1) Rachel, congrats on winning FOTM!! How does it feel to win FOTM?

Thank you! It feels amazing! ;D I mean, especially since there are so many great girls on the spot who are just as active as I am, so I feel really honored. And of course also because I've never been FOTM before, I like that the Leyton Family is my first place where I am. I 사랑 everything about this place, and I'm really happy that I got voted for FOTM. Thank you, girls! <3

2) When and how did 당신 become a part of this awesome family?

Well, I don't quite remember when.. It was months ago, though. And it's because of Laura. We had been chatting a while through 벽 posts, and she convinced me to 가입하기 the LF, so I did, because it seemed amazing, but I wasn't quite done yet, since I hadn't intruduced myself 또는 talked to anyone around there except Laura, so with her encouragements, I made that little pick where I intruduced myself and 당신 all said hi, and that means the world to me. Thank you, and thank 당신 to Laura for getting me into this in the first place! You're awesomeness <3

3) We all know that 당신 really like Doctor Who. Can 당신 tell us about your 사랑 for the show?

Yes, I do, I 사랑 it! Well, let's see.. It started about a 년 ago, 또는 maybe 2, I can't really remember, and it was a bit because of OTH, actually. I was watching vids on 유튜브 and I saw a crossover of the Tenth Doctor and Peyton, and I thought the Doctor was insainly good-looking XD So I started to do research, where he was from and stuff. I found out that he was from Doctor Who, and that, for some reason, actually died down a bit, but then after a week 또는 so, I saw a multifandom couple vid with the Tenth Doctor and Rose, also known as my OTP :P I thought they
The Tenth Doctor and Rose is my OTP.
looked so epic. I was immediately interested, so that's kinda where it begun. I bought the dvds and I fell in 사랑 with that amazing show. Yes :P Okay, something else about it.. I apologize for ranting this long about this, 의해 the way. Okay, so my 가장 좋아하는 is the Tenth Doctor, which I'm sure 당신 all know :P the Tenth Doctor and Rose is, like I said, my OTP. I 사랑 many other characters in the show too, though. I think that's kinda the beauty of it. All of the characters (most of them) are amazing and yes, flawed, but they're relatable, they're brave, they're funny. I appreciate those traits in a character. And the storylines, they are always so exciting and different and often very heartbreaking. My OTP isn't exactly the happiest couple at times. They've had their heartbreaking moments, and it's really painful to watch them, but I do anyway because I 사랑 them. Same with Amy&Rory, my 초 가장 좋아하는 pairing in Doctor Who. But they're worth watching the sad scenes, really :P I don't ship many other couples in the show, except Rose with also the Ninth and Eleventh Doctor, obviously ;) But okay, I can't really explain the point of Doctor Who fully even if I tried. It's epic, it's different from anything I've ever seen, it's lovable. I 사랑 it :)

4)If 당신 could meet one famous person, who would it be and why?

Daniel Radcliffe, absolutely. I 사랑 many actors and actresses, and of course I would 사랑 to meet them too, but like with David, well, I don't think he counts since I was lucky enough to meet him for a teeny tiny bit, but I think it'd still be Dan if I hadn't, since I am in 사랑 with Harry Potter! The whole story, all of it. I have been for 10 years, and Dan has been my rolemodel ever since I first saw him in it. I find his 연기 completely inspiring and he has handled being a child celebrity pretty well. And he also seems like such a nice, excited and happy person in general, so I think I'd really 사랑 him if I'd meet him. And I'd have so many things to ask him. He's amazing, and I'd be very, very lucky to meet him one day.
Dan has been my rolemodel ever since I first saw him in HP

5) What qualities/characteristics do 당신 like in a person?

Well, honesty. I hate lying. And I think that the other person respects the other a lot 더 많이 if they tell the truth instead of lying. Also a sense of humour. I'm a pretty sarcastic person, I'm told, but I try to be funny ha-ha sometimes too, and I feel really awkward if I'm with someone who just doesn't find basically anything funny XD And imagination, this is probably the trait I appreciate the most. I 사랑 판타지 and everything surreal, really, so I like it when people relate to me with that and don't just say "you know it's not real, right?". And.. okay, I know I probably have too high expecations, but selflessness. I don't usually fit to that category, which I'm sure no one does always, but I still appreciate when people are selfless, in any way. And to continue the unlikely traits, bravery. It doesn't have to be any heroic bravery, just the everyday bravery is 더 많이 than enough, and it's not that common to see in a person these days. Of course people with all of these traits exists, surely. I'm not saying that, but I haven't ran into many examples, though :P

6) Who are your 3 가장 좋아하는 tv characters ever and why?

That's a tough one :P Well, the Tenth Doctor, definitely. I think it's because he kind of fits all of the traits I appreciate in a person, and also because he loves Harry Potter XD no, no, those are not the only reasons. I think that I 사랑 that he's human-ish, even if he isn't. He's flawed. He's incredibly selfless with Rose, and that's kinda heartbreaking, but it's admirable, too. He saves planets and civilisations, but it doesn't mean he's invincible. And with the less serious side, he's really funny, in my opinion, and sarcastic, so that's great. Okay, 초 가장 좋아하는 tv character.. Rose Tyler. I know, from the same show :P But she's just really amazing. At first she's really ordinary, a normal girl from London, but when she meets the Doctor her whole life changes and she turns into this brave, totally badass person. She's caring and she's kind, but she can still be totally sarcastic and badass when she wants to be. Like in season 4. She's really determinded and calm and with the lack of a better word, cool. And I think this fits both her and the Tenth Doctor, their 사랑 is just really cute, adorable. I 사랑 that.
Stefan is amazing to me

And third favorite, Stefan Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. I know, I know, most prefer Damon, but Stefan is amazing to me. At first he's really nice and heroic, but in season 3 he's really vampire-ish, mean, selfish, and I still 사랑 him! That shouldn't be surprising, but I
don't really like villains, 당신 see. Anyway, he is still the same person to me. He's still selfless, he's still the Stefan I know and 사랑 on the inside, I know it :P

7) If 당신 could swap lifes with someone, who would it be?

Eh.. well.. maybe my best friend. Her life is pretty good, and she's amazing, but then again, my life is good too, no complaints. So.. I think I'm gonna go with a celebrity. Emma Watson 또는 Georgie Henley. They've both come far with their lives, they both have amazing 영화 that they've starred in, but they still care about important stuff like school and family. And they're both totally awesome. And I think that they've both been really close to their movie casts, Emma with the Harry Potter cast and Georgie with the Narnia cast, they seem as close as family. That would be amazing to experience.

8) Favorite:

* Celebrity
- Daniel Radcliffe and David Tennant. Don't make me choose :P

* Accessory
- Do shoes count? If yes, then my black 컨버스 shoes, if not, then my Gryffindor scarf that my mother knit for me :P I don't really wear jewerly 또는 anything like that. At highest, sometimes a basic 목걸이 또는 a ring.

* Non-domestic animal
- a Monkey. Does it count? They're cute ;)

* Snack
- a 샌드위치 with 새우 in between :P I like yogurt, too ;)

* Ice cream flavour
- Well, that blue ice cream, but I don't know what it's called, so 초콜릿 ;)

* Lipstick color
- I don't know.. Nothing too bright, just kinda basic red-ish :P

9) Pick one:

* Coca Cola vs Pepsi
* Brains vs Beauty
* 검은 딸기, 블랙 베리, 블랙베리 vs iPhone
* French Fries vs Curly Fries
* Coffee vs Tea
But I like both ;)

10) If tomorrow would be your last 일 on Earth, what would 당신 do?

I can't live without Harry Potter
Spend as much time as I could with my family. Watch all of the Harry Potters again, spend time with my best friend, if possible, and maybe try to do something crazy like.. find the enterance to Narnia. But to put it short, live like it'd be the last 일 of my life, which it kinda would be :P

11) What is your best and your worst characteristic?

My worst is definitely my lack of self-confidence. I have none, seriously. And I hate that. I want to change that :P I'm working on it.
And my best.. well... I guess my imagination. I sometimes like the picks I come up with here on fanpop, and I write stories and stuff, mostly 판타지 :)

12) What three things can't 당신 live without?

Do people count? If yes, my family, my best friend, Harry Potter. If 당신 mean items, then a computer, my Harry Potter books, my phone ('cause my 음악 is there XD)/my 영화 :P

13) If 당신 became president of the world, what would 당신 change?

The war, the racism, the bullying. Things like that, for sure. I'd just try to make it the way that everyone would be treated equally and everyone would be happy :)

14) Which tv character is similar to you?

Hmm.. Well, many have said Amy Pond from Doctor
If I 사랑 something, I'm not ready to give it up just like that
Who, but I don't know :P I guess yes with the sarcasm and stuff like that, but I think I'm kinda like Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls too in some ways, I'm interested in studying and I 사랑 정크 음식 XD and Elena Gilbert. I care about my loved ones a lot :) and finally, Rose Tyler. If I 사랑 something, I'm not ready to give it up just like that. Yeah.. :P

15) Say something nice about the members of this lovely spot :)

Sure! :D

Moosh; Okay, girl, 당신 created this spot and you're just really amazing! 당신 are nice to everyone and 당신 treat everyone equally :) 당신 have a great sense of humour and you're just really nice! I 사랑 talking to 당신 ;) 사랑 당신 loads <3

Margot; Well, first off, your voice is amazing! You're a really great person and I hope to get to know 당신 better soon! Plus your picks rock ;) 사랑 당신 <3

Elle; You're a really nice and warm person! ;D And 당신 like many of the things that I do, like the Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter, so that's a plus :P 사랑 당신 <3

Laura; Okay, you're basically my oldest LF friend, and one of the best, too. You're always listening to my ranting and babbling, and I 사랑 it that 당신 actually care and listen to what I say. I appreciate that so much. You're my Dose buddy, and really, I 사랑 it that we talk so often. 당신 mean so much to me! :) 사랑 당신 loads <3

Nikky; Even though I don't know 당신 that well yet, you're just really nice and friendly person. You're awesome! 사랑 당신 <3

Kir; I got to know 당신 pretty recently, but I think we got really close really quickly :D I 사랑 talking to you, telling 당신 my worries and I 사랑 to listen to yours in return and help, if possible. You're just really amazing and I'm very glad we got to close ;) 사랑 youuu <3

Angi; 또는 Banjo, as everyone calls her :P I got to know 당신 quite a bit ago, in my first days on the LF. I think you're really unique and fun and I 사랑 talking to you! :D Fellow James&Lily shipper ;) 사랑 당신 <3

Nad; Like with some others, we got to know each other better only recently, but I think you're just really nice and awesome and you're not afraid to say what 당신 really think, and I appreciate that really a lot :D And 당신 사랑 Harry Potter as well ;) 사랑 당신 <3

Holly; Fellow Catt shipper <33 I don't know 당신 that well yet, but I'd really like to, you're just so cool and nice ;) 사랑 당신 <3

Rach; I got to talking with 당신 quite recently, too, through 벽 posts and 당신 are really fun and nice and I 사랑 talking to you! :D 사랑 당신 <3

Amber; Again, just getting to know 당신 better, but 당신 really are nice and I 사랑 that 당신 have your opinions and 당신 stick to them, I 사랑 the honesty :) You're kind and caring! 사랑 당신 <3

Kelly; You're the mother of the spot, 당신 care about everyone and try to protect everyone. You're amazing and warm and lovable! :D 사랑 당신 <3

Cat; I got to talking with 당신 a while back, and 당신 are just really cool and 당신 have great taste in movies/tv shows etc. You're awesome! 사랑 당신 <3

Ada; I remember talking to 당신 on the LLT a while 이전 :) And I think 당신 were really nice and I loved talking to you! :D 사랑 당신 <3

Ale; I think 당신 are just simply so cool! 당신 and your 사랑 for fashion, it's inspiring. You're not afraid to say what 당신 think, and like I've said, I respect that :D 사랑 당신 <3

Jess; We have been talking through 벽 posts a for a while and I think you're just really awesome and fun to talk to and 당신 don't get angry about my constant 질문 :P I appreciate that! 사랑 당신 <3

Nicole; I have been talking to 당신 for some amount through 벽 posts and I think that you're really nice and social and 당신 are just generally great ;) 사랑 당신 <3

Steph; I remember asking 당신 about 본즈 a bit ago, and then we started talking! I 사랑 how detailed 당신 were about explaining Bones, I 사랑 how passionate 당신 are about it ;) It's amazing! And so are you! I 사랑 talking with you! 사랑 당신 <3

Maham; I have talked to 당신 through 벽 posts, and I think that not only are 당신 an amazing art maker, you're also really nice and passionate about what 당신 love! It's great :D 사랑 당신 <3

Chandler; We have been talking through 벽 posts pretty much ever since I showed up in the LF! It's been great, I 사랑 talking to 당신 and I think you're really nice and 당신 care about what I actually say, so thank you! 사랑 당신 <3

Celine; My Stelena buddy! Well, first, I 사랑 your icon-making XD But second, I 사랑 talking to 당신 because like 당신 said, it's rare to find people who ships as many of the same pairings as we do :D You're really amazing! 사랑 당신 <3

Yes, I said I 사랑 당신 to everyone XD I 사랑 당신 all, so why not? <3 did I forget someone? :O If I did, I'm sorry!

16) What is your 가장 좋아하는 thing about the LP Family?

That we accept each other just the way we are and everything we 사랑 even if we're different. That we're so close and we care about each other. I 사랑 everything about the LP Family!

17) Any last words?

Thanks, once again, for voting me as the FOTM :) You're all amazing and I can never thank 당신 enough for letting me be a part of this amazing family :D Who knows if I deserve it, but I'm glad I got to be here with 당신 girls! 사랑 당신 loads <33
I got to be here with 당신 girls!