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저기요 I found lady gaga's phone number and I checked. So it is true. The number is (347) 530-3694. It is true I called it and lady gaga answered. So if 당신 think so call 또는 text it 또는 if 당신 don't 코멘트 I wanna see your point of view . So please please contact me with a post I want to see your mind that would be fantastic. Please also lady gaga 팬 contact lady gaga.I'm 100%sure this is lady gaga's number she hasn't changed her number 더 많이 will!!). 다음 plz plz believe me I trust 당신 guys trust me I'm sure she will pick up the phone
 Lady GaGa on her cell phone
Lady GaGa on her cell phone
Have 당신 ever texted 'OLLIE'? It's a service where 당신 ask a 질문 and 당신 get a SENSIBLE reply! I asked, "Wat is lady gaga's phone number?" I got a reply saying, "Lady Gaga's phone number (310) 288-8000. Ollie." I've saved her number in my contacts, but I can't get a good signal from England. Do u think I have the REAL GaGa number?! I hope it is real because I can then text her when she comes to our country! Even if I still can't get to her, I'm keeping it as a souviner! Plz plz comment!!! (This is OLLIE's number- 65545. Remember it costs £1 in Great Britain!) xxx
Bad Romance: Fear of love, specifically loving someone so much 당신 not only tolerate all the bad stuff, but 당신 crave it.

Alejandro: Fear of men/commitment, what they might do to get her for themselves.

Monster: Fear of the realization that she might not be able to have a safe, secure relationship with a good guy for her need of an aggressive, philandering, dangerous guy with a huge **** ("I've never see one like that before . . .")

So Happy I Could Die: Fear of alcohol and its consequences; also, fear of pride/loving ones self so much. (Don't worry about anything, just drink and ********** and...
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“A source” says Gaga’s new dude Taylor Kinney is not too stoked on her inability to separate her real, everyday self from the character she plays. “Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her 팬 wanted that,” said the source. This hews pretty closely to the gripes voiced 의해 Gaga herself (dressed in drag as Jo Calderone) at the VMAs this past fall: “I want her to be real, but she says Jo, I’m not real. I’m theater! And 당신 and I…this is just rehearsal.”

I can see how this would be annoying for someone who cares not just about the made-up character...
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Wow! The latest from Lady Gaga has really left us feeling surprised.

The pop diva recently said that she loves attention and dresses the way she does to call attention to herself. Big surprise. She also said that she tries to say things that will be taken as controversial and does crazy stunts, like walking around in her underwear in the middle of winter, so that people will take note of her. Careful Lady G, 당신 could get a cold that way!

Although her image is a wild one, she does have some limits. She said that she believes in sincerity and integrity and that, for instance, she would never cheat on a man.

She also spoke about her 사랑 life. She said that she has only fallen in 사랑 once and that she had to leave it all behind her in order to concentrate on her career.

Lady Gaga is certainly full of surprises.
기사 의해
Michael Cooper
LA Pop 음악 Examiner

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" was supposed to be the biggest album of the year. It was supposed to be the "voice of our generation," as the pop 별, 스타 herself proclaimed. Now, only eight months after its release, the album's fifth single, "Marry the Night," peaked at a disappointing number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, breaking Lady Gaga's streak of 11 consecutive 상단, 맨 위로 10 hits.

At the same time, one of the other biggest pop stars around right now, Katy Perry, tied Michael Jackson's record of 5 number one singles from an album, while her sixth single,...
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 The Fame Ball/Monster Ball
The Fame Ball/Monster Ball
The Fame Ball (Space Cowboy Edition)
This is the full show in studio tour quality except The Fame/Money Honey/Boys Boys Boys these are album version edited to sound like the “tour mix”. This is with all the 우주 Cowboy edits they had when he toured with them.


* The 심장 + Haus (Intro)
* Paparazzi
* LoveGame
* Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
* The Brain (Interlude)
* The Fame
* Money Honey
* Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
* Poker Face (Piano Version)
* Future Love
* The Face (Interlude)
* Just Dance
* Boys Boys Boys (Encore)
* Poker Face (Encore)

Bonus tracks

* Paparazzi (without Starstruck...
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posted by hareyzzz9255
 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
Poker Face” singer Lady Gaga’’s outrageous outfits and crazy hairstyles have been attributed to a woman friend of hers, who is also her mentor.

New York party fixture and go-go dancing DJ, Lady Starlight, revealed how she created many of her over-the-top outfits and persuaded Lady Gaga to parade around on stage in skimpy PVC 속옷, 속박 and Indian headdresses.

“It’’s crazy knowing that the biggest 별, 스타 in the world was inspired 의해 me,” the Mirror quoted Starlight, real name Colleen Martin, as saying.

“But I was the one who told her to take her trousers off because I rarely wore any...
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa and Beyoncé will be filming the 음악 video for their latest single “Telephone” today in Los Angeles! The theme of the video is women in prison, and Tyrese Gibson has been chosen as the leading man!

Reportedly, the casting call was looking for a lot of prison inmates and Lady Gaga and Beyoncé body doubles. It’s also rumored that the director is Jonas Åkerlund and the video is a continuation of the “Paparazzi” short film.
Shorter info:
Jonas Auckerland is the director. (Not Sure)

Paparazzi part 2 mini movie.(Not Sure)

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posted by iandamonfan
 I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
Born This Way
Written by: Lady Gaga
Produced by: Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay, DJ White Sparrow
Mixed and engineered by: David Russel

It doesn’t matter if 당신 사랑 him, 또는 capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
’cause 당신 were Born This Way, Baby

My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars

She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir

“There’s nothing wrong with lovin’ who 당신 are”
She said, “‘Cause he made 당신 perfect, babe”

“So hold your head up girl and you’ll go far,
Listen to me when I say”

I’m beautiful in my way
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
For a mega-star full of surprises, it was no surprise Lady Gaga 스톨, 훔친 the show at this year’s way-over-the-top Grammy Awards.

For starters, she won two Grammy's: “Poker Face” was best dance recording and “The Fame” earned the award for best electronic-dance album.

She wore three different outfits — each 더 많이 bizarre than the previous, from a risque, heart-shaped stunner to a spiky silver headdress with matching gown.

And she wowed the audience 의해 segueing from a powerful “Poker Face” to a duet with Elton John, with both looking like orphans out of a Dickens novel, and John tweaking...
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posted by hareyzzz9255
 GaGa is the Lady of the Haus!
GaGa is the Lady of the Haus!
Today, she wraps up her Monster Ball World Tour and, according to my 페이스북 events, this Friday marks the first National Lady Gaga Day. From the unremarkable Stefani Germanotta to Billboard’s 상단, 맨 위로 new artist of 2009, the 23-year-old has 참드 the charts and critics with her outrageous image and permanent poker face.

But for many, her allure is still a mystery. She’s not tradtionally pretty. Her vocabulary-let’s face it-leaves a lot to be desired. A 년 ago, upon hearing her synthesized vocals and cheap hooks blasting in L.A. clubs, I dismissed her as being as vapid and vulgar as Britney....
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
HOW we buy 음악 has changed inexorably. That is the conclusion of a newly published 신고 on the world’s digital 음악 market.

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, outlets such as Apple’s iTunes store accounted for 27 per cent of the world’s recorded 음악 sales last year. The bestselling track online was Poker Face 의해 Lady Gaga, selling 9.8 million units.

Digital sales totalled $4.6 billion, a 12 per cent rise since 2008. Online sales are slowly starting to offset the decline in sales at ”bricks and mortar” record shops.

Nick O’Byrne, general...
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posted by Fangirl99
The one...

It's nice to meet you.
Your very cute.
Rubber man.]

I can't help myself,
I'm in love.

And when I get back,
From outer space,
I'm gonna 펀치 him in his face.

He's the moon,
Then I'm eclipsed

I'm so lunar yeah,
When I get to him,
I'll run him over with my rocket ship.

My, eyeliner,
Runs, in, con-ste-llations
For 당신 dear.
If only, I could,
Reboot my me-chanical heart,
I'd think clear.

Baby I'm feelin' so out of this world,
Baby with 당신 I'm a different girl,
(Uh-oh, oh)
You're my future love.

Baby could we make a 집 in the stars,
Baby somewhere in a galaxy far,
(Uh-oh, oh)
You're my future love.

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posted by Fangirl99
저기요 there sugar baby
Saw 당신 twice at the pop show
You taste just like glitter mixed with rock and roll
I like 당신 a lot lot
Think you're really hot hot

I know 당신 think you're special
When we dance real crazy
Glam-aphonic, electronic, disco baby
I like 당신 a lot lot
All we want is hot hot

Boys boys boys
We like boys in cars
Boys boys boys
Buy us drinks in bars
Boys boys boys
With 헤어스프레이 and denim
Boys boys boys
We 사랑 them!

Oh, oh

Baby is a bad boy
With some retro sneakers
Let's go see The Killers
And make out in the bleachers
I like 당신 a lot lot
Think you're really hot hot
Let's go to the party
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“I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina, but I was a voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had meatballs on the 표, 테이블 every night.”

That’s how Lady Gaga answered a teen girl’s 질문 recently when she was asked about her own body image issues at the Brentwood School, the tony Los Angeles prep school. As the Huffington Post reports, Gaga also spoke candidly about having been bulimic as a teenager, about her continuing struggles with maintaining a healthy weight and about the media’s distortions of how she looks.

“Every video I’m in, every magazine cover, they stretch 당신 —...
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Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend Luc Carl has admitted breaking up with the singer was difficult because her worldwide fame meant she was “shoved down his throat”.

The couple broke up in 2008 after three years together with reports blaming Gaga’s fame for their split.

Though the musician from New York claims he was pleased about her success he has revealed in his new book ‘The Drunk Diet: How I 로스트 40 Pounds…Wasted: A Memoir’ that it was hard to escape her.

According to Life & Style the 31 year-old wrote: “I was happy for her, of course, but I didn’t really need my ex shoved down...
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 Lady GaGa - Alejandro
Lady GaGa - Alejandro
Lady Gaga’s newest single “Alejandro” jumps 7-5 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100, becoming her sixth 상단, 맨 위로 5 song in the United States. All of her 이전 releases peaked inside the 상단, 맨 위로 5, except “Paparazzi”, which reached No. 6. Lady Gaga’s singles peaks on the chart:

“Just Dance” feat. Colby O’Donis, No. 1 (2009)
“Poker Face”, No. 1 (2009)
“LoveGame”, No. 5 (2009)
“Paparazzi”, No. 6 (2009)
“Bad Romance”, No. 2 (2009)
“Telephone” feat. Beyoncé, No. 3 (2010)
“Alejandro”, No. 5 (2010)

The song lands at #7 on Billboard’s Radio Songs, becoming Lady Gaga’s seventh consecutive 상단, 맨 위로 10 hit on the chart. The only song to reach #1 there was “Paparazzi”.

On Pop Songs, “Alejandro” dips 4-6. All of Lady Gaga’s 이전 singles reached No. 1 on the chart.

“Alejandro” is the final single off The Fame Monster.
 Lady GaGa - Alejandro
Lady GaGa - Alejandro
Stars including Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp have thrown their support behind movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's campaign to have his movie Bully awarded a lower age rating.

The Weinstein Company boss was left fuming this week (beg20Feb12) after American censors gave the documentary film a restrictive R rating, meaning younger kids won't be able to see it without being accompanied 의해 their parents.

Weinstein was so angry, he threatened to withdraw his company from the Motion Picture Association of America over the ruling, and he has now revealed why he feels so passionate about the project.

The movie...
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I always thought it was you,
You always thought it was me.
We always thought we were it,
Seemed like a real perfect fit,
Those Brooklyn Nights set us free.

I always thought even though,
We were so young we could grow.
Up in the end it'd be us,
We'd take the F 의해 the bus,
Where Brooklyn Nights set us free.

It's not that I don't wanna 사랑 당신 (wanna 사랑 you),
It's not that I'm really over it, 당신 know (you know).
It's just that I can't watch us bleed to death,
When we used to be,
Brooklyn Nights happy.

[Verse 2]
I miss our cheap chandalier,
'Member when dad hung it there?
And we would watch Rocky IV,...
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