Leyton Family<3 Some of my new likes and current obsessions; your 가장 좋아하는 is?

Pick one:
Show: The Vampire Diaries
Song: Hinder - Lips of an 앤젤
New Couple That I Like: Stefan & Rebekah
New Couple That I Like #2: Wade and Zoey
Couple That Makes Me Go ABSHABDAY: 성 & Beckett
Couple That Makes Me Have A 심장 attack: Delena
Female Actress: Rachel Bilson
New Show That I Like: The Secret 원, 동그라미
Thing I 사랑 Doing: SLEEPING
Character That I Didn't Use To LIke, But I Do Now: Stefan Salvatore
Opinion For Meeee
 123Naki456 posted over a year ago
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