I WISH YOU NEVER HAD CAUSE YOU DID NOT MEAN ANY OF IT!

over a year ago Laurra said…

L- let me ask you something, do you have like an alarm in your head that goes off every time im happy with someone else?WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? i fly to LA i asked you to marry me you said no so i moved on, why havnt you?
P- cause i should of said yes! luke i was young and i was scared. i did not realise by saying i wasnt ready it would mean we wouldnt be together ever again- ad i known that i would of said yes.
L- peyton ...
P- no luke i miss you EVERYDAY! i have told everyone here i havnt come back for you but i did, of course i did! i still love you lucas!

(luke pulls away then kisses her)

P- you still love me dont you?
L - i have to go and see Lindsey!
over a year ago Laurra said…
[dont marry her luke]

L- hi
P- If you wanted to break my heart there were a thousand ways you could of done it. you did not have to propose to lindsey to hurt me.
L- it didnt have anything to do with you.its just .. weird timing.
P- weird timing .. okay.
L- i know that it must seem like ...
P- NO dont marry her luke, am i crazy. do you not feel what i have felt everyday we have been apart for the past 3 years. cause i have felt theres this vital piece of me missing.and i tried to fill it luke i tried, with work and friends and music. and it stayed empty till last night when you kissed me.my entire universe snapped back into focus. lucas look me in the eye and tell me taht kiss did not feel exaclty the way it felt 3 years ago.
L- im inlove with her peyton.
over a year ago Laurra said…
last couple before i go to bed
[hes not good enough for you]

L- hey, ready to go?
P-Um, i think im gonna stay :) soo, good night.
L- hes not good enough for you!

P-hey dont do that!
L- do what?
P- hes not good enough for you! i dont want you saying things like that to me lucas. its not fair to me and its not fair to lindsey either.
over a year ago dawni3 said…
Lucas: Hey Peyton... you look nice.

Freaking love it, seeing as how B asked him not to talk to P - and he couldnt do it!
over a year ago Laurra said…
last one

[your art matters s5(didnt know if s1 was already done?]

L- so i talked to my mom, and we decided we wanted you to have it, under one condition, it becomes office space for your new label and i already talked to brooke so i dont think you have any more excuses!
P-you know 4 years ago i would of jumped at this
L- but what, it doesnt seem so cut and dry anymore? cause its not! i wrote a novel and i cant write a second one! mouths boss aparently hates him, nathan missed his dream by a breath. its life. so you couldnt change the world from LA, change it here!i know you can do it and so do you.
P- i was there luke.at your book signing in LA
p- i was there lucas, and i was soo proud of you, but we hadnt talked in a long time and i saw you with lindsey. i figured you were together which clearly you are and i like her, i do. but do you remember when you first joined the ravens and you took all my sketches over to thud without asking. and do you remember what you said that night you entered the gym for the first time?
L- your art matters its what got me here!
P- yeah, is like you touched my soul. well a few days ago i was ready to quit again, but you saved me with the words you wrote about me in your novel. well if your struggling to write a next one, you should know - YOUR ART MATTERS LUCAS...... ITS WHAT GOT ME HERE! :)<3
over a year ago Laurra said…
ermm cba goin bed yet cause i wanna write out lukes 1st book - when it mentions it when peyt is talkin to brooke and brookes comforting her! :)

'suddenly, it was as if the roar if the crowd, the echo of the final buzzer, the cheers of my team mates were all sounding from a thousand miles away, what remained in that bizarre muffled silence was only peyton. the girl whose art,passion and beauty had changed my life, in that moment my triumph was not the state championship but a simple clarity. the realization that we had always been meant for each other, and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth - I WAS NOW & ALWAYS WILL BE INLOVE WITH PEYTON SAWYER <3(:
over a year ago Leytonfan4ever said…
Ahaha oh i didn't type that, i found it and pasted it, lol!
over a year ago leyton_love said…
LUCAS: It's you.
LUCAS: When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It's you. It's you, Peyton


fave leyton moment ever :):
over a year ago leyton_love said…
LUCAS: This is good, isn't it? Us.
PEYTON: It's perfect.
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
PEYTON (to Lucas): You're always saving me. Please let me find a way to save you.
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
LUCAS: That was pretty awesome.
PEYTON: I know.
LUCAS: Kind of like your smile. Happy looks good on you.
PEYTON: Yeah? I feel like I'm living in an Air Supply song.
LUCAS: Well, you know, if we're gonna go '80s, I'm more of a Van Halen fan.
PEYTON: No, it's just, everything's better now, you know, pinks are pinker and blues are bluer, and even my favourite foods taste yummier.
LUCAS: Yummier?
PEYTON: Yummier.

over a year ago dawni3 said…
I heart this scene!
What other ones...

Just watched S2 finale...
Lucas: Looks like its just you and me this summer.
*hug with so much meaning behind it*
seriously, people, check it out and see Luke closes his eyes and everything!
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Ah Dawn I finished season 2 the other and I soooooooooo like this scene... So much love! It's obvious he loves her: they way he hugs her, talks to her, looks at her.....

Lucas: Don’t live you life alone. Let us in.

I like this one because by "us" he means "me" ;-)
over a year ago dawni3 said…
Isnt that in S3 where there at the Sparkle Classic tournament? I love it!
And, "I love being that guy for you."
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Yes it's in that episode. You really good Dawn :-).
I looooooooooooove your quote...

LUCAS: Bout time! Well, I knew you couldn’t go an entire summer without doing something in here.
PEYTON: Whatever! You don’t know me.
LUCAS: Oh, I think I do.
over a year ago Kirsty said…
I was just watching 1.14 I Shall Believe and when Peyton said "I'll wait forever if I have to." I got the BIGGEST rush of Leyton love ever! SO meant to be.
over a year ago gogokef said…
Kirsty <33 this quote too!

and "It's just a dream right?" "IT'S MY DREAM" just <3333333333333333
over a year ago chellyp86 said…
Some of my favorite Leyton scenes are...
They look at each other confused..he can smell her breath)
L:"Are you drunk?"
P:"Are you wearing eyeshadow?"
L:"Working through the pain?"
P:"Kinda? Everything is going to be alright right?"
L:"Yeah, yeah it is." He looks at her lovingly.
The next morning she turns over and throws her arm over Lucas stomach while he reading a newspaper and she looks at him.
P:"Oh God, how drunk was I last night?"
L:"Drunk enough to puke six times"
P:"LEt me guess Rachel?"
L:"Yeah, Rachel's probably not the best person to use the buddy system with"
P:"I feel like you are always saving me and like there is a gaint elephant standing on my head"
L:"Yeah well i cant rescue you from the routine you have to do in three hours. I will wake you up in a half hour" (she pulls the covers over her head)

I love that scene because he has seen her at her worst and best and still manages to save her along the way:):) LEYTON<3333
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Peyton: Okay. Open your eyes.
Lucas: This is the room where...
Peyton: You proposed to me. Four years ago.
Peyton: You said it should be like a dream. So. I have this dream. Where we're back in this hotel room. And you propose to me. And every single time I say yes.
Lucas: It's just a dream, right?
Peyton: But it's my dream.

Lucas: I know I made the right choice.

Peyton: "Peyton, I love you, let's go get married, Lucas". Can a text message change your life?
Lucas: God, I hope so.

Lucas: Look at you. You fly all night and you still look amazing.
Peyton: Oh God, no I don’t.
Lucas: Yeah, you do. You tired?
Peyton: No, I’ve never felt more awake.
Lucas: Me neither.
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Lucas: We just spent the last couple of days together happier than either one of us can remember

Peyton: Well, here’s the good news if you have to sleep on the floor, I’ll sleep with you.
Lucas: For the rest of your life?
Peyton: Definitely.
over a year ago tvfan5 said…
over a year ago fanny1780 said…
Lucas: Peyton, its not the end only the beginning.

Lucas:My best friend said to pick a team.
over a year ago Laurencia7 said…
I love em all, but esp the one in the car waiting for Brooke, they are just so fun.
over a year ago yourartmatters said…
"If i say, i love u right now, will u hold it against me cause i've lost a lot of blood."

Peyton thought she was gonna die and wanted to tell lucas the truth before she did.

Anyone who thought leyton was over realised the moment lucas ran into that school that it was only just beginning! xxxxxxxx
over a year ago mitsaki said…
Lucas: What's wrong Peyton?
Peyton: I wanna kiss you Luke, I do. I just don't wanna lose you.
Lucas: Hey...what makes you think you're gonna lose me?
Peyton: Only the fact that I lose everyone I care about. Anytime I open up to someone they walk out of my life or they die or they move away or they get shipped off to Iraq or they turn into freakin' Norman Bates or - (Lucas cuts her off by kissing her)
Lucas: Not everyone!
Peyton: Luke, the last time we kissed you had a heart attack.
Lucas: And I didn't die. I couldn't die. Do you know why? Because I had to come back and look into those green eyes of yours and tell you I love you. I do! I love you Peyton. You didn't push me away. I came back for you. And no matter how long it takes, I'll wait for you

Lucas: Hey blondie. (Kisses Peyton)
Lucas: It's gonna be a good day.
Peyton: It really is, isn't it? (Peyton smiles, and kisses Lucas)

(Peyton and Lucas at the cementery at Peyton's mom's grave)
Peyton: Hi mom, it's me. This is Lucas, the boy I've been telling you about. Look what he's done, he's got me smiling. Can you believe it?
Lucas: Hey Mrs Sawyer. I just want you to know that Peyton is the best thing I have in my life. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for her.
Peyton: Likewise.

(In a bedroom at Nathan's house)
Lucas: I thought you said you wanted to wait.
Peytono you remember what you said the last time we were here? You said you wanted it all and... I walked away. I made a big mistake that night because all I wanted was sex.
Lucas: What do you want now?
Peyton: Now I want what you want. I want everything with you.
(They kiss)

Peyton: Your mom is gonna come in any second.
Lucas: She's working at the cafe, nobody's gonna walk in.
(Brooke walks in on Lucas and Peyton kissing on Lucas' bed)
Brooke: Okay, my discomfort meter is pretty much pegged. *I loved this one* haha

(Lucas and Peyton: The Night After Prom)
Lucas: You seem sad.
Peyton: No, I'm not... It's just, I really love you Lucas and it's a big deal.
Lucas: I love you, too, Peyton, I promise.

Peyton (after Lucas kisses her): Excuse me I have a boyfriend.
Lucas: Really? Where is he?
Peyton: Good question I’ve been wondering that myself for two days.
Lucas: Yeah, I guess I deserve that.
Peyton: Makes a girl feel cheap. Give it up in Honeygrove and then poof vanishing boyfriend.
Lucas: Poof?
Peyton: Poof!

Lucas: I wish we never left that hotel room in honeygrove, 'cause you're perfect, and we're perfect, and that night was perfect.
(They smile)
Peyton: Well saying that just earned you another one.
(They kiss)
Lucas: I have to get back to the hospital.
Peyton: Can I come with you?
Lucas: Sure, Just let me hold you for a few more minutes. (Lucas holds Peyton) That's what's gonna fix me.

over a year ago mitsaki said…
1. Lucas: "It's always gonna be there, isn't it? Me and you?"

2. Peyton: "When you fixed my car, you fixed my heart."

3. Lucas: "When all my dreams come true, the one I want standing next to me - it's you. It's you, Peyton."

4. Peyton: "I have this dream where we're back in the hotel, and you propose to me. And every time I say 'yes.'"

5. Lucas: "I was now, I would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer."

6. Peyton: "You're always saving me."

7. Lucas: "He saw the comet, and his life had meaning."

8. Peyton: "The truth is, I want all the same things that you want. I do. And I want them with you."

9. Lucas: "You're art matters. It's what got me here."

10. Peyton: "If I say 'I love you' right now, will you hold it against me?"

11. Lucas: "That's me inside your head."

12. Peyton: "I am so glad you always knew me."

13. Lucas: "I couldn't die, and do you know why? Because I had to come back and look into those green eyes and tell you I love you. I do. I love you, Peyton"

14. Peyton: "I am really glad we waited. Last year would have just been sex, and now I am so in love with you."

15. Lucas: "I came back for you. No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you."

16. Peyton: "I really love you, and it's a big deal."

17. Lucas: "No matter what happens to either one of us, you will always be in my heart."

18. Peyton: "Pretty please, with me on top?"

19. Lucas: "Let me hold you for a couple minutes. That is what's going to heal me."

20. Peyton: "People always leave, but sometimes they come back."

21. Lucas: "You are destined for greatness, Peyton.

20. Peyton: "At this moment there are 6470818671 people in the world - 6 billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one."

22. Lucas: "I'll be seeing you."

23. Peyton: "Look what he's done. He's got me smiling."

24. Lucas: "Peyton, I would never say that! I would never cut you out of my life!"

25. Both: "I love you, Lucas. I am in love with you." "Oh."

26. Both: "Nice hands." "Nice legs."

27. Both: "This is good, isn't it? Us?" "It's perfect."

28. Both: "You're perfect, and we're perfect, and that night was perfect." "Well, saying that just earned you another one!"

29. Both: "It's just a dream, right?" "It's my dream."

30. Both: "I was afraid you weren't going to wake up." "What? And miss out on being with you?"
over a year ago didar said…
Lucas : Peyton Scott
Peyton : Oh God.. I love how the way that sounds..
over a year ago darkxdreams said…
Lucas (sounding a bit wary): You haven't been yourself lately, Peyton. I mean, not the Peyton I remember.
Peyton: Well I haven't been that Peyton for three years. Lucas and Peyton, true love always. Always Lucas, that's what we were suppose to have!
over a year ago brenmyself said…
I'm not sure i should call yo my fiance anymore.Im thinking i should call you my baby's daddy.
brenmyself commented…
Peyton: 저기요 baby daddy's 집 over a year ago
over a year ago brenmyself said…
Lucas: i know this sounds crazy,
Peyton: you're a mess lucas scott but your my mess
Peyton: Oh no theirs a mirror on the ceiling, its soo romantic
Lucas: You tired
Peyton: No i never felt more awake.(peyton hey come here) (leyton smoochies) Peyton: i can live off of that and i miss that and i think your ass is going to look great in that mirror.
Lucas: i love you
Lucas: you didnt let me ask you
Peyton: yes baby yes, (leyton kisses)
Lucas: so when you like to get married peyton sawyer
Peyton: oh i love that question um i dont know, why dont we find a place we both think and then we can pick a date
Lucas: and how do feel about living in sin moving in with me
Peyton: well consider the last 48 hrs im sure we already have been ling in sin, umm yeah i love too.
Peyton: lucas scott you gotta problem with me
Lucas: absolutely
Peyton: he's with lindsey now
Lucas: lucas watching peyton as chase kisses her and quickly turn his head when peyton turn to catch him watching her
Lucas:be careful its kind of nasty out there im not ready to loose you,you knuckle head
Peyton: your the knuckle head. o.k. get back to work moma needs some money
Lucas: peyton dont never leave me
Peyton: o.k.
Peyton: i heard from the church we have a date. i marked it on the calendar
Lucas: wow that was quick
Peyton: the icecream is for me,because pregnant im craving and if im not happy aint nobody's happy
Lucas: got it !
Peyton: at the wedding as nathan said that know one understood his love for haley . leyton eyes locked a few seconds. you could see the ora thing happening with them. that was so heart felt the chemistry was their and they were definitley longing for each other. l i love me some leyton , i have one tree hill saved on my t.v. account .the show is soo dam good im addicted too the show, i wish they would do a reunion with chad and hillarie. and the rest of the crew. Hey chad Murray and Hillaie Burton your fans miss you. i would love to see peyton and lucas grown daughter sawyer and and lucas sister and nate and hales grown son jamie and their daughter lydia and brooke and julian grown twin sons and mouth and milli family ect, yall i believe in hunches in 2016 im predicting a one tree hill reunion will happen and the rating will be hot and jumping off the chain sometimes hunches comes true too.