Heeey everyone. This is basically a little message to my gorgeous twinny, Ada, on her sweet sixteen.
***WARNING*** Cheesiness may follow :)

Dear A,

So it's your birthday, my little twinny is nearly all grown up, scarey thought:/ haha. We've only known each other what, almost a year, but it feels soooo much longer. The thing about 당신 and me is that we totally get each other! I can tell 당신 anything and half the time 당신 end up replying 'SAME!' (Our twinny moments XD). 당신 literally say my thoughts sometimes! I don't think i've ever met someone that is so much on my wavelength :) I 사랑 that<3

In a set of twins, they always say there is a good one and an bad one. I think its clear enough you're the good one here ;D You've got this incredible heart! 당신 try to guard it but we can all see it, because once your 프렌즈 with this girl, she will always there for 당신 regardless of time differences 또는 what she has going on with her own life. Ever since the early days of the LLT, 당신 have done exactly that for me. 당신 never fail to make me smile when i'm down 또는 laugh with me when i'm happy. I can't express how much that means to me.

You, Ada, are amazing. I hope 당신 have had a kickass 16 years of life and I know you'll have many, many years ahead of the same, because girl, 당신 can do ANYTHING 당신 set your mind to and don't forget that! BUT if 당신 need any help 또는 just someone to remind 당신 that 당신 can achieve your dreams, then i'm always here for you<3 forever and always, hoes over bros, *insert 더 많이 oth sayings that are relevant* ;D

I know me and 당신 are gonna have some epic times ahead of us. Trips all over the world to see our LP family, shopping in London, checking out the hot boys on the 바닷가, 비치 in Greece, watching the eurovision together, having huge marthanons of all our favourite shows with tons of food, and totally fangirling out at our favourite movies. It's gonna be awesome.

Right i'm gonna close this out because it's sounding worse 의해 the word, i'm terrible at 글쓰기 stuff, something me and 당신 don't have in common! :P

I hope your birthday is everything 당신 want it to be. It sucks that I can't come to your party on the beach, one 일 I will :) but have an awesome time without me, *sigh* haha, I mean it really <3

I 사랑 당신 twinny!

x Laura x