The Hilarie/Peyton and Pretty Little Liars queen!!!!

Kir: Mooshy Moo! Ahh where to start? I have known 당신 for such a long time now and even when I left the LPF for a while we still remained in touch and I 사랑 당신 for that. 당신 have such a great personality, never change for anyone! You're always there for everyone and you're like the glue that keeps the family together <3
Holly: 8) Rana- My sestra!!! I've known Rana for years, and i feel like we just grow closer and closer every day. I trust her with everything - she knows all my shit, good and bad, and i can't imagine my life without her in it <3 I can't even tell 당신 all the reasons i 사랑 her because they would greatly exceed the 3-5 sentence rule :P but Rana is the best, and if 당신 don't think so i will fight you! :D
Ade: I would say Moosh (sorry not sorry that's how I 사랑 naming you) is my underrated-tv show buffy for life. Moosh is the member I could talk the whole night long because of how passionate we both can be about our fandoms. She is always starting new shows I do watch and I always have a blast sharing with her. I consider her as the 퀸 of the spot 의해 far because she looks like our mama ha ha <3 and she is always trying to organise events for us to be closer. I also 사랑 that she is independent and knows what she wants.
Bee: One of the first people I met on the spot. She was so welcoming and open minded and I was so grateful for that, because I was so scared meeting everyone for the first time! (I was only 11!) She's always there for me and I'd like to think I'm always there for her. 당신 are a wonderful person. Never change my Nikita<3
Inés: Mooshie and I have been closer these last weeks, thanks to Happening ! She always make me laugh and smile, but she's also full of great advice, and that's amazing <3 And I would have never met all these amazing people without the LPF, so thank 당신 Mooshie <3
Nerea: She appears to be also a very nice and sweet. Besides, I appreciate so much her help to do this, without it I would have been lost. One of the things about her that amazed me the most was all the work that she does in the LPF to do it as wonderful as it is.
Atie: MY OLDER SISTER!! She's always be the most special person to me.She's the best person ever.She's my sassy,random,funny,bad 나귀, 엉덩이 sister who is always there to cheer me up and protect me and fangirl with me about everything.She has helped me through a lot even if she doesn't know it.and I'm so greatful to have her in my life.We're like two peas in a pod.We're so alike and I 사랑 that.She's such an inspiration to me.I 사랑 HER SO MUCH!!!
Jess: She is amazing and flawless, seriously the only flaw she has is that she doesn't like ANY shipping 또는 character that I like :/ I wish 당신 would ship 브루카스 또는 at least brathan so we could fangirl together, I bet that would be so much fun! She's the Peyton to my Brooke and I 사랑 사랑 사랑 her <3 I remember so many of our 시간 long talks with Dani back in the days and it was always so much fun and also so good for our souls because we were so nice to each other <3 I do not know 1 person who doesn't 사랑 her and I know that I never will because she's inspiring and so much fun :)
Elle: LITTLE SIS!!! My main girl from the very start!!!! I 사랑 how from the moment I got back our friendship picked up right from where it left off. We have already created many friendships that represent us, and we have fangirled over everything we used to. I 사랑 how enthuastic 당신 are about this family, and to me 당신 are the 심장 and soul of the LPF. I MISSED 당신 and I know our friendship will always remain <3
Maria: Big sis forever<3 ,really I feel like she's my actual sister. I 사랑 this girl so much<3 and I can talk to her about everything and fangirl with her like crazy. The rock of the family ,just a really awesome and epic person<3. 사랑 you<3
Nic: Probably the coolest human being you'll ever meet. Our 퀸 (I admit it I'll always wanna steal your throne, I'm J and you're B hahaha #not) and the funniest member of the LPF (after me obvs). When I think of the term "sister" I automatically think of my Mooshie, I adore teasing her, calling her a 암캐, 암 캐 but also I can easily open up to her because she's so stupid that whatever dark secret I tell her I'll still be 냉각기 that her <3 To the moon and back <3333
Fatemeh: Emily to my Hanna <3 HORRIBLE TEXTER. :P Okay kidding… no but seriously sometimes 당신 take 10 hours to text back. Anyways 당신 were the one that told me all about LPF. I’m glad 당신 did because if I wasn’t for 당신 I wouldn’t have met any of 당신 guys. I 사랑 how you’re always there for me and always listen to anything I say. Even if is all bunch of crap. I 사랑 our 랜덤 text messages and talks. Seriously you’re so amazing and I’m so glad to have 당신 in my life. I 사랑 당신 loads.
Amber: Oh goodness. What do I even say about this crazy person? Moosh is my fangirling buddy, and my oldest friend here. Our shipping and character tastes are almost freakishly similar. Our rants are legendary, we still rec (mostly Nathan/Peyton) fics to each other, and we try to cause each other pain 의해 linking each other to the angstiest 비디오 we can find. :P And of course we made one of the most epic spots ever, our baby spot!! 사랑 당신 <333
Aline: You’re the core of this family. You’ve been there from the beginning and you’re always there for family events, pick ideas, contest etc. And you’re also one of the most welcoming people I know and 당신 get along with everyone - of course 당신 do- because you’re an awesome friend: you’re funny, caring, kind and a bit crazy - aren’t we all here though? :p. So yeah stay epic ;)
Rach: Oh, God, my crazy daughter, Rana. We've always been close. But lately we've grown even closer and I could not be happier 또는 더 많이 grateful for it. 당신 are such an amazing, strong, beautiful person inside and out, who I tell everything to, and I seriously can't even imagine life
without you. 당신 are such a valuable, important friend to me and I 사랑 당신 so much even when you're being a very weird, crazy daughter to me <333
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