Leyton Family<3 Songs that always make me emotional/cry - which gets to 당신 the most?

Pick one:
My 심장 Will Go On || Celine Dion
Ohio Is For 연인들 || Hawthorne Heights
Lips Of An 앤젤 || Hinder
Far Away || 니켈백
Goodbye My Lover || James Blunt
What Hurts The Most || Rascal Flatts
I Shall Believe || Sheryl 까마귀
My Immortal || Evanessence
Call Me When You're Sober || Evanessence
The Little Girl || John Michael Montgomery
All That I've Got || The Used
Hear 당신 Me || Jimmy Eat World
Arms Of An 앤젤 || Sarah McLachlan
당신 Found Me || The Fray
Whiskey Lullaby || Brad 페이 즐, 페이즐리, 페이 즐 리
For Blue Skies || Strays Don't Sleep
Dreaming Of 당신 || Selena/Jennifer Lopez
꽃 For A Ghost || Thriving Ivory
Skinny 사랑 || Birdy
Just A Dream || Carrie Underwood
 xoheartinohioxo posted over a year ago
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