Leyton Family<3 {Female personality countdown ; Round 10} Fatemeh ; pick the female character who 당신 think is LEAST like her personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Josette Laughlin
Bonnie Bennet
Gretchen 모건
캐트니스 에버딘
캐서린 피어스
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Rebekah Mikaelson
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 XxXrachellXxX posted over a year ago
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XxXrachellXxX picked Bonnie Bennet:
Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries
- Katherine is a survivor. She is sassy and self-confident, and always knows what she wants and is sure to do anything to get it. She can get a bit aggressive and possessive in certain situations, but she is very caring and emotional towards the people that she loves. She's independent and strong, and doesn't let anyone else define who she is.

Gretchen Morgan - Prison Break
- She is ruthless and impatient, performing swift executions without hesitation if there is any obstacles in her plans. But she has a soft side for the people she really cares about. She can withstand torture and is amazing at martial arts.

Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games
- Katniss is someone who appears to be very cold at first. Fair enough, she is quite emotionless at most times, but she has passion in her, which she shows in tough situations as well as when she is angered. She is very protective of the people she loves, and she is a great hunter and survivor. She has so much bravery in her and she is always eager to stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences.

Josette Laughlin - the Vampire Diaries
She's a witch.she works as a doctor.she's caring,strong and noble.she doesn't give up and isn't afraid to fight.she's also very protective and intelligent.

Rebekah Mikaelson - The Vampire Diaries
- Rebekah appears to be a very confident, charming young woman, but as you get to know her more, you see that she has very many insecurities and is afraid to show who she is around other people. Most of this is due to how her family is, especially towards her. She is very strong and has been through a great deal in life. She can get very vengeful, but she is also sassy and witty, and overall a very charming person when she wants to be.

Bonnie Bennett - The Vampire Diaries
- Bonnie is a very helpful, kind-hearted character. She is always willing to do anything for the people she loves, even if it includes getting hurt in the process herself. She is a witch and is a very powerful one, too. She is a loving, kind friend. She also has a badass side that she shows against her enemies. She can take care of herself and the people that she loves.

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posted over a year ago.
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Nicolas97 picked 캐트니스 에버딘:
Cannot pick TVD or PB ladies!!!
posted over a year ago.
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XNaley_JamesX picked Josette Laughlin:
^ the fandom isn't important. It's about the personality :P
posted over a year ago.
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Kirkir picked Gretchen 모건:
posted over a year ago.
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Nicolas97 picked 캐트니스 에버딘:
@Celine, it's not about the fandom I was just tired of saying Katherine, Rebekah, Bonnie, Gretchen, Josette... Ok now?
posted over a year ago.
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Elbelle23 picked 캐트니스 에버딘:
posted over a year ago.
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tvdlover picked Bonnie Bennet:
I'm not sure.... this hurts so bad.
posted over a year ago.
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Sakkara98 picked Josette Laughlin:
I can't choose ! They're all you so much !
posted over a year ago.