HER 퀸 <3
HELLO! Okay, so obviously what I'm doing here is nothing compared to what everyone else is giving you, and that's fine because as long as 당신 have everything 당신 want, it does not matter who it comes from <3 BUT I really wanted to write 당신 at least something, so here we are :)

I wrote up 10 things I would loovveee to do with 당신 if - and when - we ever met <3

Make 음식 for you
I HATE IT WHEN 당신 TELL ME YOU'RE HUNGRY!! I feel so guilty every time and I want to just so badly to make 당신 something because 당신 deserve good 음식 all the time ;P So yes, when we meet, the first thing I am gonna do is make 당신 burritos and cheesecake <33

Write with you
Honestly I just adore 글쓰기 with 당신 so much, it's the best fun EVER, but I think it'd be really awesome to do it face-to-face, too!! Perhaps a bit of a chaos considering that 당신 are who 당신 are (I 사랑 YOU), but we'd make it work ;D

Watch Game of Thrones with you
BECAUSE 당신 ARE ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO I COULD DO THIS WITH. 당신 like the show but you're not like in 사랑 like I am, so I know that I could watch it with 당신 without feeling possessive because 당신 know it's my fave, and your faves are completely different and all that --- and long story short, I would feel 안전한, 안전 to watch it with you, and I can't say that about a lot of people :) Also you'd tolerate my Robb-fangirling, which would be happening constantly, all the time <33

My Isabel ;)

Make the White Princess with you
All we gotta do is get the cast together (Amber and Atie will kidnap them) and just change the stupid ending of the book and BOOM, we can get started! Celine said she'd fund the show, so what are we waiting for??

Watch whatever 당신 want to watch with 당신 (let's be real, most likely OTH)
I just 사랑 당신 and seeing 당신 fangirl is one of my 가장 좋아하는 things in the entire world, so I would just 사랑 to do it with 당신 live and to see how happy 당신 are about it, it would be amazing! :D I need to see 당신 get happy about your OTP and 퀸 ;)

Go and get bug with us <3
OBVIOUSLY we need my other daughter with us too, 또는 this would be a no-fun vacation at all! Or, well, it would be fun, but we need our bugsy too. AND TOGETHER WE WOULD HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER <333

Go to an amusement park
I just feel like it'd be the best fun, and I can totally imagine Mooshie in her element there, high on sugar, going from one ride to another. And I would probably be lying on the ground, dead ;P BUT FUN!!!

Meet Hilarie Burton
If anyone deserves to meet their queen, it is this girl right here! And I would absolutely 사랑 it to be there to see that amazing moment happen! When Mooshie finally meets her idol, and when her idol realizes what an epic 팬 she has <333 And maybe after that we could go see Richard??


Watch Mooshie's 터틀, 거북 eat
BECAUSE YES, SHE MIGHT BE GETTING ONE!!! And what better than to sit for hours and watch that tiny creature try to eat food?? I don't know, I can think of a few things, but Mooshie can't ;P And besides, they're cute, SO LET'S!!

Just hang out and chat for hours
WE COULD TOTALLY DO THIS BECAUSE WE DO THIS ALL THE TIME!!! I can't imagine anything better than just spending hours talking to 당신 about anything and everything!! :D

Long story short, when we meet, it's going to be the most amazing thing ever ;) 당신 are one of the most amazing, fun, selfless, kind, caring people I've ever met and I'm honestly thankful every single 일 to be your friend. I 사랑 당신 SO MUCH, MY POTATO DAUGHTER <3333 NEVER, EVER CHANGE!!!! *hugs super tight*