Ade & Stiles <333
It's short and it sucks, but I tried. Art is not mine.


Ade and Stiles had always been childhood sweethearts from the moment their parents had brought them together for a play 날짜 at age 5. They became best 프렌즈 in 더 많이 ways than one. There was a bond, a trust, a mutual 사랑 between them, but there were also these unspoken feelings that rose to the surface the first time when they were 14. A boy in their class had asked Ade to watch a movie with him and some of their other friends, and that had made Stiles jealous, even though he didn't quite recognize the feeling at that age yet.
Of course nothing came out of Ade and the boy, so Stiles could rest easy for a few years. But when they started high school, things became even 더 많이 difficult for him. Ade was smart, beautiful and funny, so of course the guys noticed her. The first time one of them asked her out, Ade turned to Stiles, asking him what he thought. What Stiles didn't know was that Ade wanted him to tell her not to go. The feelings Stiles had been feeling for years had become very much mutual, but Stiles being who he was, he didn't understand that. So he told her to go. And so she did.
For the 다음 few years the two drifted apart. They didn't know how to be around each other due to all of the unexplored feelings, and they realized that they could never go back to the friendship they once had.
After high school they saw each other even less. They both went off to college, but to different states and eventually different lives.
Until one day, when they were both 25, they ran into each other in New York. Ade was just walking back from an interview, and Stiles had just bought himself a place in the city.
"Stiles!" Ade said in shock as she recognized him. It took a few moments, he did look so different.
"Ade, hey", Stiles smiled, that same old, warm smile spreading across his face. "It's been so long, how have 당신 been?"
"Good, I've been... good. It had been ages, hasn't it?" Ade couldn't stop staring at him. She never thought she'd see him again. "Do 당신 wanna go grab a cup of coffee?"
"I'd 사랑 to."
They talked all night up to the point when Stiles walked Ade home, giving her a 키스 on the cheek as he dropped her off 의해 the door.
"I'll see 당신 tomorrow", Ade said as he began walking away.
"Yeah. We'll go watch a movie 또는 something. Like old times."
"Like old times", Stiles nodded with a smile on his face as he walked off.
The 다음 일 they did watch a movie, but at the end of it Stiles finally did what he should have done years ago. He leaned forwards and kissed Ade. And he couldn't even cope with the feeling of relief and happiness when she kissed him back.
Yes, it took them 더 많이 time than most people to finally get it together and admit their feelings for each other. It took them over half their lives, but in the end it was worth it.
The two ended up married with a daughter who grew up to be the smartest and funniest little girl they'd ever met. And every time they told their 프렌즈 and family the story of how they'd gotten together, it made them even 더 많이 frustrated about waiting so long. But in the end, maybe it was for the best. Because they had gotten to grow up as individuals before falling in 사랑 and growing as a couple, and maybe that was exactly what held their marriage together all those years. That, and their strong 사랑 for each other, and their daughter.